Monday, December 8, 2014

Hats and another UFO in progress again

My daughter wanted me to crochet animal hats for my grandsons-well of course I would do that! I found the cutest patterns on Repeat Crafter Me that she really liked.  A tiger for the little guy and a dalamation for the older grandson. The tiger fit perfectly but the dalmation is a tad big but it still works and he may get to wear it next year too.

And yet another UFO back in the works. Back in January of this year I pieced this X Block flimsy
which apparently I never blogged about. It isn't quilted yet and that might be why I never mentioned it.  Anyways with the X Block you have lots of leftover pieces like this...

 and this...
You are supposed to piece them for borders, but I chose not to, so into a box for a later project they went.  This week is the time to finish it up. So I got 1/2 of them pieced and trimmed. I used my rectangle Bloc Loc ruler to trim, it makes trimming easier and faster. I am not 100% sure of how this is going to look but it will be a quilt flimsy-hopefully before the week is done.

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  1. Those hats are too stinkin' cute!! Not as adorable as your grandsons thought ;) Thanks for the link to that site. . . I think! LOL

    I LOVE that top!! Did you use a pattern? I need to make a black and white quilt. . . I have the fabric and thought I had a pattern that I was going to use but I do think I like this one better! LOL Can't wait to see what your new flimsy looks like!

  2. Those little animal hats are the cutest!! :)

  3. Oh my gosh Vicki - I am practically turning inside out because of cuteness! Your grandsons are too adorable! The hats are so funny, they must have a lot of fun with them. I love that quilt top. It was a good choice to save the scraps for another time.

  4. You are being so productive! Those hats are almost as cute as your models.

  5. Perfect little hats you crocheted; so cute and fun. Like what you are doing with the black and white quilt top.

  6. Those little hats are just so wonderful. I wish I had a little grandchild to give one to.

    I also love your black and white quilt - fun fun fun.

  7. Adorable hats! Enjoy finishing your x Block quilt. It will be charming, too.

  8. haha those hats are fab! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  9. Those are the cutest little hats Vicki!! It almost makes me want to start crocheting again.......and buying yarn.......and hooks.........

    That X Block quilt is beautiful, love the colors!


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