Friday, July 9, 2021

Simplify a UFO

 Another UFO is finished!  This quilt was started March 2020 and remained a flimsy until last week.  After seeing how many quilts I need to quilt and bind I picked this one to work on next.  If I don't sneak one in here and there they won't get done!  This is how it looked in the finished flimsy stage.  

This is Simplify by Cluck Cluck Sew.  It's made with a jelly roll which made the cutting simple. The design looks complicated but built block by block makes it easy.  Here it is after quilting. 

And because I know you love close ups of the quilting.  This is a freehand allover lettuce leaf feather design that I learned from a Patsy Thompson DVD.  Clusters of three or four lettuce leaf feathers and then echo them.

The back is this yellow floral design and the binding is leftover jelly roll strips. 

I have been trying to learn more editing skills with Photo Shop Elements.  I don't have much for bare wall space for taking photos, in this photo I did some magic and made objects disappear and made to look like a bare wall.  I was able to it better after I had DH take a look at the program and then he showed me how the cloning stamp worked. 

 I'll be linking with Peacock Parade and TGIFF

I'll leave you with a very yummy looking photo.  We have been busy picking raspberries in the evenings.  Yes we have red raspberries in our garden.  And the black raspberries grow wild on our property. 

And I want to share with you our visitors.  They have been hanging around our neighborhood a lot and spend a good share of the time in our yard and trees. Mama was gone for a long time yesterday when they were just resting and enjoying the soft grass, this is only about 50 feet from the front of our house! 

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope you have a great weekend everybody!!


  1. fawns like we had the other day - we thought they were by themselves for awhile until the mom finally came to collect them - love the berries I hope I have some next year. Love the quilt - sounds like you have quite a few to get quilted?

  2. Lots of fun things in your post today, Vicki! Yay for a quilt finish - that's such a pretty one! Yummy raspberries, too. We used to have a neighbor who grew them, and they came through our fence, so we enjoyed them, too! And what a scene with the fawns - so neat to see.

  3. That freehand quilting design is just gorgeous; perfect complement to this quilt top. I love it! Congrats on wrapping up a lovely UFO and turning it into a finished quilt!

  4. Gorgeous quilt - and the fawns are so sweet. We had twin fawns napping in our backyard 2 nights ago. But I think the 3 grandkids exploring last night kept them away. I love seeing them when they are little and still have their spots.

  5. Good work on finishing a quilt! We have wild black raspberries in our backyard but the critters always beat me out there, so only two for me so far this year!Maybe some real fine netting is needed.

  6. This is such a pretty quilt. I remember when you were working on this!

  7. Congrats on finishing the UFO! So bright and cheerful, beautiful! Raspberries have always been one of my favorite berries, my late Mom used to make yummy raspberry jam. Can't get the berries here, except jam. The fawns are so sweet.

  8. Pretty quilt and one UFO out of the pile. The fawns are adorable. How lucky to have such wildlife at your front door.

  9. Gorgeous quilt, yummy berries and very handsome visitors. You do lead a charmed life!!!


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