Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mini vacation

A couple people noticed the blog was kinda quiet earlier this week, that's because the hubster and I took a mini camping vacation to Sible State Park.  It came highly recommended by a friend.  It didn't disappoint;)  Here is our lovely view from the camper for several days.

We enjoyed our time kayaking a few of the many lakes in that area, along with a hike to Mt Tom where we found this cute tower to climb.  

Boy oh boy I so wished I had a quilt along that needed photographing. Wouldn't that have been a cool background for it!!

We also rode the Glacial State Trail around the New London and Spicer area. One of the days there were 3 ladies and several kids walking and stopped us to ask what kind of bikes we had. 
As we were biking away I had this strange sensation that I knew one of them and recognized one of the little boys. I made my DH stop while I was thinking about it and he says well go back and ask her.  You see I had this feeling it was Heather Mulder Peterson from Anka's Treasure!  No I can't go back since I wasn't 100% sure.  Now I wish I had because it was her!!  She had her sister and mom with her. When I got to a WIFI connection I emailed her and asked if she had by any chance been on the trail that day...YUP she says that was me!  

 We decided to try fishing , even though in past fishing experience we have had no luck.  Well luck was on my first Bass ever!!!  

I would liked to have seen my eyes as I am sure they were huge.  We had only been catching tiny Sunnies and tossing them back.  And then I had this huge tug on my line and when I pulled it up here is this nice size Bass!!  That was the only one but still it was fun.

In Willmar, MN there is a fabric shop called Fabric and Textile Warehouse. The hubster agreed to stop since we were going right through Willmar, plus he could just take a nap in the camper while I shopped, LOL  I could have stayed in the shop a bit longer but I thought I was spending enough money anyway.  The prices were better than in quilt shops. I have never bought a whole bolt of fabric before, but this white from Fabri-Quilt is called Prairie Cloth and is a bit heavier than most solid whites I have seen and at $5 a yard I thought I better just do it!!  Then as you see a few other quilting cottons jumped into my hands, a couple panels, a batik, a couple other pieces for upcoming projects. 

What we saw from our deck door just a few minutes ago!  DH saw him in flight from our deck railing going just into the treeline.  He is perched about 20 feet from the house.

 He saw 2 others that were sitting by our pond-10 feet from the house!  They flew into the trees also. One of them was this little baby owl!!  He landed in another tree just a couple feet from the above adult.  The third one went further into the trees where we couldn't see him anymore.  

That was my week, now I am geared up and ready to get back to sewing, in fact yesterday I had a hot date with my sewing machine. Finished piecing a wall hanging and started designing another usinh a fall panel.  Hope to do more today. 

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  1. Quilters meet quilters everywhere! Wasn't that fun even if you didn't know for sure at the time. Love your fishing photo. It's so cool. Looks like a lovely relaxing few days for you two.

  2. Looks like a great trip! Glad you got to relax and have some fun.

  3. Looks like my kind of trip. Enjoy the outdoors relax and have fun.

  4. Hi Vicki,
    That tower is amazing - that would have made a really cool background for a photo shoot. Is it far from your home? Maybe sometime in the future you will return!? WOWEE, that is a fabulous shot of the owls. Holy moly. By the way - I checked into that Madison quilt show - that looks I really NEED to go to it. I'm trying to talk my friends into going. It sure would be fun to meet up if it works out. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Great owl picture. My hubby is in your neck of the woods. He is headed to canoe the Boundary Waters, with our Venturing Crew.

  6. What a wonderful trip! How big were those owls? They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great trip, relaxation AND a fabric shop, perfect. Lovely owl pics, a rare treat to see owls during the day.

  8. Congrats on catching your first bass, and a nice big one too! Yes, you need to go back for a photo shoot; that tower would be perfect! You know I'm going to show those owl pictures to my daughter . . .

  9. Great fish catch!!!! And those owl sightings are amazing! Plus seeing Heather. Wow, what a trip!

  10. That is a beautiful camping spot. Congratulations on your first was a biggie!

  11. What a beautiful view and congrats on your catch!

  12. How fun!! A tower, a fellow quilter sighting, fabric shopping and owls! You're right, that tower would make a most excellent site for quilty glamour shots :)

  13. It sounds as though you had a terrific trip. Nice fish! My husband has a recumbent trike, too. Do you go on long bike trips? He has some friends that take trips with in other areas of the country about once a year.
    How cool to run into a fellow quilter when least expected!


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