Friday, May 17, 2024

Building Bridges

It was time I do something with this panel of Bridges.  Building a table runner with these two bridges panel happened this week. After staring at this panel for a couple days I decided to use one bridge at each end with an Ohio Star in the middle.

See the quilt hanging on the fence, it inspired me to add the hourglass blocks at each end after the bridge. 

Each Bridge was able to be cut at 9.5" so my Ohio Star block was also built at 9.5" before being sewn into the table runner.  I had the perfect scrap to use for the border, wish I had more of that, it came in handy.  

Just another way to use those panels that I hope inspires you to dig them out and do something with them!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Stash enhancement and a finish

 Both things in that title are sweet!!  Last week there was a fabric estate sale. The ad said 4000 yds, of fabric­čś«. That my sweeties is a LOT of fabric!  Of course I went, LOL.  And of course I bought!  There was quilting fabric(we'll get to that in a moment), garment fabric, lace, yarn, thread, canvas, upholstery, flannel, quilt books and yarn.  The quilting fabric was $5 per pound. I didn't buy any of the other stuff so I don't remember what that was.  Gobs and gobs of simplicity type patterns that were free. She had been collecting/sewing for 60 years they said. The bittersweet is that she past away last fall I heard. I didn't know her, but I hope she will appreciate my purchase and uses. Here is what 50 yards of fabric all folded and stacked looks like. Yep that is what came home with me. I will use a lot of it for backings. It ended up being $1.50 a yard. I couldn't pass that up!

And now for the finish, a sweet cupcake runner. Wouldn't this be perfect to use for a birthday party, or to give someone on their birthday. This is from my own design and if you are a follower you might have seen some like it before. I like using these fun colors for these. 

It would be so fun if I had a birthday cake to stage with it! But I don't so the flowers will have to do.

I love it when I find the perfect backing in my stash with just enough fabric to fit. 

Thanks for visiting and if you left a comment I shall go off to read it now:)  I am going to try something new to me for a while and see how I/we like it.  I shall be replying to your comment right here on the blog. 

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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Brown Scraps and knitting

Yesterday I pulled out the brown fabrics bin and refolded and stacked neatly back into the bin-it's like a refresher course to remind you what you have! In the process I pulled out this scrappier looking pile. The plan is to cut these into usable rectangles and squares this week.  A lot of it will go into the potato chip blocks.

In the evenings I like to have some handwork so I searched the internet for a hand knit slipper pattern for kids.  The first one I found and tried I didn't like.  Then I found one called Grandma's knitted slippers.  After running to JoAnn's to get size 8 Bamboo needles. For yarn I used a 4 ply Red Heart variegated along with a sport weight soft pink, it gave just the right feel to the slipper. 

That was fun to make so I started another pair and used the variegated yarn with a fingering weight aqua.  The slipper takes on a bit different color leaning more toward the aqua now. I am adding a few rows to the foot and to the toe for a little larger slipper.  At this point I am just making them to have something to do, I'll end up donating them somewhere. If I stuck to it I could knit one slipper in an evening. But I don't want to overdue my wrists so I am limiting to a little time here and a little there. 

This is the best photo my phone took of the northern lights. Not great but a verification that we did see them! 

Happy Mother's Day to all you momma's out there, what will you being doing today?  We are going for a nice bike ride on this beautiful day, supposed to be 84 and sunny with a few clouds.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Southwest Vibe

 I couldn't resist making yet another set of delectable mountain blocks. But this time with a southwest flair in design and color.

Just by changing orientation of the block and adding the flip and sew corners for the brown center it makes it feel like a while different block. 

Several of you mentioned you had never made a delectable mountain block...go ahead and jump in and do it!!  I used the Bonnie Hunter method from her Scrappy Mountain Majesties tutorial.

We had a lot of bird activity this week, the goldfinches are still hanging around the feeder, along with cardinals. But the arrival of the hummingbird was a welcome site. And OMG two Indigo Buntings and several Gross Beaks!!

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Scrap cutting and sewing

Yesterday our youngest grandson came over because he wanted to sew with me and make a campfire with grandpa. He had an idea in his head of what he wanted to make. A small mug rug to give his mom (our daughter) for Mother's Day.  When I asked what her favorite color is these days he says black!  Okaaaay I said, LOL. But after digging in my black scrap bag he found some nice coordinating pieces and I threw in one or two. This is what he came up with, it turned out great, he followed instructions great and was so proud of his finished product. He wants to make a different color today.  

I helped him minimally in between cutting out a lot of red bricks(on top of the container) for the potato chip blocks. My little red pile was pretty low(see in the container). 

There were a few more blocks sewn this week. Actually eight were made this week, four of which I sewed while hubby and grandson were out at the campfire yesterday. They cooked our hot dogs for supper over the fire:)

And now grandson asked if he could sew another mug rug, they are more like a coaster to me, small just enough room for a mug. He might want purple this time.  I told him yes if he helped me first;) He will arrange fabrics for a couple more chip blocks. 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Working with yellows and grays

It all began so innocently in December.  These yellows and grays were stored together in a scrapbook case from when I used them for two other quilts in past years.  I had been wanting to make another quilt with them for a long time and then I saw the White Cloud Villa Rosa pattern and an idea was born.  

Easy cutting began and then the sewing ensued, I quickly had it this far before leaving for AZ. And there it stayed until last week. Note to self... write down the pattern name, don't just think you will remember months down the road, LOL.  Yep you guessed it I couldn't remember the name and therefore searching on my computer didn't find the pattern. How many more rows were to be added? The sweet ladies on the Villa Rosa FB group I am on helped me identify it quickly. More sewing happened after finding the digital pattern on my computer.

I added more columns and rows than the pattern called for as I wanted a little bigger size. In the effort to use up more gray and yellow I decided to piece the back with some.  I thought I was close to using these up but the joke was on me, there is a bunch more in another case! Oh well I still used up a bunch. 

The quilting is a pantograph called Floating Clouds which was very fitting since the quilt pattern is White Clouds. I used a gray Glide thread with Hobbs 80/20 batting which is my go to batting.

And now my design wall is empty and ready for the next project. There is always something brewing over here!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whether it is sewing or something else. 

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If you are looking for some new Accuquilt dies or even getting your first die cutting machine here are some sales happening now.  I am affiliate which means if you purchase from my links I get a small commission. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Delectable Teal Mountains

Welcome to May!!!

Making these Delectable Mountains is fun! I like using Bonnie Hunter's method in her Scrappy Mountain Majesty. I did increase my subcuts from 8.5" to 8.75" square, just gives me a bit more room for trimming and makes it easier. 

The teal is a batik while the neutral is quilting cotton. I used a light teal Glide thread to quilt it on my Nolting FunQuilter with a freehand feather design. Hobbs 80/20 is my go to batting. 

The teal was also used to bind it.  The backing is a perfect complimentary batik.

I went to lunch with a long time friend today and then we went to two Amish greenhouses. I picked up some really pretty posies! 

This peach begonia in amongst the gorgeous greens was to pretty to leave behind. They had other colors of dahlias in other baskets but they just were not as pretty. 

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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Scrappy Sunday

For today I hope to make more of these potato chip blocks with my 4.5"x 2.5" bricks that I have been cutting this week. These are the first four blocks which will add up quickly as they are 12.5" each.

It's a way to eat up some scraps quickly.  My piles of cut bricks are growing, the neutral pile is 3" in height. Doesn't sound like much but there are many in that stack! 

Friday, April 26, 2024

Two for Table Scraps

Every month there is a Table Scrap challenge at The Joyful Quilter blog. This month Joy announced the Theme was Umbrella and the color is yellow to coordinate with the RSC color of the month.  I made two yellow table runners this month. I'll be stretching to follow the Umbrella theme, keep reading to find out how. 

The first table runner is my Dresden plates turned sunflower. I love making these!

This second one is Morning Star using the Accuquilt Bob die for it. If you are a regular follower you saw this one recently in it's own post.

As for the umbrella theme, well we need rain for the sunflowers to grow and we might need an umbrella if we have to go outside in the rain!  And this morning it looks like we might get a little rain today throughout the weekend, therefore I might need to use an umbrella at some point, LOL.  More sewing/quilting might happen over the weekend if it does rain. What are your plans for the weekend?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Spring has me wishing for warmer temps and butterflies all around!  This blue, pink and purple floral fabric was calling out to have butterflies flitting about. So I listened;)   I used the Accuquilt butterfly BOB(block on board) die. All the butterfly parts were cut in one pass making this one easy to do.

Mixing in some coordinating prints of blue and pink for the wings along with that cute blue and purple plaid for the bodies and the skinny sashing.  

The background looks like confetti don't cha think?  The quilting is pretty simple but flattering with some ruler work in the background and border while the butterflies insisted on getting some freehand wing detail.

And a perfect backing fabric and the plaid surfaced again as the binding. Ahhh another finish:) What do you suppose will be next in line to work on. 

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Monday, April 22, 2024

Morning Glories and scrap processing

I am so in the spring mood!  Over the weekend I pulled out and went through a bin of some floral fabric that I had purchased for making purses(which I no longer am making). These morning glories caught my attention and I remembered I had made a wedge runner with them before. That one having sold I could use another. Quilting on it should happen this week.

My scrap bins are out of control and they have been that way for a long time. No time like the present to go through a few and cut for a potato chip block. One stack of bricks cut on Saturday and one on Sunday. Didn't even make a tiny dimple in the scrap bag, in fact I swear it grew instead of shrink!!!  I am so itching to sew a few blocks but I am still thinking if I want to do each block in a colorway or just mix all the colors in one block. 

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Friday, April 19, 2024

Finishes and blogger issues

I did crank out a couple of finishes this week. The quilting machine was purring right along on Monday and Tuesday and binding happened on Wednesday and Thursday.  These were pieced during the winter. 

Actually I pieced four identical to this one but only quilted two. And only one of those two got the binding on for a complete finish.  The other ones will wait in the wings until I need them for my Etsy shop. I went on the hunt in my stash for a backing, I almost got lost in my box of homespuns. But I came up with the perfect piece that was big enough for these two. 

Recently I posted about working on yellow and white blocks, several of you were anxious to see what they would become. Ta da!!  Here it is. I pieced two of these over the winter and quilted both this week. Once again I only bound one of them.  These are made using the Morning Star Accuquilt BOB die. It makes easy work of cutting and piecing the little triangles. I wouldn't attempt them without the die.

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Blogger issues...I used to be able to click the notify me box that you see when you go to make a comment and that way all of your comments came into my email.  In the last two months that hasn't worked. Well shoot I sometimes(ok a lot of the time) forget to check back here on the blog to read comments. I mean a girl(quilter) has lots of things to do and we can't remember them all, LOL.  Is this issue of not getting comments in your email happening to you also?  Anyone heard of a fix for this?  

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Monday, April 15, 2024

Patriotic Strips and Salsa

It's closing in on Patriotic times so I worked on two of the Strips and Salsa runners from one of GE Designs. This is a pattern in her book Stripology. They are easy to make and pretty quick, both of these were pieced in an afternoon. 

It's fun choosing different fabrics for these. I'll soon get these quilted up. 

Since getting home I have been busy unpacking, cleaning and laundry but I am itchin' to get back to the longarm and finish up a bunch of table runners. We have some business to attend to today along with going to our grandson's track meet so we'll see if I can squeeze in some quilting time also. Hope you all have a great productive week!  
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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Strawberry finishes

 You might remember back in February I posted that I was making strawberry blocks. I have since turned them into three table runners. Pictured below is one of them. I had previously finished two runners and packed them away. I managed to remember to take this one's photo before packing it away. 

These strawberry blocks are a good scrap buster for 2.5" red squares. I could have used green scraps for the checkerboard border but chose to use yardage for them. 

I also have a start on my table runner for the Table Scraps monthly challenge! It's also the RSC color of the month. Tune in later this month to see the finished project. 

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