Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Triangle flimsy's

Yesterday I mentioned all the things I had hoped to get done, guess what, I did get them all done. Wow that felt really good last night to have accomplished so much!
I wanted to show my Triangle flimsy's today that I am making in the Triangle Quilt Along-link on the side bar.
I really am happy with how this top one looks. These are the Isosceles triangles I made using a Quilt in a Day ruler, these were from 6" strips. I was going for a 36" sq. quilt, so after piecing the triangles I decided I wanted to add this cute checkerboard border and make it look like it was floating around the triangles. I used 2"cut white borders on each side of the checkerboard(which were also 2"cut).
I wanted to show how I dealt with the thicker intersections-I used my yellow Whacker. It is made especially for fabrics so it doesn't break down the fibers. I steam the intersection, then while hot, whack it twice, it really does make it lay flatter. I usually whack it on the back but sometimes it will get a little whack on the front too :-)  

And this quilt was made using the 60 deg. ruler. I won't put any borders on this one as it is really close to 36" now. Next week I will be quilting these up.


  1. Such beautiful tops. Can't wait to see how you quilt them. That whacker looks neat!

  2. Such bright colors! I love that you use a little tiny mallet to make your seams flat! Awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product! -Brittany

  3. I am loving your triangle quilts!!! Also love your yellow hammer...of course they make one specifically for fabric! I'll have to get me one of those and retire my metal hammer! ;)

  4. Beautiful tops! Love that whacker hammer.

  5. I love them both. The little checkerboard on the isosceles one is a fun touch. I need to find one of those whackers :)

  6. I love them both. Such great colors.


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