Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Weekly Goals

 Goals for the week of May 3-10 were:

  • Pick 2 UFO's to move forward✅
  • From start to finish- 2 table runners 
  • Continue to work on counted cross stitch Summer House 
  • Anything else I want to
Yes I succeeded in moving 2 UFO's forward, in fact one of them is done.  Here is how I left it several years ago, I was not inspired to finish it and stuck it in the back of the closet and furthest down on the UFO pile.   

When I pulled it out at the beginning of last week I felt the same way about it.  Finally I decided it was the red plaid homespun that I didn't like.  So I ripped it off and studied the colors in it before going to my stash and found the perfect coral fabric for it. I  love how it came together now.  What a difference wouldn't you say?  I still need to add some buttons for the flower centers.

Onto the next goal-another UFO.  Well technically this might be a WIP since I did just finish up the hand embroidered center block recently.  But I won't argue the point of UFO vs. WIP, it moved forward and that is what is counting! It started as just the embroidered flower pot block to which I added a dark border before adding the HST's, and pinwheels and framed it all with a couple of borders.  All of the fabrics were scraps from other projects. It needs quilting yet of course. 

I finished the cross stitch on the 'Summer' house. 

Start to finish on two table runners, well I didn't exactly start either of these this week, they were WIP's from the winter, but hey they are all done now!

This one I did start and finish this week.  These are all hand dyed fabric I bought a few years ago at a quilt show, they were just strips x WOF all different sizes.  I cut all of them to the smallest strip size and cut squares and added in a white batik.  There is a little story with this one.  Recently I made a strawberry table runner and I spritzed it with to much water to remove some purple registration marks for quilting. The red border fabric bled!!  Never had that happen before, so off to the internet to look up Vicki Welsh's magic trick she uses when fabric bleeds.  Here is the link  Save My Bleeding Quilt.  I was amazed, it worked like a charm!!!  So then I got to thinking about this hand dyed fabric and I decided to soak the runner top (before quilting it) and wow it worked fabulously!  Read her tutorial, it uses hot water, Dawn dish soap and time. So worth it!!  The hand dyed's really bled but not a thing bled onto the white batik accent fabric! AMAZING!

  I guess this one could fit into the anything else category. Another green gingham one for spring, I sold the other one last year. This one is almost identical, I think one of the three fabrics was new in this one. 

So a good week over all.  And now what do I want to do this week, hmmmm let me think.  
  • quilt the hand embroidered wall hanging
  • quilt a Valentine table runner
  • work on a watermelon table runner
  • start working on a tutorial for Accuquilt
  • that's enough, I want time built in to maybe play a bit with whatever I want😄
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  1. Vicki that batik runner is gorgeous! Thanks for the link, I will definitely save that to my quilt bookmarks. I love the changes on your flower quilt, and your UFOs and WIPs projects look wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  2. they all look great and that batik runner is really pretty

  3. You did get a lot done! I love the change you made to the older project - that homespun was definitely not your style! :) The borders around the embroidered block are perfect for it, too. Love the summer house and the new tablerunners. I've got to try the gingham look - those are so pretty!

  4. Great week of progress for you. I so relate to removing a border you don't like. It's a pain but what a difference it can make on a project. You really powered through a lot of projects. I've had issues with hand dyed fabrics too. I've got some I did but before using them I rinse them in my sink until the water runs clean. I need to check out Vicki's method to remove the bleed, so to speak. Let me know if you need a tester for your adventure with Accuquilt. I think it is great that you are doing something for them. I hope I have the dies!

  5. The pinwheels and the coral fabric were a definite improvement in your UFO. Love those little posys now! Thanks for the link to Save My Bleeding Quilt,. I had read it before, but do need to bookmark it. I have some hand dyes I have been reluctant to use. Now I may give them a go......one green one is especially pretty!

  6. So much cute needlework going on in your studio!!! I had to use "Save My Bleeding Quilt" earlier this year, too, and it worked like a charm on the red baby quilt I made, too!

  7. Wow, what a lot of progress! I love the patriotic runner. I must be really getting excited for the summer because I just got mine out...we'll call it Memorial Day decor! Good luck on the to-do's!

  8. You've gotten a bunch done this week - I'm so glad you were able to save the tulip quilt!

  9. Vicki, you have been super busy and such wonderful projects that you have been working on. I look forward to seeing your watermelon table runner. Have a great week.

  10. Hi Vicki! Great job on the FOUR checkmarks. I can't believe the transformation once you removed the red plaid fabric. It was leaning toward holiday but not the flowers themselves. Great choice with the fabric colors and the addition of the pinwheels. It has a whole new vibe now! Thanks so much for the tip about avoiding bleeding fabrics - I will read and bookmark that one for sure. I still want to play around with a gingham something - runner, quilt?? Your green runner turned out fab. Good luck with this week's list. I've started on a watermelon topper, too! But it got pushed aside with other deadlines. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Oh my goodness, what would we do without the Vickis (or Wikis) of the world :-D I love the rail fence table runner but then everything is cute and pretty here. Your age old UFO reminds me of the saying - "They tried to bury us, but we were seeds". The flowers will find a way to bloom.

  12. Wow - you had a very productive week! The change of color for the border of the first runner really did make all the difference. But my favorite is that patriotic one!

  13. I'd say you had a very successful week with your To Do list, Vicki. I love how you 'finish' your handwork into a quilt. Oh you are giving me some ideas....

  14. What a great transformation! Your new wall hanging is so pretty with the coral fabrics. Great idea!

  15. You did a fabulous job reconstructing the appliqué piece with the perfect shades of coral. All of your other projects are looking great, too! I have used that Save the Bleed before and it is the perfect technique. I try to wash all my pieces before they go out, just to catch anything that might bleed. You did well last week, good luck with this week.

  16. Wow you had a great week! So many lovely projects. That first WIP is amazing with the new fabrics. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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