Tuesday, January 14, 2020

To-Do Tuesday #2

It's To-Do Tuesday again over at Home sewn by us, how can the week possibly have gone by already!!  I stayed plenty busy, but also managed to work on this weeks goal.

Here is what I listed I wanted to do:
1. Work on Valentine table runners-done

2. Cut out wedges for turkey, sunflower and poinsettia table runners-done

And here is what I have done.

1. Overall I am pleased to have finished piecing three of the seven Valentine table runners.

2. The cutting for the wedges was so fast and easy. The end of November I was contacted by LoveCrafts to see if I would like to receive some goodies in exchange for a review for them.  Certainly I would love to do that was my reply.  They sent me some beautiful aqua fat quarters from Windham and an Olfa Endurance 45mm blade to review.  They were quick to send out the products and I am loving the Endurance blade.  It cut through these wedges so quickly using 6 layers of batiks for the turkey table runners.

And then I tried 8 layers of these batiks for the sunflower table runners, easy peasy!

But I was curious and had time to cut more so I layered up 10 with no problem. This blade is so sharp. For accuracy sake I wouldn't recommend doing 10 layers all the time.  But I wanted to experiment and these wedges are a bit forgiving if they are not spot on, but I feel like they are!

I'll keep you posted on it's performance as time goes on.  I will also be reviewing the aqua fat quarters in the future too.  At that time I will give you more info on LoveCrafts. But in the meantime you can check out all the products they have available. They have knitting, sewing and now quilting items. They also have a January sale going on, there might even be a window popping up to offer you 15% off your first order.

To-Do for the week of Jan. 13th through Jan. 20th.

1. Work on more Valentine runners
2. Start sewing those wedges together that I cut this past week.

I hope you'll join us at Roseanne's and post your goals for this week.


  1. I love those endurance blades!!! They last 3 times as long, too!

  2. Is the Endurance blade the titanium one? Because I have that and you're right: so sharp and accurate! I hadn't heard of LoveCrafts; thanks for the heads up :)

  3. I've never used the Olfa cutter or blades. It's probably past time that I retire my 20 year old cutter and opt for a newer model. The Valentines table runners are adorable.

  4. Oh, those Valentine runners are so pretty! I love the Endurance blades! Make a note when you put it in and see how long yours lasts. I had one of mine in for months and months before it started nicking.

  5. The runners are terrific and the endurance blades, well they are so awesome! I am pretty fussy about how sharp a blade is and they last so much longer.

  6. More pretty heart fabric! I love those tablerunners, Vicki! How is the Endurance blade different from the regular Olfa blades? Does it fit in any 45mm Olfa cutter? That's what I use.

  7. Hi Vicki! Oh, those Valentine runners look so pretty. I love hearts and red . . . and pink and white . . . and those runners combine all of those things in a nice way. Those wedges look appealing, too. So those are for the turkeys, sunflowers and poinsettia? Pretty. I have one of the endurance blades - they are nice. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Dang it - some day I'm going to remember to say thank you for linking up in just one message instead of having to add another one! Thank you kind friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. I haven't tried those blades yet, but will have to look for them. I love your heart runners. I'm not a Valentine's person at all, but really like those.

  10. Ah might have to look into an endurance blade! The valentine runners are beautiful. Kathryn Quilts


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