Saturday, April 8, 2017

2nd quarter 2017 FAL

I am hoping to finish these projects during this 2ns quarter of 2017.  Most of them need quilting and binding.  It might seem like an ambitious list, but broken down, it's only 3 things per month. Doable, right???  But of course, there will be starting of some new projects too.  But still getting these all done will be super and my shelf will be looking closer to empty, LOL

1. Needs quilting and binding.

2. I have the blocks done, so it will be finish piecing, quilt and bind.

3. Quilt and bind

4. Finish piecing, quilt, and bind.

 5. Finish piecing, quilt and bind Freefall QAL quilt.

6.  Quilting and binding needed.

7. Quilting and binding needed.

8. Quilting and binding needed.

9. Quilting and binding
  10. Quilting and binding.

11. Quilting and binding.

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  1. Looks doable to me :)

    Love seeing all those wiggle Time quilts again. The last one with the print background is so cute!

  2. Your machine is going to be working overtime! You will get these all finished, though. Great projects.

  3. You are going to be busy, but it's totally doable. You might need fabric for all that binding, so we might need another shopping day . . LOL

  4. Whew! You have your work cut out for you!

  5. You've been so busy making tops! I'm confident you can get them all quilted, though. You're very efficient :)

  6. Wow...what a list! Will be watching with interest.

  7. This is an amazing list. You can do it!

  8. Really when you think about it only being around 3 items a month, that's not too bad. I am definitely rooting for you :)

  9. I did a Quilts of Valor with the 2nd block, years ago.

  10. I look forward to seeing how you quilt these this quarter. What fun projects.


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