Wednesday, February 19, 2020

To-Do Tuesday #7

Yep I am a day late in posting my week's accomplishments.  I was on the road yesterday and didn't have time or energy left to do it last night.  But I am here now.

My goal list was very short this past week... to continue putting together five leaf runners. DONE!

At the beginning of the week they were just a pile of blocks. The blocks are sashed with 1" black strips and then four blocks sewn together, one of each color (green, gold, orange, purple).  All that is surrounded with a black with gold speckles 1" border.  The next step is to piece strips of each color together for a strip set and subcut them into 2.5".  That was also done.  Goal accomplished!

For this coming week I should have a bit more time. Here are my goals for the week ahead.

1. Add the pieced borders (so you won't have to see these again until after they are quilted)!

2. Start sewing wedges for my Turkey runners.  In this process I will be helping my Sister-in-law to make one also.  I will need to make several of these this year.  I ran out last year between local shows and Etsy.   

3. Start writing up my Accuquilt tutorial on the new Morning Star BOB table runner. I finished the runner a couple of weeks ago. 


  1. Hi Vicki! Will the border be like a piano key? I think these look great. I love the colors and the black background and borders really like those color pop. Thanks for linking up this week and here's to a productive week ahead. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. They are great! Travel time does cut into seeing time. Just arrived at QuiltCon and am already exhausted!

  3. Of course, I like all the bright colors in those runners. Will be fun to see what else you are up to. Enjoy the sewing with your SIL.

  4. It is always fun to see the things you are doing and plan to do.

  5. Your leaf blocks are so pretty. I especially favor the purple ones. The dark blue is a wonderful background choice!

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