Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bracelet and Birthday

One of my other hobbies is beading, bracelets mainly. I found this one in Beth Stones book 'More Seed Bead Stitching'. It really turned out cute but it is a little wider than I like to wear so I might do another one someday and not do as many rounds. You assemble each triangle then stitch them to one another. It was a fun one to do.                          Today was my Birthday, it was supposed to be a sunny great weather day, well it turned to cloudy before noon and sprinkled a bit here and there. But my DH says he is hungry for BBQ ribs, sounds good to me till I got to thinking he wanted to go to AppleBees-oh no not again, no singing this time I told him, he acts all innocent. Five years ago we went to visit our DD, DSIL in Tennessee and they thought we should go to AppleBees for my BD and yep the waiters,waitresses all sing to you, I was totally unsuspecting and they got me good.  So today we get to Applebees and there is DD, DSIL and our grandson(13months old), I said oh no you don't...DH had already warned them to keep quiet. So we had a yummy lunch and no singing!    So it was a good day.                                             

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