Monday, April 11, 2022

An unexpected fun day

A week ago on our way home from Arizona we were tired of having long days of driving and wanted a shorter one. I casually mentioned to my hubby that I knew what we could do.  We'd still be heading in the direction of home and it'd be a shorter driving day of only 4 hours instead of 10.  I mentioned I always wanted to go to Hamilton, MO to see Missouri Star Quilt Company!  It was really only 22 miles out of our way(round trip). And they have a campground there and it just opened up the day before.  Hubby said okay!! 

As you come onto main street you are greeted with this beautifully painted side of the building, you definitely know where you are!

This is the side view of the main store which is store #1.  You want to go there first and sign in and get your passport and a map of where all the stores are.  Which is really all in two blocks.  In this building you will get a little taste of everything in each store. 

Most of the stores are in this block.  Each store has a theme, batiks, modern, seasonal, floral, tools, etc. I have always heard to allow at least a day if not more.  I only had an afternoon and I made all the stores with time to spare.  I didn't have a list of things I needed or wanted, but I found a few things anyway! 

This is the painted wall of the retreat center. Makes me wonder if the painter might be a quilter or turned into one after doing the painting. 

Jenny was not around, I was told it was Saturday and she usually stays home that day.  But her flat Jenny was around, LOL.  I couldn't resist asking the cute young clerk to indulge me with a photo!

I didn't know the town also had a quilt museum, so with time to spare I walked the two blocks only to find out it was closed already.  But I did get to see the world's largest spool of thread.  Afterwards I looked up the museum online to find out it houses lots of toy sewing machines along with loads of antique quilts. It would have been fun to see.

Oh you might be wondering what did I buy while at MSQC...I treated myself to a new Tshirt, and mug. And then picked up some fabric for future table runners for the shop, found a couple of fall panels to make wall hangings. 

It was an unexpected treat to be able to stop and see the stores.  I was there many many years ago when it was one tiny store.  We made it home the next day and the work of unpacking began.  It was a very fun trip again, but also glad to be home.  More trip photos in future posts;)

Did any of you have trouble getting into Bloglovin this weekend?  I tried several times and always says page not available.  And I didn't get any emails from them either. 


  1. I heard others had trouble with bloglovin - I use feedly reader with no problems. Was the campground that you stayed at only about 2 blocks from the stores? We stayed at a campground in the town that was very near a school and I think it was about a two block walk. I love that little town it sounds like some changes though - I don't remember the big spool of thread and there was not a quilt museum when I went. The first time I stopped there was years ago when there was only one store!! the next time I went was about 4 years ago - was the campground just closed for the winter and had reopened? It was brand new when we stopped and had only been opened for about 2 weeks at that time and they were still fixing things. Loved all the little stores.

  2. That does sound like a fun stop on your way home! Glad you got some goodies to take home, too. I love your photo with flat Jenny! Right out of college, our oldest son moved to a town near Hamilton, and I didn't know about Missouri Star until he moved away a few years ago. Can't believe I never knew to go there!

  3. Looks like a fun place to visit. Bloglovin' logo I have on my sidebar has not been showing up lately, so I thought something was amiss. I just looked on my blog now and it's there, so they must have been updating or something. I haven't received any emails from them in a while now, so not sure what is going on?

  4. Missouri Star has certainly made Hamilton a destination. A FUN destination. It's been about 5 years since I was there last, so it must be time to do it again, right? Can't wait to see what you do with those new fabrics.

  5. I’ve known lots of folks who have gone MSQ but I can’t remember anyone showing Flat Jenny or the spool of thread or the museum. Either I don’t pay attention or they didn’t talk about it.

  6. I switched to Feedly after bloglovin dropped my feed for no reason. I lost a bunch of followers, but not much I could do. So much fun to see you at MSQ. I, like you, could probably have done it in just the same time. I do have lots of fabric, and almost no need for tools...although there will always be something to catch my eye! So glad you made the stop on your way home.

  7. Sounds like a perfect day! I would love to attend a retreat there sometime. Glad you made it home safely!

  8. Hi Vicki! What a win/win situation. A short travel day, seeing MSQC, buying some treats - all good things. How was the campground? I'd say it was meant to be since it had just opened the day before. I hope to visit someday sooner than later. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Sounds like a great stop on your way home, Vicki! What was the deal of the day? It's been a few years since we stopped. My DH enjoyed the JC Penney's museum while I quilt shopped.


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