Friday, December 23, 2016

Blog hop ahead and projects

In early January there will be an Island Batik Ambassador blog hop, so stay tuned. The Theme is...

 I am working on my project as my day is January 5th!

The second pair of hand knit socks are done and keeping my toes cozy!  I have also ordered yarn for 2 more pair, yes I am loving hand knitting again.  The second pair didn't take as long as the first :)
These are from Kroy sock yarn using a free pattern from Ravelry called Echo Beach Socks. The pattern has the grass stitch on the leg part, but, I decided to just plain knit it and it worked out just fine.

Another snowman display, this one is in our Family room above the couch.  I need another Christmas quilt-with snowmen of course!  I just bought a panel, so I hope to have that done by next year!

This snowman quilt is the one I used to hang on the rack above. It's all flannel and is residing in the Living room this year.


  1. Your house looks lovely! I am looking forward to seeing your butterfly quilt.

  2. I love the peeks inside your house. Your socks look so warm and cozy.

  3. Wow -- having a project due on Jan. 5th really makes for a busy season! Will be fun to see what you are doing. I like the little peek into your home; it looks so comfy and cozy! Merry Christmas! Wendy at

  4. Hi Vicki! Love those socks! Even if I had as much time to craft as you do, I still wouldn't have the patience to knit a pair of socks so kudos to you! Fun glimpse of your Christmas decorations!

  5. Enjoy the blog hop! The butterfly quilt will be pretty, I'm sure.


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