Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here is my seasonal corner for Valentine's Day. It was a pre-printed panel that I took apart and rearranged the little blocks in the borders and added the Pink and brown borders to complete it. I have blogged about this before but I just wanted to show it for Valenties day and how perfect it looks with the flowers my sweet hubby brought me last night!  I needed a bright spot in the day as this nasty head cold has me down. But not out!  I will continue to do a little quilting here and there.

As long as it is hearts season...I have no shame in showing you my first two quilts I ever made!!! This was way back when we used cardboard templates, drew around them and cut the fabric with scissors~yes that might date me a bit, hehe. But I am sure I must have only been 2 at the time, LOL. All the hearts are appliqued on and yikes this was poly cotton fabric, and notice it is only tied. And it doesn't show wear, but then it doesn't get used much either.

Now this one shows lots of wear, another poly cotton, but this one got used bunches in it's early life.
It has been stored for a long time but I just had to get it out and take it's pic so it wouldn't feel left
out ;-)  Back in the day when we only had poly cotton, cardboard, and scissors, I cut all those dresden plates out and appliqued them onto a sheet. And that my friends is hand quilting to represent the block divisions!!  Oh the back is also a sheet. I wouldn't be surprised to find a blanket used for the batting either as my mom did that a lot.   Wow we've come a long way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I love your little seasonal corner. And I absolutely loved the peek at your first quilts. I am so glad that my mom learned about the rotary cutter before teaching me. Her first quilts included big plexiglass templates marked and cut with scissors. Oh the memories!


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