Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Starry UFO

It all began so innocently with 5 inch darks, 5 inch neutrals and 2.75" neutrals all from the scrap bins. 

Which quickly became these. And I bet you can guess what came next. Did you guess they went into another bin and there they sat for a few years? If so you would be correct. 

Out they came after finishing the last UFO to flimsy stage. The next thing I knew I had the beginnings of another flimsy taking place. 

The light neutral sashing helps set the stars apart from the outer border.  The next photo is a precut bin of strings approximately 5 inches or a bit more. They are all different widths. Can you see where I am going with this?

Another pieced piano key border. The strips were sewn together in long rows and then trimmed to 4.5".  I added neutral squares in the corners. I love how this came out. This will head into the 'to be quilted' donation pile. My flimsy pile is definitely growing even if the scrap bins are not showing any change.

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Monday, June 17, 2024

Swirling Stars

So much fun to make these patriotic swirling stars again.  I have had this patriotic word half yard piece for a while and didn't know how I wanted to use it. This worked perfectly!

Always fun to try different fabric combinations. Some on the white/modern side and some on the cream/country side.

When the first two sold I got busy right away and made more with even more different prints. This is a free pattern from Krista Moser.

Yes I have a large bin of patriotic prints :) I love this striped for a binding. I made these in between working on another UFO, I hope to share that in a few days.

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Friday, June 14, 2024

Neutral strings

Once upon a time, long, long ago in a sewing room quite near, a second neutral string quilt was started.  The blocks were all sewn to phone book pages and then stacked neatly and left to rest on a shelf. The plan was to make it like the first one that was started in 2014 and finished in 2016.

Fast forward to earlier this week and I have neutral blocks go from UFO stage to flimsy stage.  The design for this string quilt came from Cynthia at Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework. Neutral strings will no go back into the closet until I decide to quilt it. Right now I am more in the mood for piecing so I shall continue. The brown sashing was cut at 2". 

So many of you loved seeing our gorgeous pink peony a week ago, more blooms have opened. Here is how it looked two days ago right before the rain knocked them over. 

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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Blue and Green scrappy squares

These blue and green scrappy squares were started in 2019  and little by little more were added. 

And sashings were attached. And then they sat for a long time.

After finishing the piecing on Two Bits I decided to see how many blue and green blocks were made and where I left off with the progress of them. I was happy to find there were three rows waiting to be sewn together. More blocks had their sashings already attached too. With only needing to make 6 blocks it quickly became a flimsy!

The tan and brown were yardage while all the blue and green 2.5" squares are all from the scrappy string bin. By looking at it one would think it used a lot of scraps. Not really, just a small stack of squares is all it took!

Our dark purple iris are opening, in person they are super dark. I caught this one with the sun shining on it so it shows more color. We counted over 20 buds on it. 

Well what do you think I should do next-more scrappy UFO's or a table runner for the shop?

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Friday, June 7, 2024

To the Flimsy stage

Two Bits is to the flimsy stage! Pattern by Cynthia who blogs at Quiltingismorefunthanhousework. Oh I am love with how it came together. After sewing the blocks and rows together I framed it with a solid black. I had extra scraps(imagine that!) so the colorful borders are all strings pieced together for the right length. 

The scraps for the borders were all cut at roughly 5" in length, meaning I laid the strings out on the cutting mat and just rough cut at 5" intervals. Pieced them and then trimmed to 4.5" in width. This quilt was so fun! I will be a donation when finished.

And onto the next UFO.  A long time ago I started making these blue blocks along with green ones and tried a new to me technique to add the sashings in tan and brown. This method worked out great and hopefully I will have another flimsy ready soon:)


Our Peonies are doing great. We counted at least 100 buds on them. Hubbies hand to show you the size of the bloom. 

Just a small part of the group of peonies.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Bright Scrappy Fun

Fun is what I have been having this past week working with my bright strings again.  Three years ago I started working on these bright blocks using a pattern from Cynthia called Two Bits. Then I stalled out for some reason and into the closet it went along with all the other UFO's.  Sara inspired me to look at my UFO's since she has really been crossing off her UFO list and even emptied her big gray bin;) So last weekend I went through a couple shelves of UFO's and picked this one to work on. I might have shook my head a time or two at the amount of UFO's that are in that closet!  Some are just waiting to be quilted, a lot of the UFO's are ones for donation quilts eventually. 

This is where I left off. I had to look around to find my orange and yellow scraps first and then I made three of each of those.  Still not enough blocks made, so I went back and made more pink, green, purple and aqua. By the way I trimmed my blocks to 9.5" because I have the 9.5' square ruler to make that easy. Today I will be stitching these all together and then I think I will add a small white border and then make scrappy piano key borders since I still have loads of strings to use up.  It felt amazing to work with my scraps again.

If you have been wondering how my slipper knitting is coming along, I have made progress with 6 pair knitted. The teal ones need sewing up yet. The next color yarn needs to be picked as I have really enjoyed knitting these in the evenings here and there. The pattern I am using is called Grandma's slippers and I found it on Pinterest. These are the two smallest sizes for kids. I used two strands, a variegated yarn with a solid color yarn for the first four pair. The teal ones I used solid in two shades of teal. I will be working on another pair today.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Green Gingham

Looking through past photos reminded me I haven't made a gingham runner in a while. And they are so fun and quick to make that I whipped this up in an afternoon including the quilting! Especially since I used my Accuquilt  3" strip die.

Freehand quilting it with a lettuce leaf feather in groups of three or sometimes two if that is what fits the area.  Sometimes they are echoed and sometimes not, again whatever fits the area or allows me to travel to the next spot. 

Another look in the stash to see what fabric I might want to use for the backing.  Since the runner is just at the edge of the 44" fabric I added a little strip of green, plus that adds interest to the backing.

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Friday, May 24, 2024


 Patriotic table runners for this Memorial Weekend. While in AZ I had pieced four of this in these prints and have been quilting them now as needed. 

This is my original design and all made using my Accuquilt dies including the binding. 

And the backing. All from my stash. I seem to have collected a lot of patriotic fabric over the years, there will be no new patriotic fabric to enter my house this year!

Next I pieced four in these prints.

Since the light color is more cream than white I pulled out a red, beige and blue plaid homespun for the backing on this one.  Did you get in on the homespun craze several years ago...seems I did. I was buying it mainly for use in doll making, bunnies, bears, scarecrows and of course for snowmen too. Since I now only want to quilt I make none of those, so I am slowly whittling away with them by using them for backings. I keep thinking I would really like to make a country feel quilt with some, wonder when that will happen!

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial weekend doing whatever you please.  

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Watermelon Wednesday

I was in the mood to make this watermelon table runner again. Heather from Anka's Treasure has a watermelon runner pattern in one of her books. I modified it a bit with different measurements for the watermelon wedges. From there I did my own thing for the runner layout. 

I used Heather's Triangular ruler to cut the wedges. So fun to make! 

A green backing makes you think the watermelon has been devoured and only the rind left;)

Have a wonderful Wednesday my quilting peeps!  Remember I will reply to your comment in the comment section:)

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Monday, May 20, 2024

Red and Black Wedge Topper

Red and black anything is just classic, this round wedge topper fits right in.  You have seen me make several of these toppers over the last few years. They are addicting. The thing to remember is to pick a fabric that will sing for the small sashing, the red in this case. After you have your focus fabric pull from that for all the rest. My focus fabric is the black with red and white flowers. 

I think the white are daisies and the red a type of poppy perhaps. The green of course is the same tone of green as the leaves.  And the black and white polka dots just top it off. 

I like my backings to have some coloring that mimics what is on the front of my topper. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my latest finish. 

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Friday, May 17, 2024

Building Bridges

It was time I do something with this panel of Bridges.  Building a table runner with these two bridges panel happened this week. After staring at this panel for a couple days I decided to use one bridge at each end with an Ohio Star in the middle.

See the quilt hanging on the fence, it inspired me to add the hourglass blocks at each end after the bridge. 

Each Bridge was able to be cut at 9.5" so my Ohio Star block was also built at 9.5" before being sewn into the table runner.  I had the perfect scrap to use for the border, wish I had more of that, it came in handy.  

Just another way to use those panels that I hope inspires you to dig them out and do something with them!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Stash enhancement and a finish

 Both things in that title are sweet!!  Last week there was a fabric estate sale. The ad said 4000 yds, of fabric­čś«. That my sweeties is a LOT of fabric!  Of course I went, LOL.  And of course I bought!  There was quilting fabric(we'll get to that in a moment), garment fabric, lace, yarn, thread, canvas, upholstery, flannel, quilt books and yarn.  The quilting fabric was $5 per pound. I didn't buy any of the other stuff so I don't remember what that was.  Gobs and gobs of simplicity type patterns that were free. She had been collecting/sewing for 60 years they said. The bittersweet is that she past away last fall I heard. I didn't know her, but I hope she will appreciate my purchase and uses. Here is what 50 yards of fabric all folded and stacked looks like. Yep that is what came home with me. I will use a lot of it for backings. It ended up being $1.50 a yard. I couldn't pass that up!

And now for the finish, a sweet cupcake runner. Wouldn't this be perfect to use for a birthday party, or to give someone on their birthday. This is from my own design and if you are a follower you might have seen some like it before. I like using these fun colors for these. 

It would be so fun if I had a birthday cake to stage with it! But I don't so the flowers will have to do.

I love it when I find the perfect backing in my stash with just enough fabric to fit. 

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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Brown Scraps and knitting

Yesterday I pulled out the brown fabrics bin and refolded and stacked neatly back into the bin-it's like a refresher course to remind you what you have! In the process I pulled out this scrappier looking pile. The plan is to cut these into usable rectangles and squares this week.  A lot of it will go into the potato chip blocks.

In the evenings I like to have some handwork so I searched the internet for a hand knit slipper pattern for kids.  The first one I found and tried I didn't like.  Then I found one called Grandma's knitted slippers.  After running to JoAnn's to get size 8 Bamboo needles. For yarn I used a 4 ply Red Heart variegated along with a sport weight soft pink, it gave just the right feel to the slipper. 

That was fun to make so I started another pair and used the variegated yarn with a fingering weight aqua.  The slipper takes on a bit different color leaning more toward the aqua now. I am adding a few rows to the foot and to the toe for a little larger slipper.  At this point I am just making them to have something to do, I'll end up donating them somewhere. If I stuck to it I could knit one slipper in an evening. But I don't want to overdue my wrists so I am limiting to a little time here and a little there. 

This is the best photo my phone took of the northern lights. Not great but a verification that we did see them! 

Happy Mother's Day to all you momma's out there, what will you being doing today?  We are going for a nice bike ride on this beautiful day, supposed to be 84 and sunny with a few clouds.

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