Saturday, July 16, 2016

Feeling a bit like Pooh Bear!

 I have read Pooh Bear's Grand Adventure to my Grandson's several times in the past 5 years. This past month I have felt a bit like Pooh Bear. You see my hubby and I have been traveling with our travel trailer on our own Grand Adventure this past month. We just got home last night from seeing the Colorado Rocky Mountains where we saw our first elk up close.

 Moab, Utah, oh the beautiful red rocks in Arches National Park.  Canyonlands National Park was admired also as we rented a jeep to do a very steep scary drive from the top to the bottom.

The Grand Tetons, such beautiful snow topped mountains.

Yellowstone National Park-we had only been in the park for an hour and saw our first of four Bear. We also saw herds of Elk, many Bison, Wolves, Coyote, Mountain Goats.

Being in the park for 11 days we drove almost all the main roads in the park. Our home base there was Fishing Bridge RV Park. On 3 occasions the Bison stood in the road right in front of our truck. Many waterfalls were seen and several hikes were taken. And many geysers enjoyed. It even snowed on the day we were leaving, thank goodness it didn't freeze on the roads.

The Big Horn Mountains, we enjoyed taking a few of the gravel roads after we parked the camper in Buffalo, Wyoming. We even got to see a glimpse of a moose!!! As we were driving my DH excitingly says  'It's a friggin' Moose'!!  I thought he was kidding me!  The picture didn't turn out very good. I wanted to see one so badly in Yellowstone and it never happened.

We have seen some awesome sights, but, another high light of the trip for me was to meet, for the first time in person, my bloggy friend Jasmine from Quilt Kisses.

We only had a couple hours but it was wonderful!!  Thanks Jasmine for letting us stop.  Jasmine is just as sweet in person as on her blog, no surprise I knew she would be, we got to meet her 3 boys too.  We had wonderful tour of her home and were greeted with quilts as soon as we stepped in the door. My hubby had fun counting them, but half way through he stopped, that's a lot of quilts, hehe!!
We loved seeing them all up close and personal! Before we had to be on our way she gave us some of her cute handmade greeting cards with frogs and butterflies.

We did have an hour hiccup on the way home yesterday, we blew out a tire on the travel trailer. DH didn't have a problem getting pulled over and stopped. While we were waiting for AAA to come out, DH couldn't resist trying to do it himself and he was able to get the spare on. Another guy did stop and offer his assistance so that was nice.

So much of the time we had no Wifi so I couldn't be online checking out your blogs and all your wonderful projects. And when we did have Wifi I could receive emails but I could never send them out on my laptop-I have never been able to send out no matter where we are when away from home. Does anyone have a suggestion of why and how to fix that?  So now you know why I didn't respond to your comments all month and didn't leave you comments on your blog!  I have a whole lot of catching up to do. But first tons of laundry and a camper to clean. I also have some fun posts coming up.  I might just sneak in a few more vacation pictures here and there also!

I did take my sewing machine with me and several projects which I did work on some of them. We had a couple of 'chill' days to relax, one of them was raining all day so I was glad to have my work with me.

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  1. I was wondering where you have been and am so glad to hear you were on an adventure. Great photos and stories! I look forward to seeing more and hearing more stories. So glad you had your sewing machine on your trip. Down time is necessary no matter where you are. Welcome home!

  2. These are beautiful photos of your trip. How wonderful that you got to meet and spend some time with Jasmine.

  3. Fab photos!!!! The WiFi 'thing' happens all the time to us. A rarity to have it work! We did a similar trek on motorcycle.......much better in a "cage".....especially when getting up close and personal with the wild life in those regions (bears and buffalo are reeeeeeeeelly big next to a bike!!!!). Glad you're back safely!!!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! I can't wait to see even more photos and hear stories. Glad you got to meet up with Jasmine and have a great visit. I still hold hope of getting to meet a few bloggy friends someday.

  5. Wow that sounds like a wonderful trip and what great photos. Wildlife that we of course never see here in New Zealand so it is amazing to see your photos of them. How wonderful to be able to meet up with Jasmine in person.

  6. YOU GOT TO MEET JASMINE??!!! I am so jealous. But happy for you guys too!! That is just awesome. Fabulous photos Vicki. and no worries; I haven't even been away but am very far behind in visiting but hey, it's summer and as a wise friend of mine said, you don't see your "real life" friends every day so the QBL ones should be much the same right?

  7. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Meeting you in person was absolutely amazing. I've been taking an Internet break this summer and find it very refreshing. So glad you made it home safely. :)


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