Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A switch from quilting to knitting

Yesterday I decided I needed a little change from quilting so I made these 3 hats on my bulky Brother knitting machine. Also posting a pic of my knitting machine for those who have never seen one and are curious. I have this one set up with a motor, so I don't have to manually move the carriage every row. Don't get me wrong it doesn't just make the hat by itself, I still have to sit right there and manipulate some stitches, change the yarns, set the pattern, cast on and off etc. It's just easier on the arm/shoulder to have a motor unit attached to it.

I knitted the parts(sleeves, button and rib bands) for these little fleece sweaters a few weeks ago and just yesterday got them sewn up.  I do sew the knitted parts to the fleece with the sewing machine. Then hand stitch the ribbed cuffs and tie in yarn ends.  Next they will get their buttons.  I still need several more knits for the fall craft shows, I only had one fleece sweater left after last year and the hat supply is low also.

I have been machine knitting for 28 years now! Yikes that makes me sound old-well I am getting older, today is my birthday!!  And it is shaping up to be a great weather day, think I will have to take a bike ride this afternoon. Tonight, I am meeting my daughter and her family at Red Lobster, YUM!

The hubbs and I had a great weekend over in Wisc for my great Nephew's wedding. This is the part of my family that attended, some which I had not met or had not seen in several years. It was sooo awesome!!


  1. Love the hats and that little strawberry sweater is so cute! I showed it to my girls and they were fighting over who gets to have it!! Haha! And Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! So glad to hear you are going out with your daughter. Your projects are adorable, and your machine is fascinating.

  3. Oh, I do hope you had a fantastic birthday, Vicki! Sorry I missed it! The knitting... I have never learned how. But by machine.... Now that I would consider. The little hats and sweaters are so sweet! Love those!

  4. I love the mix of fleece and knit - so soft and cozy. Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration with your family. I imagine a knitting machine would require your constant attention. Beautiful work!


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