Sunday, July 3, 2022

Slow Stitching on Sunday

 It's a gorgeous morning and I think I will go do a little cross stitching on the deck.  I am trying to make a few new thing to use as props in my Etsy photos.  And I have really been enjoying connecting with cross stitching again.  Small designs are my thing right now for hand stitching while watching Yellowstone on Peacock.  Also small designs don't take long to whip up. I am currently working on this pumpkin, which might become a little pillow or it might become something else;)  The pattern is from Melisa.

This project was mounted around foam core board and then attaches to the bottom of a little wooden tray I picked up at the Dollar store.  After it was mounted I glued on three little bee buttons, I cut off the shank of the button.  I have it sitting on a shelf by the kitchen sink.  

I glued a washer to the back of the foam core board.

And glued a magnet to the back of the tray.  This way I can change out the designs whenever I need a change. The design is Summer House by Waxing Moon. 

 It is Summer House by Waxing Moon. 

Wherever you are I hope you are enjoying some stitching on Sunday.  Linking with Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

OMG-One Monthly Goal

 My goal for June was to get the two borders on this flimsy. I was able to do that this week!  Setting goals is a good thing to help push our projects forward, no matter if it is quilting or something else.  

Our Calla Lilies are blooming so nicely, there were 13 in bloom when I took this picture on Monday with at least two more to bloom. I like checking on these every morning as it seems the blossom stock shoots up a couple inches every night. The first one started off small and now it's so tall. I love these exotic flowers.  DH says they look like wedding flowers, so elegant.  I wouldn't mind having more colors.  I do have a bulb or two that is supposed to be yellow, but it's hasn't shown itself yet this year.  We saw it last year.  We do have to dig them up each fall and put in the basement but since there aren't many I don't mind. 

Patty at Elm Street Quilts hosts a monthly link party, OMG, at the beginning of the month for us to link our goal and at the end of the month to post that we met our goal.

Also linking with Wednesday Wait Loss

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

To Do Tuesday

 I only had three goals on my To Do Tuesday list for this week.  They were...

  • Quilt and bind a small lap quilt- Nope not even a stitch put in
  • Enjoy Here Comes the Sun blog hop- yep all done and enjoyed it a lot!  If you missed my post on that you can see it HERE
  • Do whatever comes my way-Yep I did;)  I enjoyed going to Country Fest, I enjoyed working on some snowman table runners again.
I pieced, quilted and  bound two of these guys identical in all ways, except the backings.

Here is one of the backings, the other has been photographed yet. I do that when I am ready to list it. 

I pieced two of these but only quilted and bound this one. 


And it's backing.

Other things I enjoyed doing this week making more gingham table runners, I blogged about HERE. Also in that post is another snowman table runner. 

So what am I hoping to work on this week-
  • A friend is coming to learn how to make a rope bowl, so I will make one along with her. 
  • Work on my OMG (One Monthly Goal)-it's getting down to the last days and I want to meet that goal. 
  • Decide which table runners need to be made.
Linking with all the other goal setters for To Do Tuesday hosted by Linda at Texas Quilt Gal. 

Monday, June 27, 2022

Water bottle holder and concert

 Two weeks ago my hubby won us two tickets for a bus ride to and from Cadott Wisconsin and entrance into Country Fest for a day.  Whooo Hooo, we have been there twice before.  The first time I had won the same package.  The second time we went for all four days and we had our camper set up 20 miles away at a State Park. We love the concert but not the bus ride as we didn't get home until 3:40 in the morning!!  Way too late for us. Sunday was a bust, slept most of the day! 

So in getting things ready to take along on Friday I decided to let one of the multiple squirrels into my sewing room and make a DrEAMi project. I would love to finally make myself a water bottle holder so I don't have to hang onto the bottle itself.  

I knew it wouldn't take to long. The tutorial I used is this ONE with a modification to the bottom of the bag. Doing a bag bottom would be quicker and easier than cutting and sewing a circle to the bottom.  Of course that would mean cutting the fabric longer, I cut 2" longer.  

And for the handle I used fabric with batting folded inside to make a softer feel to it.  It worked out perfectly!!

After sandwiching the front, batting and lining I used my walking foot on my Janome Skyline 7 to quilt diagonal lines in one direction. The tutorial has you do a French seam which I hadn't done since Home Ec I think. No worries, she tells you exactly how to do it and it is easy and hides any raw edge making it neat and clean on the inside. I love this holder and wish I had done it several years ago when I first saw the tutorial.  I will use this a lot I think. 

If you are wondering what country music artist we saw, there were several playing on various stages at different times.  Thankfully they have Jumbotrons so everyone can see.  And there were no problems of it not being loud enough, LOL. But the headliners were 

                                                                    Rodney Atkins. 

                                                                       Gabby Barret 

                                                                    and Jason Aldean!  

We got two downpours in the afternoon, but we didn't get wet as we saw it coming and headed under one of the covers before everyone else noticed! The rain only lasted about 20 minutes and then everyone filed back out to the music. We had a good time:)  Turns out we knew our bus driver and his wife,  She was my DH office mate years and years ago. Hadn't seen them for many years so was nice to catch up. 

Today I need to work on my OMG for June, haven't touched it and it's link up time!  And I have a Zoom meeting this afternoon with the Accuquilt gal in charge of us Go! Getters.   Hope you all have a great Monday.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Do you remember John Denver's song Sunshine On My Shoulders?  That is the first thing I thought of when Carol announced this blog hop Here Comes The Sun.  You most likely know that Carol, Carla and Joan put on the most fun hops around.  Thank you ladies for hosting and inspiring us to join in the hops!  If you are new here welcome!!  I hope you will look around and maybe even sign up to follow me:)


For this hop Carol suggested we make something to do with sunshine, summer, beaches or something yellow.  It didn't take me long to figure out I wanted to remake a table runner I had already made a few times.  It requires the Accuquilt Morning Star die to make it, but doesn't it just look summery and like a sunshine in these scrappy yellow fabrics.

I wrote a tutorial for Accuquilt on how to make this table runner a couple years ago, you can find it HERE.  I will show you a couple of the steps for the block. You start by adding yellow triangles to the white one, making two of these units for each quadrant of the block. 

Make four quadrants and sew them together for the block. This runner is composed of three blocks.

I quilted it on my Nolting Funquilter with an allover freehand hook swirl design. I used Glide thread in a yellow/gold and Hobbs 80/20 for the batting. 

If you leave a comment and you are new here please leave me your email address so I can respond, I always seem to get some that come in as a no reply blogger.  And I like responding to your sweet comments!

I hope you are enjoying this week long hop, today is the last day. But you can still visit all of the participants here:

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Three finishes

 Last week was a busy one. In addition to meeting several of my goals I finished three more table runners.

These are such fun ones to make, it's hard to stop!  Which ones you ask...gingham table runners of course!  These are made using my Accuquilt 3" strip cutter, I have a tutorial for them on the Accuquilt blog

They really are super fast to make, sew strips, cross cut, sew into rows. It takes me about an hour to sew one. 

It's really fun to pick three fabrics that coordinate. 

I have used the orange and yellow fabrics for one last year, but this one has a different white background fabric.  You can even use a fat quarter for the light fabric.  These two are now listed in my Etsy shop.

I had a little extra time one day and looked around my sewing room to see what I could work on. I always have lots of projects in the works.  This snowman runner was the closest to the finish line with only needing binding. The pattern for this runner is called Tilting Trees and can be found in my Etsy pattern shop.  I used my Accuquilt 2.25" strip cutter to cut bias binding quickly. They have a good tutorial on how to do this.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Weekly goals-To Do Tuesday

Oh boy, I am just tired after a busy week, how about you?  I met almost all on my list for the week. Let's take a peek.

1. Make a bee table runner. ✅

2. Round patriotic runner. ✅ done and blogged about on Friday.

3. Finish an reversed S swirl table runner. ✅ done and blogged about on Friday:)

4. Work on project for Here Comes the Sun blog hop. ✅ Close enough as I am putting in the finishing stitches today. Come back on Friday to see my finish. The blog hop began yesterday, you can find the info on Carols blog.

5. Two patriotic runners. ✅ Yep done, blogged about one on Friday and the other is the same design with fabric I previously used.  I am sure you are tired of seeing the very same!!!!  

6.Quilt and bind small lap quilt. Almost, I quilted it, still needs binding.  I'll finish and blog about it later. 

7. Set up Feedly. ✅ Yes I did it with the help of Diann, thanks Diann!

And to finish off the week I finished 3 other table runners.  I'll show you those tomorrow.  So now you know why I said I am tired!!   

I think this week I am only going to list...

1. Bind the lap quilt. 
2. Do whatever comes my way:)
3. Enjoy the Here Comes the Sun blog hop.

Do you think I can handle that list, LOL.    

Linking with To Do Tuesday at Texas Quilt gal.  It's nice to have this linky party to help keep us on task. Thank you for hosting Linda.  Sometimes that happens and sometimes it don't, do we really care...sometimes and sometimes not!!  Have a great week everyone and see ya next week, if not before. I will have a couple more posts this week so hope to see you soon:)

My hubby transplanted our peony bushes two years ago, they are now in full sun and we have blooms for the first time. We both grew up with our moms having peonies and we loved them too. 

Friday, June 17, 2022

Patriotic Pizzazz

Three patriotic finishes for this Friday is what I have to show you.  First up is a fun reversed swirl table runner. These are made using the 10 degree wedge ruler with 32 wedges. It is really fun to pick five fabrics to make a great looking combo. 

Since I had them I used the exact same fabric in this one as one I did earlier this year. But it was still fun to make this one. 

While I had the wedge ruler out and the patriotic fabrics were still out I might as well make a round wedge one. 

The blue with the red and blue stars is a new fabric I acquired, and you know that is always fun to use something new! There is just something so fun about using red, white, and blue. 

I didn't have a blue backing big enough so I put a fun print in the middle to extend the blue. 

And for the third one, you have seen this design many times. An Etsy customer wanted to know if I had more of the blue with the red and white streamers on it as she had seen me use it last year.  In fact I did have more of it. 

This white with the little stars is my favorite background for these table runners. 

We chose a navy and red plaid for the backing fabric. 

That's it for today, I will be back in a few days to show you more finishes as I am quilting and binding two more today. 

I am linking to Friday linky parties:

And don't forget this blog hop starts on Monday. My day is Friday May 24th. I hope you will come back and see my sunny project;)


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

To Do Tuesday

 Gee looking at last weeks goals I didn't do very good:(  But I got a couple done. 

This is what was on my list:

  • Make a sunflower table runner ✅ Yes I made one start to finish.

  • quilt and bind a small lap quilt-nope, nada, not done :(
  • make another bee table runner-nope. nada, not done :(
  • go camping with grandsons- YEP we did it!  We didn't go far from home which was fine by all of us.  They came early Friday morning and we couldn't go to the campground until after lunch. So we kept them busy, one helped grandpa dig worms so we could fish. The oldest helped me pack the refrigerator and food pantry in the fifth wheel.  Hubby and I had our kayaks in the fifth wheel already. So after lunch we jumped in the truck and headed out.  At first we had one boy in with each of us in our kayaks and let them do some paddling to see if they could handle it. Then on Saturday we rented them each a kayak. They did so well all by themselves and they really enjoyed it.  We played games, did a little fishing, had a campfire, went for a hike. Lest you think it was all fun and games, well they are kids and they always seem to find something to fight about. I could do without that!  
This wasn't on the list but I needed another one and I had it pieced, managed to quilt in on Thursday. Now I need yet another two!  Sold this one and got an order for one with a different blue fabric. 

Things are stacking up for this week...
  • The two patriotic runners mentioned above
  • Start working on Here Comes the Sun blog hop project
  • Finish a S Swirl patriotic runner-needs quilting and binding
  • Finish a round patriotic runner-needs quilting and binding
  • Let's put the Bee runner back on the list too
  • Quilt and bind the small lap quilt I didn't get to last week, it's no rush but I would like to say finished!
  • I would love to get Feedly set up as I am tired of Bloglovin being down so often. I am missing my favorite reads.  Anybody out there using Feedly that can coach me on setting it up?  I have opened a freebie account with them, how do I get the blogs I read over there?
The weather is supposed to get hot and humid so I will be happy to stay in and quilt away:)  How is the weather in your area going to be this week?

Linking up with our gracious host, Texas Quilt Gal for To Do Tuesday

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Weekly Goals Again!

 It's Tuesday again and that means you get to check out if I met my goals for this week.  I only had two goals!

  • Make another Bee table runner ✅
  • Make another Lemon table runner✅
Here are they are, identical to the ones before, so you will have to take my word for it! 

Oh wait I can prove those are the new ones.  The following photo are the old ones with different backs!

I didn't list this one on my goal list last week, but I sure enjoyed stitching on it in the evenings.  This is a free design from Melissa at Pinker n Punkin Quilting and Stitchin'.  Thank you Melissa for your generosity.  It stitched up quickly this week while watching TV with the hubster;)  I then mounted it on a wooden easel sign from Hobby Lobby. I put magnets on the board and washers on the back of the stitchery and then I will be able to change it out for the seasons. 

Last Friday was my Birthday, thank you all for the Birthday greetings, I truly appreciated them!  I had a great week.  We got to watch the little granddaughter for a couple of hours on Tuesday and when daughter came to pick her up she brought me flowers and a box of Crumbl cookies-so good and the flowers smelled wonderful.

On Friday hubby made me waffles for breakfast, grilled hamburgers for dinner and we went on a wonderful afternoon bike ride. One of my brothers called, I video chatted with one of the grandsons, and our son called in the evening. Quite a full day:)

I really don't know what goals I want to set this week.  Oh wait I can think of a few. 
  • quilt and bind a small lap quilt
  • make a sunflower table runner
  • make another bee table runner (yep I just sold the one above to a local friend)
  • go camping with the grandsons:)
Okie dokie lets hop over to Texas Quilt Gals blog for To Do Tuesday