Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quilting feathers

I have been trying to get a whole bunch of table runners quilted that I have pieced earlier this year. These have been quilted for a couple weeks but we have been so busy that I hadn't taken time to get their picture taken.
Amy over at Amy's Free Motion Quilting is talking about and showing feathers this month so I thought that would be a good place to start-my runners with feathers.

These 3 runners all have the same freehand feather quilted with my Nolting longarm.  Judi over at Green Fairy Quilts has a video on how to stitch these out. At first I couldn't get the hang of it, but after some practice at drawing them out, then stitching them, it became fun and easier the more I did them the more I liked them!

Come back tomorrow and I will post the whole runner and also show the same pattern with different quilting on it and different fabrics.

Linking up with Connie and Lorna along with Amy(link above).

And just for fun-here is DH and I kayaking on the 4th of July in our new kayaks!  Our son and daughter in law went with us-so much fun-and he spotted this gorgeous Bald Eagle.


  1. Your table runners are beautiful and I'll have to check out the link!! Cute pic of both of you in your kayaks, looks like fun!

  2. Very nice table runners! It seems so beautiful your kayaking!

  3. Your quilting is beautiful. I need to go check it her tutorial. :)

  4. Third time's the charm? Ack, the tech gremlins are after me today! Thanks for sharing your lovely feathers. You always do great work!

  5. That quilting looks great! I am so impressed with your skills! :)

  6. The table runners look great and I love those feathers! I'm heading over to check out that video right now! :)

    You both look fabulous in those kayaks. Looks like so much fun!

  7. You've given me the encouragement I need to try again with this design.


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