Friday, December 27, 2013

Dolly gets a new dress!

This time of year is my 'play' time or 'do whatever I want' time and I am loving every minute. I was in the mood to sew some doll clothes, so here is my Girl of Today, whom I named Miranda, in her new dress and matching headband. I have enough fabric left after making 6 of these to make matching tote bags so I think I will get those whipped up too.
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  1. Gorgeous new doll outfit! I love the purple. It's not a colour I work with often, but this dress and doll reminds me of my doll, Violet, who had violet eyes!

  2. So pretty!! That AMG doll is very stylish!

  3. You have made a really pretty dress for your doll Miranda. I like it a lot.


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