Saturday, January 19, 2013

Not one, but two done!

Recognize this panel from the previous post? I got it all quilted and bound, it was so much fun to do some custom quilting on this! Here are a few close up pic's, thanks for taking a peak :-)

And this simple quilt pattern made up so cute with sweet little lion and bear prints. The back was a real challenge in that I used almost every inch of fabric left from the front! Next week I should be able to get these delivered to the local fabric store for their samples.  Airtex batting and glide thread was used on both of these quilts.



  1. FUN! I'm so impressed that you finished 2! Great work! You're inspiring me to do some actual quilting...not just piecing...which is all I have been doing lately! Thanks cute girl!

  2. The giraffe and alligator above are my favorites!! LOVE the swirl quilting too!


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