Thursday, January 1, 2015

One January Goal

I have never really liked the I spy quilts until a friend posted one. I made a comment to her about how I liked that one and I should make one for my Grandsons to keep at my house. The next week I got a 'squishy' package in the mail-surprise she says here is the start of your I spy quilt, WOW how cool and thoughtful of her. I also mentioned it to a couple other friends and yep here came a little more fabric. I dug into my stash and found a few prints that would work too. This morning I told my DH I think that is what I will work on today. Here is the start of it.  My goal is to have it all finished by the end of January so I am linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015.

I modified a free pattern I saw online to fit in with my sizes of fabrics/designs. I am going to add royal blue and gray for sashings to tone it down a bit.  DH comes in and says 'that's not your usual kind of quilt', LOL  Well he is definitely right! But it will be a fun teaching tool for the boys.


  1. Vicki, can you link to the free pattern you modified please. I am loving what you have here and up until now, have not been inclined to make an I Spy for my grandies.

  2. Your hubby's comment made me laugh. I think we all need to work with something this fun every once in a while. Your grandkids will love it!

  3. That's going to look great with the grey and blue sashing. Happy New Year!!

  4. Blue and gray will definitely set off all the wonderful colors in your "special" fabrics.

    Good luck with your January goals.

  5. What a fun quilt...they'll love it! I agree, the blue and gray fabric will look great with it.


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