Monday, March 2, 2015

March goal for ALYOF

I am declaring my Quick Curve Urban Abacus as my goal for March for ALYOF. I only have to quilt and bind it, that should be doable right?  And while it looks lovely on my brown chair here in the living room, I think it will reside in the master bedroom when done since the room is browns and turquoise.


  1. I just bought that pattern, and hope to make it this year. Yours looks great!

  2. I have probably not been paying attention, but I had to go see what AYOLF was. Oh! A Year of Lovely Finishes. Great idea! I could go and read the back story on her blog, but my question is this ... Does the finish have to be a UFO, PHD, etc? Or can it be something you start this year ... as long as you finish it this year?

    Is this pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful? I love their patterns and hope to do one some day. Love your colors!


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