Friday, July 28, 2017

Custom Order

Last week a lady contacted me about a purse in my Etsy shop.  She was hoping for a different color and a longer strap.  We had several convo's and I dug in my stash for colors that might work and she liked this purple plaid, black with gold metallic dots and a solid black for the outside of the purse. The lining is the purple plaid with gold pockets. It turned out beautiful.

Yesterday I finished it up, sent her a pic and she loves it!  


In between the convo's I picked out fabrics to make 5 more purses to stock my craft show boxes.
They too are all done, I have had a productive week. 

The inside with 8 pockets.

 The back.

The front which has a center pocket and 2 side pockets.  Plenty of room for organization.  Each has a magnetic closure and a covered foam core in the bottom for stability.  If you take out the board you can wash it.   This is a pattern I made up and is only in my head for now!  I might write the pattern one day, who knows. 

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    1. Thank you! Do you know that you come in as a no reply blogger?

  2. Wow -- good for you! They are all so pretty! You have indeed had a productive week!

  3. Congrats! Those are just beautiful!

  4. Wow! You really did have a productive week! These purses in similar color ways make such an artistic picture! They are beautiful! And congrats on another Etsy sale, Vicki. I predict great things for your Etsy store! Would you do me a favor and send me a picture with you holding one of your bags on your shoulder so I can get an idea of how big they are?

  5. Super handy handbag design! I love it! And 6 in one week?!! Wow!!

  6. Yay Vicki! How thrilling to be asked about a custom order. ~~big huge smile~~ Those bags are lovely, and I really like the colors on the custom order. I'm not even a huge purple fan, but I love it! The other bags are not for your shop, but for a craft show? Maybe you could list them . . . and if they sell make more for the show. Just saying . . . {{hugs}}. I'm thrilled for you. Roseanne

  7. Your craft show boxes must be wonderful to look in! These purses are beautiful. You have been busy!

  8. Beautiful work, Vicki...I'm sure your customer will love it even more when she sees it in person!
    All your purses look fantastic & I hope they sell out quickly for you. You do really nice work!

  9. Great purses. I didn't get much sewing done this past 2 weeks.

  10. Woo hoo! You're on a roll! Great looking bags; I'm sure your customer is thrilled with her purple one :)

  11. Your bag design is wonderful Vicki, but as you are selling them I think I would keep the pattern secret for now. You have some lovely fabric combinations, your customers know they won't end up next to someone with an identical bag too. I wish I had a fraction of your workflow, a productive week indeed.

  12. Your work is so neat, Vicki!!! I am sure these will be gone in no time.

  13. I've always admired your purses. These are beautiful.


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