Tuesday, February 4, 2020

To-Do Tuesday#5

Wow this is To-Do Tuesday #5 for me already!  Every time I wonder where the time goes, bing, bang, boom here we are in February. This week I didn't get as much time to sew but I squeaked in with my goals met.

Here is the list of what I wanted to get done and the outcome of that.

1. Work on a table runner using these aqua fat quarters by Windham from the Love Craft online shop.  DONE

I needed a skinny little table runner for the entertainment center in our camper so I thought this would be the perfect use for them.  Since the decor in the camper is brown I wanted to liven it up a bit with the aqua.  I happened to have this leaf print brown fat quarter in my stash and there are aqua leaves in it. A perfect combo.

Usually I longarm quilt everything but this time I decided to employ the wonderful walking foot in my Janome Skyline7.  Easy to install, easy to use.  After layering my matching brown backing, Hobbs thermore batting and the runner flimsy I made fast work of squiggly lines down the length of the runner.
 Here it is at work;)  The shelf under the TV quickly becomes a catch all space and I wanted to prevent the wood from getting scratched.

2. Make 5 of the red and gray string blocks pieced on phone book pages.  DONE

And here are all of them together. I am really really liking how this is looking.  

3. Finish a donation quilt.  DONE
I talked about this UFO in last Saturdays post.

Alrightee then, what should I work on this coming week.  

It's gonna be a busy two weeks ahead so I am only going to list one thing I want to get moving on this week.

1. Start piecing my fall leaf table runners. I hope to get the blocks pieced for 5 of them. 

Linking up with my blog quilting friends over at HomeSewnByUs for To-Do Tuesday. 


  1. Yay! You powered through your list. I love the red and grey blocks, and it’s a great idea to use phone book pages, a good way to recycle too.

  2. What a cute little runner! Your quilting is perfect for this one. I love aqua and any color! :)

  3. yes why are campers always dark inside - why don't they make the walls and furniture lighter - just because they are campers doesn't mean you want everything to hide dirt I guess - we clean them right! The aqua should go a long ways to lighten up

  4. What a fun time you are having, sewing away! That camper runner is perfect, my friend! Don't you love that walking foot? I'm trying to make friends with my free motion foot, but I do love me the walking foot! You've had a more productive week than me!

  5. Hi Vicki! You so rarely make anything for yourself, especially in the table runner arena. Your new aqua and brown runner looks like it is doing the perfect job. I like seeing them in place! I really LOVE those red/gray string blocks. They look so purdy - I wonder what they will become. Good look with your five runners. You'll be glad in October that you started them now! Thanks so much for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. The aqua is so pretty with the brown in your tablerunner! Looks perfect for dressing up your camper. Hope you are somewhere warm and sunny! It's cold and snowy here.

  7. Your runner will be the perfect touch for your camper, just wonderful. Love the other projects you have going as well.

  8. It's fun to see your table runner at work! :) I love anything aqua, and those fabrics look great with your brown print.

  9. I love those red & grey strings! I'm going to have to try that. And of course we were all waiting to see what you would do with those adorable aqua fabrics. And you did not disappoint! Super cute runner!!!

  10. You got a lot done. When you have a few, tell me about the Skyline 7, I have a good friend looking at it. She has the big Janome; looking for a protable for work....

  11. I am loving those red and grey string blocks SO MUCH!

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