Monday, October 26, 2015

Snowmen on Parade

As promised yesterday here is the 'parade of snowmen'.  They are all ready to get delivered to a local craft show in Grand Meadow, MN  called Creative Country Crafts.  I have done this show a number of years but the show has been around a lot longer than that.

A friend came over one day a couple weeks ago and sewed the bodies while I cut them out. Then we started in on the hats and jackets.  The bodies I used Warm and Natural batting that I had tan Rit Dyed before cutting. I stuffed all of them while watching TV in the evening and assembled them during the day. The  hats and jackets are from felt. In the end there are 57 of them!  I used various patterns from Country Friends and Old Road Primitives and sometimes changed things up a bit by adding different accessories to them.

Don't they all look like they are just marching off to meet their new owners?  

Singing Sam-11"                                                                             Mr. Buttons-12"

Prim Snowhead-8"

Mr. Pinecone- 17"

Mr. Coalman-18"

Not included in the parade on the steps are these guys in yesterday's post.
Mr. Stumpy- 15"

So late tomorrow afternoon I will be dropping all these off at the show. Then I get to have a longarm class with Judy Madsen from GreenFairyQuilts!!  She is teaching in Mpls at the longarm guild up there and then coming down here to Rochester to teach our guild 3 classes-yep I am signed up for all 3!  I am so excited to meet her. She does wonderful work!!

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  1. OMG those snowmen are just so adorable. If only I lived close I'd be at the fair.
    Classes with Judy - big envy here for sure. ENJOY. I was hoping she was coming back to Australia next year to the Quilting festival but it doesn't seem she is. Thought I would go just to take her classes but maybe I need a trip to USA instead!

  2. Those are adorable!!! I bet they will sell like hot cakes! Go you! :)

  3. I have a huge collection of snowmen so I guess it's a good thing I don't live close to you or I'd be buying more.

  4. These are fabulous, what a great photo of them too!
    Thanks for linking up to Ho,Ho,Ho and on We Sew too :)

  5. This parade is adorable. Have fun in your classes.

  6. A parade in deed. Bunch of cute fellas. You will do well. Enjoy your classes, wish i was going too.

  7. Oh I am GREEN down here...with jealousy over Judy Madsen!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Seeing your snowmen on the stairs parade on my feed made me burst into a big grin! Love seeing them. Think my favourite is Singing Sam. Good luck and make lots of dough. ;-)

  8. I'm so in love!!! What a fun shot of all of them down the hall. :D

  9. Oh that is a fun collection of snowfriends, lol! They're adorable!

  10. They're fantastic. How did they get on at the craft show? They must have been so fun to see all together! Congratulations on winning the Ho, Ho, Ho and On We Sew Linky Party!

  11. these are fabulous! They're like mini works of art

  12. I love Mr. Buttons! What a great picture of them all coming down the stairs! Thanks for sharing this.


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