Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The first finish of 2016!

This is a 6 yr. old UFO called Fudge Ripple.  The pattern and fabric came from a Walmart quilt of the month back in 2009. I started it at my first quilt retreat I attended in Jan of 2010. I got maybe 1/2 of the blocks done and then it sat till I did a few more and then it sat for years. It has been one of those 'monkey on my back' type of projects for various reasons. 
1. I started it for our queen bed, then decided I no longer wanted those colors, so then what was I gonna do with it. 2. I should never have bought it as the fabric was thin, but, I didn't realize that when I bought it.  
3. I didn't really like it much anymore. 
4. I just didn't wantta work on it!  

Last year I decided it would go great in the guest room and that bed needed a new quilt. The paint in there is a light pinkish brown-perfect to go with this quilt.   Last week I got it out and said that's it, I am gonna get this monkey off my back and so it is. And it's now on the guest bed.  And guess what, I really do kinda like the thing now!!

As you know I don't do panto's very often, but I decided this quilt needed a panto called Halycon. And another good part is the back, I used up almost every square inch of the fabric on it, plus I had to grab another brown from my stash to make it big enough.
Hobbs 80/20
Signature thread on top
SoFine in the bobbin

Before quilting                                                                                   On the frame
Close up

The backing

Quilted and on the bed

If you aren't familiar with longarm quilting and don't know what a panto is, here is a pic of it.  It is a long piece of paper with the design drawn on. You follow it using a stylus or laser light that is attached to the longarm.  As you travel across the quilt the design is then stitched on your quilt.

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I Hope you all are getting some quilty time and are on your way to a great finishing year!!


  1. Well it turned out great, even if it is Wal-Mart fabric. I collected several of those monthly patterns and fabrics also.

  2. I think it is beautiful. Being as it is in the guestroom the use will me minimal (at least at my house) so the thinner fabric won't be as much of an issue.

  3. Looks good, and I like that panto!

  4. It's gorgeous - even lovelier than the ice cream for which it is named! Love the panto you chose - makes a lovely addition to your guest room!

  5. That is a beautiful "monkey"!!!!! Your panto choice softens it and gives such elegant texture.....can you tell---I really like it!!!! A "load" lifted, I would imagine! Hugs from down South!!!!!!

  6. What an attractive quilt and great 1st finish of the year!

  7. That's something I need to put on my goals list this year is to try a pantograph. I love doing FMQ all-overs, like watching fish, so relaxing and mesmerizing, so this should be like that too, right? This turned out awesome, and it looks terrific on the bed in that room!

  8. I always love an Irish Chain! Looks great on the bed, your guests are sure to be pleased.

  9. It's funny how our taste in colour goes in circles isn't it, you liked it when you bought it, then went off it, now like it again! Well done of a very worthwhile finish!

  10. Regardless of your change of taste --it looks very nice on your guest bed. I am sure you feel satisfaction have completed a wonderful piece.

  11. Beautiful finish. It always feels good to get one of those older UFOs off the list. Congratulations!

  12. Your quilt is beautiful Vicki and that UFO is done!!!!

  13. This is beautiful. I think it is better finished and getting some use out of it. Enjoy!


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