Thursday, August 11, 2022

Witchy Boo

 Isn't this just a darling witch, she is part of a series of Halloween motifs on a pre-printed panel. I am using just her in this fun Halloween wall hanging. 

After trimming her up I added a finished 1" striped green border around her. 

All witches need some pumpkins don't cha think.  These pumpkins were made using a companion set for my Accuquilt 8" cube.  The bow tie die was perfect for them and then I just rotary cut a stem.

I just happened to have some great coordinating fabric in my stash for the borders. The 2.5" triangle die, also from the 8" cube, worked perfectly for a green and orange border. 

Some fun quilting might have also been added;) 

And just what you have been waiting for...the finished wall hanging! This was a very fun make.  I have really been on a panel roll lately haven't I.  I hope there is time in the near future for a few more.  As always thank you for taking time to check out my blog and big thanks for leaving a comment!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Is it Tuesday already!!!

Geesh the week has just flown by hasn't it?  Each week on Tuesday a bunch of us set goals for the coming week and link up at To Do Tuesday at Texas Quilt Gal.  

The goals I set for last week were:

  • work on round wedge toppers and reversed S swirl runners- The strip sets are sewn and need pressing. They didn't progress any further.

  • work on snowman runners-✅
Yes I pieced two different styles of snowman runners, here you see one style on the longarm yesterday. 

I also pieced two of my Gnome table runners, and quilted them.  They are awaiting their turn to be bound and appliqued.   A turkey table runner was quilted too.  So even though I didn't fill all my goals I kept busy.  

This week I have lots I want to accomplish:
  • Finish four snowman table runners
  • Finish two Gnome table runners
  • I have lots of photos to take and get the items listed in my Etsy shop
  • Start a Halloween wall hanging(maybe)
  • Every time I turn around I think of something else that I need to get made up for the shop...nope they might just have to wait another week!
  • And as is that isn't enough I am joining Melisa at Pinker n Punkin Quilting for her Autum cross stitch SAL.  So I have to get that started and stitch a bit each night.  I couldn't resist as I like to decorate for the fall!
Okay there is no time to waste, chop chop.  I need to get to work!!  
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Sunday, August 7, 2022

It was a busy week

It was a busy week with lots of fun thrown in.  We were in Iowa at the Pyrotechnic Guild International (PGI) fireworks event.  Hubby took in seminars while I was content staying in the air conditioning and sewing away in the fifth wheel.  Then in the evenings we went to see the fireworks displays, beautiful to see for sure! Three of the nights the public could attend in addition to us PGI members.  These displays were choreographed to music.  The other nights were for PGI members to watch the competitions of those that built fireworks. A lot of later nights than usual for us!

The weather was something else, hot and humid, yuck!  We thought we were going to kayak and bike in between events but we only took in a bike ride one morning. That ride led us into an arboretum, where we saw some lovely posies. I don't know what these purple and white ones are, anyone know?

I have never seen a peach water lily before, they also had a purple one which was to far away for a good photo.

There were several metal sculptures that were fun. But this butterfly caught my attention the most. 

I visited the quilt shop in Newton, Iowa. I mean how could I not stop there, look at the name of the shop!  I fit the bill good, I am a red head, a little crazy and I am definitely a quilter!  

A cute shop that had a couple tables of $5 a yard fabric.  I managed to find a few pieces to enhance my stash;)  

We also stopped at another shop in Osage, Iowa (Debbie's Quilt shop)-it was only a block out of our way!  Plus it was lunch time so hubby ate his in the camper and fixed me mine to eat on our way. I picked up a couple of panels there, you will get to see those pretty soon as they were fall and winter ones. 

I set up for sewing on the Island of the toy hauler fifth wheel the first day and then later I moved out into the fifth wheel garage area after hubby set up a table out there for me.   What am I sewing you ask...I am sewing strip sets for two round wedges toppers and two S swirl runners.  Later I went on to piece snowman runners and gnome runners.  I told you it was a busy week!!!

Traveled back home yesterday, so today I plan to do some quilting:)  How about you, how was your week or what did you do this weekend?

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Two for To Do Tuesday

I am joining several other bloggers in setting goals and trying to meet them on Tuesday each week.  

I am pleased to say I met my goals for the week.  The first goal was to work on a couple more panels. 
The first one features a red barn with Christmas trees.  After squaring up the little panel I added the first border in a black/gray marble fabric, next came the red and white checkerboard. 

So much fun to add my own flying geese pieced tree. More black/gray marbled fabric for a finished 1" border which also goes around the green and red pinwheel additions. The striped binding sets off the final red border. 

A little close up peek at the red barn itself. 

I decided to use four red string blocks sashed with a black print to spruce up the center of the backing. 

The next panel I worked with is a another red truck one.  And can you spot my red truck prop!  I found it unpainted at the Dollar Tree:)  So I got right to digging out my paints, brush and made a fast job of painting it. 

I had lots of fun deciding what features I should do in this wall hanging.  I could have done more trees since there are trees in the panel itself. But I wanted it a little different.  In the end I went with quarter square triangles to make the red and green border blocks. 

Some custom quilting ensued:)

The other goals I had were to make a reversed S swirl runner and to make a round wedge topper.  I did work on two of each style.  The fabrics were pulled from the stash and all the strips sets are sewn.  And that is as far as I got.  They are all Christmas related. I thought maybe that would help keep things cool.  Nope didn't help one little bit. Last week was really nice, but as I am writing this we are heading to the 90's again.  

The first ones on the goal list for the upcoming week is to 
  • finish piecing the above round wedge toppers and S swirl runners.
  • Work on snowman runners
  • That's all I can muster up the desire and energy for this week!
How about you will you have a long goal list or a short one?  

Linking up with To Do Tuesday at Texas Quilt Gal, and Midweek Makers  Wishing you all a wonderful week. 

Friday, July 29, 2022

Covering the World: One Quilt at a Time

Today I am sharing a quilt I made to donate to my local Crisis Nursery Center.  This is in part with Covering the World: One Quilt at a Time.   My quilt is made from Island Batik Fabrics and my Accuquilt 2.5" strip cutter and 5" square die. The pattern I used is from Connie who blogs at Freemotion by the River and is called River Squares. This is an easy and fun pattern and it is a free one!

I Love the bright colors and think a young child would be drawn to them also. My hope is that this quilt will give someone a little comfort when they are going through a tough time. 

I quilted this on my Nolting Funquilter with a freehand allover swirl-my favorite design for great texture.

Here is information on this worthwhile cause:  

In 2022, AccuQuilt, Moda Fabrics and Baby Lock are partnering in a pay-it-forward campaign called Covering the World: One Quilt at a Time. Moda and AQ staff and designers will be donating one quilt a week, to a charity of their choice, to support this campaign.

Making and donating a quilt is such a rewarding feeling, I only wish I had more time to make more.  In the meantime I will do what I can to help fulfill the need.  

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

A finish for July OMG

Sometimes it is so easy to set aside a project thinking I will get to it later.  At the beginning of July I picked a project I needed to finish up. I am glad I picked this little wall hanging that I needed to decide on where to go with finishing it into a flimsy and get it quilted and binding added.  

After picking out what panel I wanted to work with, I got to squaring up the pumpkins in a tub square to begin this wall hanging back in early June.  I added a black border and stenciled on the fall leaves using fabric paints in different fall colors layering until I got the look I wanted.  

Then I stalled and wasn't sure what I wanted to do for the rest of it.  Middle of July rolls around and I dug it out again and knew just want I was going to do.  Checkerboards and flying geese to the rescue!

And to pull it all together black with metallic gold marbling for the outer border.

I always add a hanging sleeve to the back.  I prefer to do a split one so you only have to put one nail in the wall.  This one is now added to my shop.  

Thanks goes to Elm Street Quilts for hosting OMG- One Monthly Goal where I will be linking up with my July finish. Also linking with Midweek Makers, and Wednesday Wait Loss

Now to figure out what to make my August goal for OMG.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

My weekly(almost) To Do Tuesday

I have been trying to do a Tuesday goals post each week, however, I missed last week due to our vacation.  The week before my only goal was to have fun, and I met that goal head on!!!  You can read about that HERE.  

Although I didn't have any quilting goals I still was able to finish a few things after getting home.  I am back into making up some panels into wall hangings to put in the shop.  I feel like I bought this one just last year but I don't know where. At any rate I think it is just a darling panel for any snow lover.  So the Joy/Peace and snowmen are the panel. 

 I added the red skinny border, then a gingham border and the flying geese pieced tree along with the final red skinny border.  The black cornerstones add a bit more whimsy with stenciled on snowflakes. 

I took my time with the custom quilting, I think it adds just a bit more to it. The quilting in the gingham fades into it and I am fine with that, let that gingham shine!

Ready to see another one?  I am just as excited about this one, loving the gray, red and green combo, and who doesn't love the popular red truck decor.

As you can see the truck/house/trees are the panel, this one was easy to square up and get right to adding the first gray/black border.  See the polka dots in this border, gotta love me some polka dots.  So I carried polka dots into the pinwheel and tree background too.  

More gray pieced trees go nicely with this panel.  So happy to have three new wall hangings added to the shop.  But wait there's more coming up on Wednesday when I will share with you my July OMG finish!  

My goal this week :
  • to work with a couple more panels
  • make a reverse S swirl runner
  • make a round wedge topper
Thanks to Linda for hosting To Do Tuesday and to all of you that send out encouragement each week.  I am heading over there to link up.  

My yellow Calla Lily finally opened right before we left for vacation and it is still looking good although it turned more orange now.  

Friday, July 22, 2022

The great outdoors and quilting

 Hello my quilty peeps!  I hope you have had a wonderful week, I sure did.  We have been out camping, ATVing, visiting our son and daughter in law, meeting up with our daughter, son in law, and grandkids to go boating and fishing.  What fun we had and memories made. 

The ATV trail is an old railroad bed.  We even managed to get a flat tire, the first in 5400 miles that we have put on our ATV.  Hubby had a repair kit and pump so he got the tire plugged and we headed back to camp that day.  We weren't sure if we could trust the plug and didn't want to be stranded out in the forest a long ways from camp. 

Lots of mud puddles, some you could go around, but most you had to go through.  And the bugs were horrible, lots of spray and then still wear jeans and long sleeves.

We also picked Juneberries, YUM!  Just enough to fill our tummies;)

Even though it was warm out, we had a nice time sitting around the campfire and catching up.


And then there was boating/fishing.  

Remember I mentioned we needed to go refrigerator shopping a few weeks ago.  Well we found one we liked, it was a little bigger so hubby had to move out the cabinet board that ran to the floor by an inch.  They could have delivered it sooner but we were on vacay so it arrived yesterday afternoon. 

Before we left for vacay I pieced/quilted and bound this fun sunflower wall hanging. I stitched down the sleeve this morning.  The sunflower was a part of a panel that I trimmed and started adding borders with the black around the sunflower and then green/gold checkerboards. After adding a black sashing spacer of black four pinwheels were added and more black to frame it followed by a pretty green border. I'll be getting that listed in my Etsy shop soon.  

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Happy To Do Tuesday

Yes I am happy on this Tuesday because I met my weekly goal of quilting and binding two quilts. Both of these quilts are lap size. 

Purple is one of my favorite colors, but you might not know it as I don't work with purple much. So this was a treat to make an all purple quilt. These were leftover fabrics from when I was an Island Batik Ambassador the line is Black Pearl.  In January, while in Arizona,  I started piecing it and made all the pieced blocks chain stitching strip sets.  Then sub cutting them and re-arranging them and chain stitching them back together. Oh what beauties, it was such a pleasure to work with purple!  And then it set until this spring when I cut the lavender blocks and finally finished it into a flimsy. The quilting and binding happened this week. 

The pattern is Jasmine by Villa Rosa Designs.  Using up the whole bundle that coordinated was a personal goal, mission accomplished!  I had a 2 yd. piece of the dark and leftover pieced blocks. I employed my hubby for the math portion to figure out how big to cut the lavender and purple to piece in between the blocks.  In the end it all came out perfectly.  This one will be listed in my Etsy shop as soon as I get some really good photos.  

The second quilt is this red and black one. It is a Missouri Star tutorial called Summer Stars.  This was made using a black/gray jelly roll that was purchased several years ago, I planned to use it for a quilted jacket.  Since then I got out of the mood to do the jacket and just wanted to work with it.  So this quilt was born.  The red stars I made using my 8" Accuquilt cube instead of making the stars as shown in the tutorial.  I am not sure but this could be my first red/black quilt.  It was started in early 2021 with the black/gray blocks being made then. February this year I made the stars and the borders went on last month and quilting/binding was finished last week.  

So happy to have it out of the closet, but rest assured there are several more flimsies in the waiting line. 

I had this black wide backing in the stash, so everything used in this quilt was from stash. Love when that happens, don't you.  Gray Glide thread was used on top and a gray Superior SoFine in the bobbin.  This one too will go into my Etsy shop after I get better photos. 

On a non-quilting front we have been enjoying some wild black raspberries, yum!! The first night we just ate the right off the bushes.  The second night we picked and froze this batch.

Last night we picked almost 2 cups of black ones plus a big cup of the domestic red ones. We ate some fresh and froze the rest. 

We are enjoying our Bee Balm red blooms too. 

This week's goal is to just have fun, no pressure. I hope you are able to do the same.  Won't you join us Tuesday To Doers over at Texas Quilt Gal, where we link up our goals each week.