Monday, August 14, 2017

Sewing, camping, fireworks!

I know it is long past the 4th of July but we saw fireworks, a whole lot of fireworks, this past week. Every year the Pyrotechnic Guild International(PGI) puts on a week long display of fireworks, seminars etc.  This year it was in Fargo, North Dakota, so off we went with our camper, kayaks, and Terra Trikes.

DH wanted to join the guild this year so he could take some seminars during the week, not to mention if you are a member you can be on the grounds the whole week and watch competitions on nights there were no public displays. The public displays were Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights.  Wednesday night it got rained out and they moved  it to Thursday night.  You also get better parking if you are a member, easy in and easy out.

So, while DH went to his desired seminars a few afternoons, I got to have a sewing day in the camper with the doors open(no bugs!) and my view was this...Ahhhh so relaxing!!
 Here is my sewing area... it worked perfectly sewing on the dining table and then my mini iron on a portable table from Walmart(which doubles as a dish drying area!).

And what did I sew you ask... I pieced these 2 table runners.

They really need a good pressing, which I will get to before I quilt them.

And then, I moved onto starting a coral, gray and white quilt, I have been collecting the corals and been just waiting for a chance to get a start on it.  I have all nine big blocks pieced and one row put together.  There was a bit more time to sew, and I would have, I thought I had cut enough pieces before leaving home, but I couldn't find them in the camper.  Well wouldn't cha know, the very next day here they lay over on the couch with our jackets-bummer!  DH didn't take any more classes, so no more sewing time either!  We spent the day doing fun things.

While sitting there sewing one afternoon, here comes this beautiful horse drawn carriage.  There was some big picnic event and they were giving rides to that group. 

We also had some time to do fun things like biking the wonderful trail along the Red River.

The Lindenwood park was just gorgeous with it's fountain, tons of pretty posies in bloom, and the big trees.

  If you like the smell of petunia's this was heavenly!

As we were biking along the trail there were a few times you actually biked by a neighborhood and we came upon this little library-how cute are these!

We also had a couple of kayak trips up and down the Red River which ran right past our camper!

 There was, however, a very sad event that happened in the river along the park-one young man lost his life.  I saw the rescue trucks, police etc come through the park and put their boats in and went searching. We didn't know for sure until we looked it up online what happened.  He told his buddies he was going swimming while they fished.  Makes you look at the river a bit differently for sure.They say the river looks calm but it has under currents.  It sure did look calm to us.

I never was able to capture a good still shot of the fireworks but I did take some movies. However, we are not sure it is OK for me to post them, so just imagine watching a couple hours(or more) of fireworks each night for 5 nights, WOW, KABOOM and all that jazz, the biggest best ones you have ever seen.  It was just wonderful!!  We have attended several of their shows over the years.  Next year it is in Mason City, Iowa.  There are several different big companies that put on the shows during the week. This time my favorite was Vortex out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The PGI convention has fallen during our Anniversary many years, this year it was over before our Anniversary.  Thirty five years today!!!  Woohoo, where has all the time gone!

Back to normal life this week and catching up on lots of piecing, binding and quilting!  Soon I will have my Island Batik project done for August so watch for that in a few days.

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  1. Dear, you are so talented!
    I`m following your blog with a great pleasure with GFC
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  2. Sewing with the doors open sounds wonderful! Coral and gray is a beautiful combination. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. You had a lovely quilting retreat and sounds like some really great fireworks shows. So sorry the weekend was marred by the tragedy.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both....and many, many more healthy celebrations, too! That trip sounds wonderful & I'm SEW impressed with what you were able to accomplish while away from home. I adore your coral & grey start of a quilt....colors I never would have thought to put together, but they look AWESOME!!!

  5. That sounds like a fantastic time to me. I do love fireworks...and quilting...and petunias. I love those library boxes. A lot of the communities around here have them. Happy sewing! Andrea

  6. That sounds like such a fun time! I love all the flowers - how pretty!

  7. Hi Vicki,
    I was thinking about you, wondering where you were. I assumed you were having fun, and I was correct. Happy 35th Anniversary! It looks and sounds like this was the perfect way to spend some time together. I am surprised you found some time for sewing - good for you! The two table runner look great. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with a great sewing view! We have those little libraries all over our town. It's always neat to stop and see what books are inside.

  9. Sounds like a great time. Outdoors, fresh air, sewing, and no bugs!

  10. What a great view to be looking at while creating your beautiful quilts. And how fun to be able to see so many fireworks! Glad you had such a good time while away.

  11. A great combination, sewing time for you, fireworks for your guy. Sounds like a very fun week. Congratulations on 35 years!

  12. Sewing and camping...two of my favorite things! Your trip sounds like a lovely time. It is nice that you and your hubby enjoy the same physical activities.

  13. Happy Anniversary! Our 30th is next month. I really like the brown table runner.

  14. Happy Anniversary! Looks like that was a fun trip, although it would not be good to experience an accident like that. I love that you have a sewing spot in your camper, and even got some things done!

  15. Yes, the water is both appealing and dangerous, as we often hear about in our boating life. I'm sorry a sad event colored your nice vacation. But it sounds like the rest was really great! I encountered my first little library here on our trip to Long Island yesterday.

    Happy, happy anniversary! May you have many more :)


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