Sunday, December 4, 2022

Scrappy Placemats

 I had a little free time today to quilt and bind these scrappy placemats.  

I pieced these back in January-February area using red scrappy strings all different widths. And 2"x 4" finished flying geese units in gray, accented with black 1" finished black strips. Accuquilt 8" cube dies #4 and #5 for the geese and the 1.5" strip die for the black.  

They would look festive for the holidays but could be used at any time of the year.  I could see these in lots of color ways. 

For the backing I used this fun Santa face fabric that I found in the stash.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

And Another Week Rolls By

I feel like it's been a short week in the sewing room, do you feel that way also?  I still accomplished what I needed even with taking off 2.5 days from sewing!

1. Finish up at least three of the seven runners I stenciled last week. ✅ 

Three of them were done.  Two of these Snow Dudes were identical in every way. They both sold already. I need to cut and stencil more.

And I finished one of the buffalo plaid snowman table runners.  I changed up the fabric on this ones hat. Usually the brim matches the outer border and the hat itself is the gray. 

2. Make 4 quick and easy placemats for Thanksgiving dinner-we are inviting friends over to share our turkey since the kids are busy with their in laws. ✅ 

Last Wednesday I took time to make 4 placemats and one small center mat. The fabric matches my valances in the kitchen/dining room. We had lots of fun with friends for turkey dinner on Thursday.  Isn't that a gorgeous floral arrangement, they brought that over for us! They said they don't fix Thanksgiving dinner so it was a treat for them to have a traditional turkey dinner.  Afterwards we played a few games of Farkle. 

3. Might start decorating for Christmas. ✅  
Yes the tree is up.  The grandkids were over for a few hours on Friday and then helped put the tree up and a few snowmen in various places. I might do more over the course of the week.

4. I need to work on the last 4 square red and white toppers for the local order. ✅✅✅✅-DONE.  
I am so happy to say I am officially done with the last four toppers for my local gals!  I'll be calling them soon. All in all I had 12 things to make for them, eight of them were these identical table toppers.
The first four went to one lady, she was using them for Christmas presents.  These were done by November 7th.

The second set are for the other two ladies.  This pattern is Christmas logs by Connie at Freemotion By the River.  Thanks Connie for a fun pattern!  But I have to say making 8 identical toppers with each one having 8 holly leaves makes for a while lot of drawing, fusing, cutting and appliqueing!!!!  That's 64 holly leaves:0

That's it for last weeks To Do Tuesday goals, now lets see  what I can accomplish this week.

1. Two Gnome wall hangings
2. A Gnome table runner
3. Snowman table runner
4. We'll see what might be needed in the shop

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Black Friday specials at Accuquilt

If you have an Accuquilt die cutter, or perhaps you have been wanting to get one, you might want to check out their Black Friday specials- Now might be the time to get started and stock up! 

Black Friday PM Sneak Peek: Extra 25% Off your Order -  up to 55% Off MSRP – CODE FRIDAY25 *includes overstock

 Active starting 2:00 PM CT 11/24, ends at 11:59pm CT

Here is the link to Accuquilt 

Wishing all of my friends, and followers a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  I appreciate all of you who read my blog and take time to comment! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Weekly To Do Tuesday Goals

 Every Tuesday Texas Quilt Gal hosts a 'To Do Tuesday' a linky party for us to set goals, publicly announce them and hopefully get them done. I'll be linking there today. 

My goals for the week were:

1. Snowman with a short hat-⍻-see that symbol-to me that means NOT done.  Instead of finishing one I started 7 snowman runners in three different styles! I cut out the backgrounds and stenciled all of their snowflakes. They are hanging off my ironing board drying and then I heat set them before adding the borders.

2. Tilting Trees table runner-hope to make two while I am at it.✅ 

3. Buffalo plaid snowman table runner-the long version. ✅ Yes I made two of these while I was at it and a good thing I did... they are both gone already.  

I also made the matching hexagon ones.

4. Finish three snowman wall hangings.✅ You might have seen these already as I posted about the snowman trio HERE.  Two of these are now gone. 

And that my folks was my week, a busy but very productive one, I worked most of the weekend. I did knock off early on Saturday to go to our daughters house to be with the grands while daughter and hubby went to a function. 

So let's see what I need to do this week:
1. Finish up at least three of the seven runners I stenciled last week.
2. Make 4 quick and easy placemats for Thanksgiving dinner-we are inviting friends over to share our turkey since the kids are busy with their in laws.
3. Might start decorating for Christmas.
4. I need to work on the last 4 square red and white toppers for the local order. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and eat just the right amount of turkey and trimmings so you don't feel stuffed:)  Happy Thanksgiving!!  

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Monday, November 21, 2022

A squirrel in the form of a Penguin!

It's always fun to play with something new, so enter the squirrel (you know when the bug hits that you have to drop everything and make something new).  Last week AccuQuilt sent me one of their new dies, Mr. Penguin, along with a heart die.  

                                                     So I had to play with the penguin this weekend. 

A penguin has to have a skating pond doesn't he.  And perhaps there is an evergreen tree since it is winter.  After cutting the background fabric, I appliqued the pond to it and then quilted the mini quilt.  Next I appliqued the penguin and tree onto the quilt.  Now remember if you have the penguin die and you have an embroidery machine you can download the embroidery for it for free from the Accuquilt site. I don't have the ability to do that so I use my sewing machine zig zag to do my applique.

It's progressing right along with prairie point accents with buttons and of course the binding. But it still needs something hmmm....

That's it, it needs SNOW using the accuquilt 2" alphabet die.  As I was getting the die out I thought what are the chances I have felt or wool to make my letters out of, I didn't think the chance was good.  So imagine my surprise when I opened the cupboard that holds my small supply of wool and found the perfect blue!!!!  I appliqued the letters on with a light blue thread and straight stitching on the sewing machine. I think it turned out darling!  Oh and for the feet I used gold felt and they flip around as I only sewed the top of the feet in as I zig zagged the penguin himself. Thank you Accuquilt for allowing me to have some fun with this die!  I'll be using it again for a Valentine wall hanging later on.

I must have been really tired when I wrote this last night as I had it titled 'A squirrel in the form of a snowman'.  Imagine my surprise this morning when I went to check that it posted.  I since corrected the title, however it still says snowman in bloglovin and the link addy when I link to linky parties. My apologies to Accuquilt and my followers.  

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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Snowman Trio

 A week ago I pieced all three of these little hangings in a full day of sewing. It was so fun I couldn't stop! This one finished at 16.5" square. The center being a panel block. 

While going through a few things in the garage DH found a six pack of empty blue beer bottles. He gave them to a friend who slumps glass. The friend gave them back to us after slumping three together making two trays.  I love them and were so perfect to use as a prop! 

After squaring up the little panel block I added the blue and white HST's for the outer border. I don't do a lot of blue items so this was fun to create.  Someone else thought it was pretty cute, it only lasted an hour in the shop!!  That just makes me giddy😄

And on to a different color. These next two were from the same panel and yet look so different because of the colors I chose for the borders. I used scraps of the blue to add a pop of color to coordinate with the panel block.

This one measures in at 13" x 17". Just right for a small nook. 

Since this one had a cardinal on the front I used cardinal fabric for the back.  For the little wall hangings I add triangle corners for the dowel rod, making it fast and easy for customers to hang it. 

And the third wall hanging measures 16" x 18.5". I added two red borders and the green/white checkerboard border made with scraps from another project. 

I used a Christmas cup as a prop to show that they could use this as a little table topper if they wanted to. 

I want to share the story of this little guy. He started out looking like this... 

This is the part where I decide what size the panel block needs to be in order for the rest of my design to work with it.  I didn't particularly like that the block was square and the center framed snowman was rectangular.  So I decided to cut it

And cut it apart a second time, throw away the skinny red strip you see below.

And sew it back together to get a rectangular block! Once I pressed the seams open, finished piecing and quilting it you can't tell that there is a seam there! Well unless you were on the hunt for it that is.

So don't be afraid to play with your panels!!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Weekly Goals

 Another fast week in the books.  Here was my goal list for the past week...

1. Two Gnome in the Forest wall hangings-✅✅✅- yes, you see three checks because I made three of them!  Two were for the big local order, and one for my Etsy shop. They all have the same backing this time. If you are interested in the pattern I have it in my Etsy pattern shop HERE.



2. Hexie topper- ✅  ✅  Yes, two of these were needed also, but with different fabrics.


3. Snowman table runner-✅  This one is now sold so another will need to be made soon.

4. Anything else I have time for ✅ Gobble, Gobble, another turkey runner was produced. 

And a fall leaves table runner also.

What's on tap for this week...
1. Another of those snowman runners(shown above)
2. Tilting Trees table runner-hope to make two while I am at it.
3. Buffalo plaid snowman table runner-the long version. 
4. Finish three snowman wall hangings.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Weekly goals

 On this second To Do Tuesday of November I report another good week of meeting goals.

Goals set and met for the week were:

1. Poinsettia runner ✅✅ I was planning on only one of these but finished two! These are for the big local order.  That order consists of these two poinsettia runners, 8 of Holly red and white toppers, and 2 Gnome wall hangings.  

2. Bind another Valentine runner✅ I posted about that on Friday

3. Piece 2 more of those red and white 24" toppers (I have an order of 8 total) ✅ I did piece two of them and only finished one completely which now makes 4 of them ready for the order!  I am halfway done with that order, need it finished by Dec. 1st. 

4. Turkey runner ✅ 

5. Anything else I have time for. ✅  These two were finished yesterday and relisted in the shop.  They are from my pattern Tilted Trees.

This week's goals:

1. Snowman runner

2. Hexie snowman topper

3. Two Gnome wall hangings

4. Anything else I have time for

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Friday, November 4, 2022

Finishes for Two Holidays

 Today I show you two more finishes of my reversed S swirl table runners. The first is made from adorable snowman fabric. 

Some of these fabrics have sparkle to them which makes them look like freshly fallen snow.

The backing fabric has green dots which coordinates with the green skinny swirl border.

And then we jump to the next holiday. As an Etsy shop owner I always have to be a season or two ahead so that shoppers get their item and have it ready for decorating.  I present to you Valentine reversed S swirl.

Mixing hearts with pink and red cupcakes together in this table runner seemed appropriate.  We all love sweet treats on Valentine's Day. 

The black and the pink heart fabrics shine nicely with their sparkly fabric (which is hard to capture on camera). 

Today I will spend some time cutting out a few more items to piece over the weekend.  What are you doing this weekend?

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