Friday, December 20, 2019

From UFO to Flimsy

This Polka Dot squirrel was started last March. You can read about it's beginnings HERE.  It ended with it's interior section all pieced and that's when it became a UFO.  The time had come to work on other things and so it was put into the closet looking like this. 

Fast forward to earlier this week.  While digging looking in the closet for a different UFO, I came across this little squirrel screaming get me out of here!   I happened to have time so why not unfold it and check it out.  At the time I put it away I knew I wanted to make it larger.  So either more blocks or borders needed to happen.   Borders are the answer.  I love it when I have fabric in the stash that works with a project.  That means I can dig right into the work instead of running to the store.

All I needed to do was cut five 3" squares of each fabric.  Would you believe I still had all the fat quarters layered together, all I needed was to lay them out and cut!  I made fast work of putting together the borders and I had a flimsy finish.   I am happy with how this is turning out.

The tutorial for this block can be found HERE.

The small blue border is the one I had in my stash.

All of the fabrics have polka dots, and you know how much I love polka dots!  The good news is that I have enough fabric to make something else some day;)

I am in a piecing mood, so I'll put this one in the 'to be quilted' pile for later.  So happy to be moving a UFO forward.  I didn't take time to count how many UFOs, WIPs, and PIBs I found in that closet, but let's just say a LOT!  I might be able to squeeze in moving a couple more into flimsy stage before the end of 2019.

Part of my process of moving them to flimsy stage is cleaning off my sewing counters as there are a few there along with some fabrics that just didn't get put away after I was done with them. 

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  1. Since I'm a polka dot lover, too, you know I love this quilt! It's a great design and will be even more beautiful once you add your quilting touch.

  2. Those colorful polka dots are fun as can be! I really like the borders you added. I'm glad you're having some time to pull those UFOs out and move them along. That's always a good feeling!

  3. So cute, especially with the colorful border!

  4. Hi Vicki! Woot woot to moving along a UFO to the quilt top stage. It is much more likely to be completely quilted and finished now than it was sitting in the closet. And it's the perfect project to share on Tish's linky party. I adore polka dots and how cool is that to find all the fabrics still together?! It was meant to be a finish. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF! Merry Christmas to you and your family, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Thank you for the idea for my next veterans quilt!

  6. Lovely and Playful. Makes me Happy :-)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  7. Great job moving it ahead, Vicki! I'll be interested to see how you quilt it. When you get to it, that is.

  8. You have been on a roll lately, finishing up a few things and still whipping out those runners! Way to go! Love this pattern, so I will add it to my bucket list :-)

  9. I love this top! So bright and cheerful! The borders you chose are perfect. Fantastic finish!


  10. This is really cute! I know when you get around to quilting it that it will be such a fun finish. This seems to be the time of the year to get old projects moved along, doesn't it? Then we can start fresh in January. Merry Christmas, Vicki! :)

  11. I remember this quilt! I think you did a terrific job finishing it off. Knowing you, it won't sit in the tbf (to be finished) pile very long...


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