Thursday, April 30, 2015

Getting organized #2 and WIP

In March I posted getting organized #1 so here is #2. For Christmas this year I got this cabinet to store all my bright fabrics and some backings for my donation quilts.  Before I just stored them in Rubbermaid tubs or those plastic bags you get bedding in. That was hard to see all the fabrics, let alone find the one you knew you had somewhere.
Now it is like going to a store and picking fabric off their shelves!  Such a joy to see what I have and use what I have instead of going out to buy more of what I can't find, LOL
Nope this is not all of my fabric stash-the traditional colors are stored in a couple closets. Maybe someday I will show you those, we'll see!

And for todays WIP I am working on a top secret project!  I will share the finish of it after May 15th. I can say it has to do with market and I am using these fabrics :-)

Ok that was a big tease wasn't it!  Here is a little better pic :-)


  1. Your storage looks great! You have a great disbursement of colors in your collection.

  2. I absolutely love the peek into your stash. (And the peek of your current project). Your rainbow of brights is inspiring. :)

  3. Beautiful!!!! Your (partial) stash is perfect. I so agree that those totes, etc, don't allow for good viewing when needing to choose that 'perfect' piece. Market is coming up fast. I was hoping to find a way to get there but w/o the needed "creds" it just won't work. So close yet so far!!!! LOL! Anxious to see your little "secret" project!!!!

  4. How fun to get a peek at your stash Vicki!! I can't wait to see what you are working on for market......looks like batiks!!

  5. Looks fab, Vicki!

    Use those now empty bags that comforters and blankets come in to keep everything (fabric, pattern/instructions, thread, special tools) for a specific project corralled in one place. I accidentally used a fabric dedicated to one project on another. : ( Then when you are ready to start that project everything is right there. No hunting.

  6. OK, when can I come shopping? :) Your fabric storage is awesome and it does look like a store display! I really think you need to show us the rest!

    Oh, those batiks are lovely!! Can't wait to see what you've made with them!

  7. It really makes a difference to be able to see the fabric, doesn't it? It can help us from buying more when what we already have is staring us in the face!


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