Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Helping out the economy!

Recently I attended the Minnesota quilt show held in St. Cloud, Minnesota this year. I really enjoyed seeing all the quilts, some really great inspiration!  I was hoping that there would be something new in the vendor booths to really grab my attention, but nothing jumped out at me and pulled me in.  I do have a lot of gadgets/rulers so I suppose it is no surprise;-)  However, I still managed to help out the economy, LOL.

                                            Look at this cool panel I found of barn quilts!!  
   A few patterns and a Christmas panel.

I did find Heather's new book Trendy Table on table runners which I wanted to get. Some fabric jumped into my bag too along with a couple patterns.  And then DH let me stop at a couple fabric shops on the way home.

We camped for a few nights up there and were able to get in a couple nice bike rides and a couple walks through a huge and gorgeous public garden along the Mississippi river. Here are a few pic's of that.  A big variety of Hosta's mixed in with Peonies, Lupine, Roses, Lilies. So peaceful.

I have never seen a white Peacock before, have you?


  1. We have to keep our stores in business! Good going.

  2. I'm sure the local economy appreciated you very much. And I am proud of you for doing your part :)

    Beautiful photos. Camping in that area sounds wonderful, such beautiful landscape.

  3. Fun fun! I have seen a white peacock- in St. Augustine Florida! Very cool!

  4. We all must do our part to keep the quilting economy going and those are some mighty fine scores you have there :)

  5. Beautiful - fabrics and sights.

  6. Nope, never have seen a white peacock! Love the park and garden photos and those of your additions!


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