Saturday, July 25, 2015

Busy and fun times!

How time does fly when you are having some summer fun. But first I will show you my recent projects-well of last week that is... Yes I shifted gears from quilting to make some cute dresses for the popular 18" dolls. Such fun!!

And I finished sewing up, adding labels and getting these machine knit sweaters ready for the fall craft shows. I had knitted them up over the winter and there they sat taking up valuable counter space in my sewing room ;-)

And these cuties are Machine knit sleeves and bands set into fleece front and backs. Once again I had the parts knitted this winter and just never finished sewing them together and adding their buttons and labels. Now they are in the craft boxes too!  Of course if anyone came along and wanted one they are for sale at any time. I would really like to get more sweaters and more fleece sweaters done before the fall shows but I am guessing that won't happen, lots to do yet-good thing I have 2 more months but summer fun things are still happening!!

This past week the hubby and I got some much needed R & R by camping in Green Lake Wisconsin and spent a couple days at the EAA airshow in Oshkosh too.  The weather was just perfect for us. Here is a view from our camper each day, ahhhh so peaceful, I could have easily stayed longer but DH has to get back to work.

And we went kayaking a few times... here is a view from my Kayak including my paddle, LOL  Just look how crazy thick those lilies are!

 Me in my pretty lime green Kayak.
And look at this cool tree trunk, this was such a big thick ole tree, hmm wouldn't a quilt look really neat laying there!!  Too bad I didn't have any along :-(

 And a couple air show pic's, I took tons but don't want to bore you with too many!  We even saw a night air show that was spectacular with the planes all lighted up.  It is just amazing how many planes were in the air at one time and all going in different directions. The picture below is just one of 3 or was it 4(can't remember now) groups that were up at once.

 And a little Gyro Copter 

Now this week back to work so I have more pretties to show you!!  I hope you all are having a fun summer.

I will be joining in on some of the linky parties on the left side bar this week.  I need inspiration to get me motivated now :-)

I just want to thank everyone that visits my blog and leaves me comments, I read and respond to each one that I can. Sometimes there are 'no reply' ones and I feel so bad that I can't respond but please know that if you don't hear from me I still appreciate the time you took to check out my posts!


  1. You have been busy finishing things for the craft shows. So glad to hear you had some nice R&R. Love the picture of you in the kayak.

  2. Love those little sweaters!! And the air show pic is fabulous.

  3. Wow Vicki... you've been busy! All of your knitted and sewn projects are adorable. I've never seen sweaters made like yours. Nice that you were able to get away from it all for a bit.

  4. So cute!! I love that little purple and aqua flower sweater-so adorable! What size are they? I may need to have that one! :)

  5. Love the dolls clothes. I started making a few too recently. I wanted to see if they would sell at a local gift shop. Can I ask you what prices you charge? I am never sure what to charge for anything I make. Don't want to price too high or low and finding that right selling price is so hard.
    You must have a knitting machine to make all those sweaters too! Hope you sell all your lovely things.

  6. I love visiting my quilty friends and seeing what else they're up to, both crafts-wise and life-wise. Like I told you before, my husband and i LOVE kayaking. Looks like a gorgeous spot you were in - love those lilies, reminds me of January! LOL. Yep a quilt would've been a perfection addition to that beautiful tree. You are one multi-talented lady with the machine knitting (my nana used to) the doll clothes and the quilting, and let's not forget the crocheting!


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