Saturday, February 1, 2020

Diamonds from HRTs UFO

Clicking another UFO off the list or shelf in my case.  Last summer I wanted to make another project using HRTs (half square rectangles).  I have made a couple table runners( HERE with this method and loved the process and results.  The tutorial for this block can be found HERE.

As I mentioned I wanted to make this last summer, well I got started with these 3 blocks and then other squirrels jumped in the front line and this squirrel got shoved to last place;)

 Fast forward to the end of December and I found myself with a little time. So I decided I would make a few more blocks. Once again more squirrels ran to the front of the line and pushed and shoved this little guy to the back again.  This week I said 'Okay enough', let me put this flimsy together.  Those other squirrels heard the determination in my voice and backed down, LOL.

These fabrics were given to me by Henry Glass for a few projects in one of their Desire to Inspire challenges a couple years ago.  After completing the projects for them I had leftover fabrics.  I will use them for a couple donation quilts.   When placing the border fabric I wanted the barns facing the interior of the quilt so the little sheep in the background fabric could always find their way to the barn;) 
Such a fun quilt with fun fabrics. Off to the 'to be quilted' pile for when I am in that mood. 

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  1. Those pesky squirrels! That is a cute quilt, Vicky - I love the bright colors and fun fabric!

  2. A lovely child’s quilt, bright and fun. Thank you for the link to the tutorial, it’s very good. I love your HST runner too, I had forgotten how good your quilting is, wonderful.

  3. Well, no need to feel sheepish about ignoring that squirrel anymore. I'm glad the sheep can find their way back to the barn too - we wouldn't want any lost sheep. :-) I love the fabrics and the pattern. It's so bright and cheery!

  4. Good afternoon, Vicki! Well, isn't this a fun quilt?! Those fabrics with the barn and little sheep are so cute. I have been itching to make something with HRTs myself but those squirrels that backed down for you have been pestering me. Someday sooner than later I'm going to pursue those HRTs and make the project I can see in my mind's eye. Love this! ~smile~ Roseanne

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