Saturday, October 23, 2021

Gingham and Trees

 I hate to admit that I actually pieced this last December and never finished it up.  

The original pattern has only flying geese(not a tree) in the border with a star in the corner of each border.  I decided to switch it up a bit and do flying geese trees. The pattern is by Primrose Cottage Quilts on Etsy.  

Gingham has been so popular that I couldn't resist!  It is Christmas without screaming it at you.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Harvest Gathering

Sometimes panels have lots of little pictures on them. And I don't necessarily want to use everything that comes on that panel in one wall hanging.  So I just cut them apart and use what I want and worry about the rest later.  You might remember seeing the in progress post about this HERE.  I originally thought I was going to use two more blocks below the house section. But when I got that far I decided it would be a bigger wall hanging that I wanted it to be. 

Harvest Gathering is from one panel and the house from a second panel and the leaf and pumpkin are from a third panel. These all were the leftovers;)

I then added some borders of various colors/fabrics before adding the flying geese and checkerboard elements. A good place to use up a few scraps.

I admit for a while this one had me puzzled and I had to walk away from it and let the ideas form in my head.  In the end I was very pleased how this one came together.  I guess someone else was too as it is heading to Alaska tomorrow!  I got it listed in my shop on Friday and this morning it sold.  The panel wall hangings are going really well this year. 

On Friday I mentioned there would be no sewing this weekend as I had another craft to get ready for a local show coming up in November, I deliver to it on Wednesday tho'.   Saturday and this morning was consumed by making 32 of these candy canes! 

How would you like this guy staring back at you?  He has been coming to our pond, just off the family room, for a drink and wow was he thirsty!  Isn't he a beauty, 12 points. 

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Friday, October 15, 2021

A perfect fall scene

 Don't you think this is the perfect fall scene, pumpkins and sunflowers.  These are from two different but coordinating panels.  

Then I added some border elements to make it a unique wall hanging that measures 37" x 30".  I admit I stumbled around a bit in the designing process.  I had originally planned to add a picket fence style of border below the pumpkin scene. However, it just wasn't right so I went back to my standard pinwheels.  They just seem to look good on any panel piece.  

And to top it all off I had the perfect sunflower fabric for the outer border. 

And pumpkin fabric for the backing!  I really do enjoy making fall themed projects.  The fabrics are just so warm.  I just listed this one in my Etsy shop.  Two other fall panels sold in the last week so I thought I better get a couple more done.  I'll share the second one soon. 

There is more quilting in my schedule today so I better get to it!  But this weekend most likely no quilting. I have another craft that needs done ASAP!  I deliver to a local craft show on Wednesday and they need to be ready to go. 

Wishing you all a wonderful quilty day😃

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Fancied Up Snowman Panel

 A Happy Holiday Snowman panel is just what one needs to make you smile don't you think!  It's no secret that I love snowmen and working with panels.  The center and the eight little pictures in two of the borders are from the same panel. They are so happy I just couldn't resist getting it made, not that I am in any hurry what so ever for snow.  I love the addition of the tall flying geese tree!   

And just look at what I did in the red border, stenciled snowflakes:)

And I had the perfect aqua on hand for the backing.  

While we are on the subject of snowmen, I just finished these yesterday.  Why make one when you can make two, LOL.  

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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Gingham Goodness-An AccuQuilt Tutorial

Do you want to make your own Gingham Goodness table runner?  Well now you can, I have the tutorial for it over on the AccuQuilt blog, you can find it HERE.

All you need is fabric and the three inch strip cutter!  Easy peasy and very quick to make.  Choose your color and give it a go, this weekend perhaps.

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Disclaimer: because I am a Go! Getter for Accuquilt the three inch strip die was sent to me by AccuQuilt to make this project.  Thank you AccuQuilt

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Go! Getters, Accuquilt Blog Hop

Welcome to day 2 of the Accuquilt Go! Getters blog hop.

Go! Build A Snowman- A kid friendly craft!  You know those times when the kids get restless in the winter time, well show them your Accuquilt Go and bring on the fun of building a snowman or two.

You will need the Accuquilt snowman accessories die, circle dies, 2" alphabet, craft foam, sticky back velcro and a framed canvass.  

Maybe you didn't know that you could cut thin craft foam with your cutters!  You bet you can. The kids will love watching the pieces come out in all the shapes.  Use a lot of colors or just a few, that's up to you.  Mix and match the accessories to dress your snowmen.

Don't forget to cut the letters too!

After cutting everything out stick the velcro on the back of the pieces and onto the corresponding spot on the canvass board.  

And now it is time to build the snowmen. 

You can find a PDF of  GO! Build A Snowman at Accuquilt HERE.  You will find a listing of all the dies used in this project in the PDF.  

Here is the schedule for the blog hop, I hope you will visit all of them for lots of great inspiration!

October 4: GO! Gnome Kitchen Magnets – Katy

October 5: Build A Snowman – Vicki

October 6: Felt Pieces – Katy

October 7: GO! No Sew Christmas Ornaments – Suzy

October 8: GO Christmas Tablecloth – Denise

October 11: GO! Gnome Tea Towel – Suzy

October 12: Mini Monthly Calendars – Laura

October 13: Pennant Projects – Terri

October 14: Flutter Pillow – Melanie Call

October 15: Ricebag/ Cube – Jennifer Strauser

October 16: No Sew Magnets – Melanie Call

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Mixed Holiday Table Runners

 This post covers three holidays, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day and Fourth of July.  Two round wedge toppers in Christmas fabrics were finished. 

I have so much fun picking 5 fabrics that coordinate for these round wedge toppers.  And they are pretty quick to whip up once that is done.  I am just lucky to have a large fabric stash that works well together.

Onto the next holiday...Fourth of July.  I let my Accuquilt dies do some of the work for me. Using dies  # 4 and 5 from the 8 inch cube speeds up and adds the accuracy I want for making the flying geese units for the star.  Easy peasy and accurate!

And the third holiday in this post is St. Patrick's Day shamrock table runner.  Look at all the green scraps I used in the shamrocks. These two are for a local gal that ordered them a while back and was in no hurry.  But I needed to get them off my plate when I had the chance.  I was able to use the 3" strip die from Accuquilt for the outer borders on this one too. And of course the 2.25" strip die for the bindings!  See how I like to speed up things:)

And speaking of Accuquilt did you know they have several live Facebook videos each week.  If you sign up you have a chance to win dies from them.  Sometimes they even give away a cutter or fabric too.  On Tuesday October 5th they will be introducing a new die for a big upcoming holiday!  You can register HERE.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Pumpkin Harvest-pattern release!

I am thrilled to be releasing another pattern!  It's my third for the year, that's a record for me!!  This wall hanging is called Pumpkin Harvest.  You may have already seen a version of this a few months ago HERE.  That one had stenciled leaves.  This one has applique leaves to make it easy for anyone to do.

Pumpkin Harvest is approximately 12" x 26", you can hang it on your wall or on a door to greet your guests.  

How sweet are these two pumpkins!  I just love fall and fall colors. The black with tan speckled background sets of the colors so well.  This pattern is a very quick make, whip it up in a day!  

I think a beginner could master this but they should have some knowledge of applique as I don't go into how to do that.  But there are tons of help on the internet available. 

Wendy from Pieceful Thoughts recently tested it for me.  She will be showing hers soon on her blog.  

You can find Pumpkin Harvest in my Etsy shop.  It is on sale thru Saturday Oct 2nd, 2021.  So if you are in need of a new fall decoration this might be for you!

Monday, September 27, 2021

What the weekend brought forth

 Just a quick post on what I finished up over the weekend.  These three round wedge toppers in fall colors are made using my tutorial.  I pieced and quilted them this past week and this weekend I got the binding on.  They are 29" in diameter.

Saturday I hosted my local long arm group. Ten members came which made for a nice group.  Lots of chatting, show and tell sharing happened and then afterward we had potluck lunch:)  It had been around 2 years since I had seen any of them.  

Sunday the weather was warm enough to go for a nice bike ride with the hubby.  We also enjoyed having a campfire and hot dogs!  It was a good weekend.  But I do have a busy week ahead, I need to quilt a leaf runner, turkey runner, and finish up a wall hanging so I can release the pattern for it!  I'm also going to lunch with a friend on Wednesday.  What is in store for your week?

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Repeat finishes

There are a few table runners in my Etsy shop that are just more popular than others.  When I sell them I turn around and make more.  Often I use the exact same fabrics as that makes it easy to use spare parts leftover or I might have just bought a bunch of that fabric in anticipation. 

For example I might have only started with a yard or two and if the table runner sells fast I might go out and buy several more yards.  That is what happened with the border fabric in this turkey runner, it is just perfect to coordinate with fall colored batik feathers.  This runner make look just like others I have made, but this one was actually finished up on Friday.  

I tend to cut out a lot of feathers at one time so those fabrics are used over and over too.  The same quilting design is used on each turkey runner also.  That way I don't have to think what design should I do each time.


Here is another example of the same scenario... Sunflower runner.  This one was finished up on Monday. 

There is some major house cleaning happening for the next couple days as Saturday I am hosting my local longarm group.  I didn't get to go to the July meeting and then of course there was Covid so there were no meetings for ages.  It sure will be nice to see them again. 

I hope to sneak in a little quilting time in between the cleaning to make my days more fun!

Monday, September 20, 2021

It's a process

 Yesterday I decided to start a new panel wall hanging. By now you know I love playing around with these and making them unique.  Out came the fall panels box to see what I have left.  For this one I am using leftover parts from three different panels! 

The words 'Harvest Gathering' were cut off a previously used panel where I didn't want to use words. 

The small pumpkin and leaf with the black background from a second previously used panel.

And the house, turkey and cornucopia came from a panel that was just all blocks that size. 

After squaring almost everything up I decided on this layout style.  The picture was taken before I squared up the words.  I pulled fabrics from the stash to coordinate but didn't get much further than that.  There might be some checkerboards, pinwheels, HST's in the future, we'll have to wait and see!

Before I started the panel project I finished up two of these guys.  One for the shop and one for a November local craft sale.

I took time to make a fun pieced backing.  I have lots of leftover pieces from when I trim table runners after quilting, so why not use some up. 

I hope you can take time this week to visit these fun linky parties for more inspiration.  I am hopping over to link up with...

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Friday, September 17, 2021

Gray Wheelbarrow With Pumpkins

 Thankful and Blessed is the name of this pumpkin and gray wheelbarrow panel.  There was just something about this panel that told me it didn't need a lot of fancy pieced borders. So I listened to it and all I added was a skinny 1/2" gold border and then the leaf print outer border. 

I raided my stash to find just the right fabric for the border.  There might have been a whole lot of auditioning of different fabrics before I pulled this one.  Instantly I knew it was the right one.

With fall here I am really in a pumpkin mood aren't you?  Add some sunflowers and a gray wheelbarrow, perfection!  This was made with the intention of putting in my Etsy shop. But when I went to set up for it's photo shoot I fell in LOVE with it. I told my hubby I don't really need another fall wall hanging but man I really like how this one goes with my decor.  But after couple days I caved and put it in the shop anyway.  Well I thought I would have a little while to admire it as I walked past it in the store room.  That lasted all of three days, it is winging it's way to a new home as of yesterday.  I am thinking I need to go on a hunt for another one!!  I don't remember where I purchased this one or even when, LOL.

Happy Fall Ya All!  I need to whip up another Turkey table runner today.  What are you going to work on?

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Monday, September 13, 2021

Out of the box, onto the design wall and done!

I love going back to see what sold the previous year, it gives me an idea of what I should work on.  Recently I did this and decided I should get a few fall wall panel quilts done(out of the box!).

This panel started out with this larger piece and had a few more smaller pumpkin ones attached.  Smaller wall hangings sell better than larger ones. So I chopped off the small pumpkin ones and will use those at a later date.  

Recently I saw someone using HRT's in a border and decided I needed to try that. So, after auditioning my fabrics, out came my HRT ruler and decided on what size I needed to make.  That ruler sure makes fast work of HRT's with no trimming.  This wall hanging came together quickly. And it was time for some fun custom quilting on it.

The back came out nicely too! It is about 30"x33". 

I have enjoyed getting out some of my fall decorations again. Fall is a favorite time and an easy one to decorate for. I forgot I had those little straw bales so that was a fun find!  I will need to get some real pumpkins for my front porch though. Do you enjoy decorating for each season?

Yesterday I decided there were some domestic things I needed to take care of before I did anything else.  Before we went on vacation we picked our grapes and just froze them, five one gallon bags full. It was time to make juice out of one of the bags. Oh is it tasty!!  It had been a couple of years since our vines produced any and that the critters left them alone.  So this was a real surprise. 

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Getting ready for Halloween

I have been whipping through more panels lately. Before vacation I pieced at least four of them. And I am now trying to get them quilted and into the shop.  Who can resist this cutie! 

These little guys are part of a pre printed panel that I cut apart and am dividing them up into two wall hangings. Only one will get done now. Here you can see I am auditioning fabrics to coordinate with it.

After cutting them apart I brought them up to a workable size by framing them with solid black fabric. And then added checkerboards, more framing and pinwheels. 


To finish it all off I used a black and orange checkerboard fabric for the outer border.  It came out to be 23" x 23".  

Stay tuned for more panel wall hangings in the near future!

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