Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Piecing and cycling!

What a combination-piecing and cycling!  I have no finishes to share this week but I have been doing some piecing here and there. Just finished piecing this one today...from the book Simply Triangles by Barbara Cline.  This is the first time I have used this book and really like how this topper came together!  Lots of strip piecing before cutting the red into diamond shapes and the beige's into 60 deg. triangles. Then lopping off a corner of the red and sewing on a green triangle and trimming. After that comes the totally assembly. I am so impressed that I got things all lined up and matching so well, it really was a pretty easy pattern to do.

And here is my new toy errrr, I mean exercising machine, LOL  We went to Eagan MN on Saturday so I could try out different Terra Trikes, this is the Rambler.  I have ridden it each day and like it pretty good!! My neck and back sure appreciate sitting up and not hunched over like on a normal 2 wheel bike. I even managed to ride it up a few hills in our neighborhood. It feels good to finally have gotten a little better weather so we can be outside a little.
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  1. I love your fabric choices for the topper, and I am glad you found a new toy. ;)

  2. That's a pretty cool toy! And I like your topper. It kind of reminds me of looking down at the top of a strawberry. I may be getting hungry. ;)

  3. Your new Terra Trike looks pretty neat Vicki.....wonder how it would work on gravel roads. I think I'm better off walking LOL! Your quilt piece is beautiful, I have one of Barbara Cline's books and made her Spinout pattern. Thanks for sharing.
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  4. that's a great block, your points are all perfect! There's a guy round here who rides one of those bikes to work, I always feel a bit worried for him as he rides it on our 60mph, windy, narrow, hilly country lanes

  5. Love your table topper. And jealous of your new bike! That thing looks like such fun!


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