Friday, April 14, 2017

It's Furry Friday-Pet Adoption

Island Batik along with several other sponsors are asking for you help in getting precious animals adopted. They have asked us Ambassadors to post about pet adoption as a reminder there are many pets in need of a forever home.

The pets this week are...

Ceasar is around 10 years old and weighs about 50 pounds. Now don't let his age fool you, this boy has spunk! He gets along well with most other dogs and enjoys playing with toys of all kinds. He knows a few things too, sit, down, shake and high 5 and is eager and ready to learn more! Ceasar walks well on the leash and after and long a leisurely stroll, he is ready to cuddle up for some pets. Stop in and meet Ceasar today!
Meet him at the Humane Society of Summit County in Twinsburg, Ohio.


Chester is a nine year old male tuxedo, that is also the leader here at the Animal Refuge Center. This may sound strange to those that don't know, but here at the shelter we are a cage-less facility, meaning that the cats are free to socialize as they please. This can lead to the occasional fight or disagreement, but for the most part the cats get along. Chester plays a big role in this and because of his love of dogs, he also insists that the cats should be nice to them.

While Chester does fill a role at the shelter, he strongly desires a home and is very affectionate. Chester would prefer a home where he might be able to go outside occasionally. He will lay in your lap and when you pet him he drools a little, it's so cute! Chester also likes to help with laundry and usually shows up with a buddy or two. You've probably never met a cat quite like him and you won't soon forget him either.
Meet him at Animal Refuge Center, Inc., in Vine Grove, Kentucky

If you are not able to adopt one at this time but would like to help out consider making Kennel Quilts to donate to your local kennel. You can find out about the guidelines HERE.

In February Island Batik asked all of the Ambassadors to make kennel quilts, you can find my post here.


  1. Sorry, it's a bit far for me to send a kennel quilt, I loved reading about Ceasar and Chester though. I have had cat's in the past but right now I have two springer spaniels, so energetic and in your face they have take over my life, and my heart.

  2. Two cute animals; I hope they get adopted soon! I'll read up on the kennel quilts. Happy Friday, Vicki!

  3. Cute kennel mats and a great post Vicki!

  4. We saw some adult cats up for adoption this week and I was sorely tempted! But Angel waited 15 years to become an "only cat" so we'll let her live out her life without competition. We have decided, though, that our next cat will be adopted as an adult rather than a kitten.

    I've never made a shelter quilt. They are such a cute size! Maybe I'll try one of those :) I make pet beds stuffed with my smallest scraps and donate those, though. It's a good way for me to use fabrics that aren't a good match for quilting, like canvas or polyester blends.


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