Tuesday, June 30, 2020

To Do Tuesday #24

It's been another good week, one of these times I will surprise you and get nothing done!

Here is what I committed to for the week:
I will continue to work on more table runners, I am thinking snowman and pumpkins ones. DONE✔
There might be a little more embroidery too. DONE✔
And of course I need to finish up my Sunshine blog hop project for Thursday so that is priority.  DONE✔

I stuck to my goals and first I pieced and then quilted and bound these two pumpkin table runners. This is a Bloomin Minds pattern that I added the outer border to as I like a little wider runner. These are approx. 14" wide now.  

And then I had a little squirrel enter my room and whispered in my ear that I should make this runner with a snowman instead of a pumpkin.  Well of course I listened to the squirrel;)  The snowman applique is from an older Bloomin Minds pattern.

One other squirrel that I would like to punch made me do this:(  I broke my favorite 1/4" foot for my Janome Skyline 7.  There might have been a few choice words that escaped my mouth.  After I calmed down I went off to Amazon and ordered another which should arrive on Thursday.  But don't fret I have another machine to use in the meantime.

You might have seen another project I finished already during the Sunshine Blog Hop HERE.

Then on Friday afternoon I decided to dig into a pile of cutoffs/leftovers from trimming backings.  This is two years worth of cutoffs from making tons of snowman runners. I had no idea at first how many backings I could piece together into a pretty backing with stripes for upcoming snowman runners.  I am amazed but from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning I pieced 16 of them!!!

The last finish of the week was on Sunday afternoon.  I was so anxious to get my redwork snowman all finished into a fun little wall hanging.  I love him!  This was the first time I quilted over any embroidery. Using Glide 40 wt. thread it worked fine to crosshatch right over him.  However I wouldn't mind trying the 60 wt sometime, I didn't have any white to try this time.

 Oh wait I forgot about Saturday afternoon and Monday's projects!  Oh gosh you must all think I am nuts with how much sewing I have been doing. But hey it takes my mind off things;) Piecing of these runners and stenciling the snowflakes. Okay that's it I am done!

But I want to share this pretty peach rose with you. I was able to capture it with fresh raindrops on it.

The goal of quilting and piecing more runners is on the list of things for this week too.  Maybe some more hand embroidery thrown in too.  And I'll have to figure out July's OMG project.

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  1. The white pumpkin runner is great and unique. I have grown white (ghost) pumpkins before and they are fun because they are different.

  2. Well, those 16 pieced backs will keep you going for a day or two! :D I, too, like the white pumpkins in these table runners. And, of course, your snowmen are too cute!

  3. You sure got a lot done. We won't get into what I've done this week....cuz it's not much. At least I can live vicariously through your posts! Keep up the good work!

  4. What a surprise! You made a snowman. Who would have guesse THAT? He's very cute! I would imagine you like to have nice backs for items that you sell. All my runners have ugly backs! But they are for personal use only :)

  5. You really would surprise us if you wrote that you got nothing done! Not Vicki! I love the white pumpkins on the dark background - and the way you layered the pumpkin stem and sashing is so fun! The redwork snowman looks great, too. Are you keeping him or putting him in the shop?

  6. Meanwhile, I'm operating in slow-mo over here while you are buzzing around over there. Holey Moley, you got a lot done! I think you should make those cute runners with a scarecrow face on them (maybe you've done that already).

  7. Wow, you get lots done! Fall-girl here loves those pumpkins! (What is it about a white pumpkin that's so fun? And I didn't even grow any this year!)

  8. Hi Vicki! Oh, that rose with a few raindrops on it is just gorgeous. I can almost smell it through the computer. Lots and lots of runner goodness in this post. I just LOVE how the crosshatch looks over the redwork. I have several blocks of redwork that we made into a quilt. It hasn't been quilted because . . . I didn't want to wreck it. I'll have to share this picture with Sue! Cool beans. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. I love seeing all these fun quilts you complete. They are always cheery :-)

  10. Woohoo! You know I love your runners and the white pumpkins and new snowmen are so pretty. Your embroidered snowman wall hanging really turned out nice. You are so brave to quilt over the hand-stitching or maybe I am just a chicken...LOL.

  11. Some super fun finishes and great progress on others. I’ve always loved your snowman projects.


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