Tuesday, April 16, 2019

You all left so many kind words about my strawberry runner that I hurried up and quilted and bound it right away.  No UFO or WIP with this one!

 I kept seeing crosshatching in the center because of the angle of the leaves so I went with it. 

 And it seemed natural to continue with it in the checkerboard border.

 The scrappy strawberry received some loops, and leaf shapes in the green HST's.  I just could not get them to show up in the pics.

 And the perfect green and white print for the backing was in the stash, well all of the fabric came from the stash:)

But I didn't stop there, nope I was on a roll yesterday!  The second pineapple runner got finished too. 

 Everything is the same as the first one except for a different gold fabric for the border.

 And the backing fabric was different also.

I hope you will come back tomorrow as I will be posting a quilting book review.  Oh it's a good one you won't want to miss!

Another thing you won't want to miss is the Be a Diamond blog hop starting on April 22 going through the 26th.  I have my project ready and will be blogging on the 24th.  


  1. Both of your tablerunners turned out great, Vicki! I love the green and white checkerboard border with the strawberries - so cute! And don't you have the perfect candles to match up with each one? :) Are you selling these? They're going to go fast!

  2. Love the quilting you did on both. I will see you on the blog hop too. My day is the 25th.

  3. I love crosshatch quilting! And that backing on the apples sure is perfect! These are such fun!

  4. Just yesterday??? Vicki, you are on a roll everyday. I believe that your quilting is magnificent already. But if you want to make it even more show-stopping I am all eyes :-) and fingers too (since it is texture) :-D


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