Monday, April 30, 2012


Here is one of 6 table runners I have quilted all from the same pattern. However I did quilt different designs on each one. I used Patsy Thompson's DVD that the Hubbs got me for Christmas for the quilting ideas. I even managed to get the bindings on 3 of them over the weekend.

This is the back of a jacket I am making for myself in between other projects so it won't be getting finished for a while. I just put on a batting and a solid color fabric on my longarm, drew the jacket pattern on and quilted away. I really like how it is turning out so far.!


  1. Beautiful quilting!!! One day maybe I will be able to make feathers like that! Amazing!

  2. Wow, your quilting is just fabulous! That is going to be an incredible jacket!

  3. Beautiful quilting! Your feathers are fabulous!

  4. Beautiful feathers -- but your feathers were and are always beautiful!


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