Thursday, October 15, 2015

4th quarter goals

I am down to the last hours to get my goals set for the 4th quarter for FAL, I am having a hard time but I think I have to choose all things that need finishing for my craft shows anyway, but I would love to pick some things I just 'want' to do for the fun of it. It seems this time of year I always want to be doing something other than what I 'need' to do.
So here goes... 1. A wall hanging that needs quilting and binding.
 2. Another wall hanging that needs quilting and binding.
 3. Yet another wall hanging that needs quilting and binding.
 4. I need to get these 19 snowmen done(entering this as one item)

5. It would be nice to get this donation quilt finished up.
 6. This donation quilt needs quilting and binding.
I think I will keep my list at 6 items, I should be able to do that right! 
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  1. Hey! I'm looking forward to seeing the snowmen - those look intriguing.

  2. Fun projects to work on. I love #5.

  3. Well I know you will, from the volume of stuff you accomplish. My favourite on your list is #6. Mmm, donate it on down here wouldja? ;-)


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