Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Winter's a coming

And I hope it is a long ways off yet!!  But the craft shows are definitely coming soon and I am bound and determined to whip through as many things as I can to get ready.
I had such wonderful response's to my Panel Dissecting post last week, that I  thought I would post another one to get your creative juices flowing :-)  I also had several no reply bloggers leave wonderful comments and no way to contact them, and I try so hard to respond to the comments as they mean so much to me!! So thank you to all.

Here is the panel, isn't it a honey!!  It is wonderful flannel.  I see at least 4 wall hangings in
 this one. So I decided to work with the bottom right 'Let it Snow' section first. So I got to work and cut right on the white lines. Plus I knew I wanted some of the little pictures also. So I cut out 3 of them.

Arranged them on my design wall to get this design. I wish I had taken a pic or 2 between steps, but I got all excited to get on with the making of it, LOL

The next step was to figure out how big to cut my green borders all around the big panel and then to space the little guys.  I also knew I wanted to do HST's on the top and bottom. The funny thing is I did not buy the coordinating fabrics at the same time I bought the panel. But all at different times and not knowing they all went together!!  And they ended up in my stash and oh so lovely together. 

And as you have seen with other panels I have done I don't like doing things the same all around. therefore I needed to do something different to the sides of the hanging and so here comes the cute colorful circles to go with for the side borders. And I thought I would end it there but no it didn't have the finished feeling, so I left it sit overnite.  

The next morning I knew just what I wanted. A simple top and bottom border of the circles which I feel pulled it all together.

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  1. Beautiful! How big did it finish up?

  2. Love this one! I didn't want to click on this post when I saw the title!!! Nooo! We are having highs near 80 until next Tuesday, so I am still in summer mode. However your post has made me smile, and remember my Northern Lights panel I need to sew up.

  3. I love it Vicki. you aare very clever at this lark of dis-assembly and re-assembly.


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