Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A camping we will go

Last year while camping the light coming in the little door window was waking us up to early!  The next time we went camping I threw up a piece of denim just to block the light, this worked but was so ugly.  Now ugly just won't do for this quilter!   

This month for our Island Batik ambassador challenge we are to make a mini.  It has to be 24" x 24" or less.  So I set about playing in the new box of fabric that Island Batik had given us for the first 6 months of this year.  I chose to work with some blue and green blenders for the sky and grass. Next was to pick out something that would work for the camper, gotta love me some spots for that.  A dark brown blender worked great for the door, and a light tan for the windows. 

I had drawn up a plan in EQ8 for this mini, and then when it was time to make it I didn't have access to a printer for the pattern.  Well how hard can it be to draw it by hand.  Super easy, the camper started out as a rectangle. Some rounding to the corners and a slant cut off for the front. Round wheels were easily obtained by drawing around a spool of thread. The windows are rectangles with rounded corners.  After all the pieces were cut I used my new Janome Skyline 7 to do the applique, piecing and quilting.  That's right I did not quilt it on my longarm.  This is a very rare thing indeed.  But I wanted to try out the walking foot.  

Ahem...a word of warning, read your manual before trying a new machine!!!!!!!!   I was being a bit of a smarty pants I guess, I thought it would be straightforward to use the walking foot.  I mean I have used one a few times on my other Janomes.  So I struggled quilting this little piece without having everything all set on the walking foot.   Then I had a free evening and I read the manual and learned I didn't really have the walking foot engaged even though it was on the machine!!!  Things are just a bit different on this machine.  I tried it on a different piece the next day, what a difference, (hanging my head in shame), LOL

My piece is 17" x 26" to completely cover the window.  The pinwheels on the top and bottom are decorative of course, but were needed to make it the length I needed.  I know, with all the snow and frigid temps that Minnesota has been getting, it seems weird to be making something for the camper.  But this way I'll be all ready for the summer camping season. 

My magificent mini is made using fabrics Island Batik provided, Hobbs cotton/wool blend provided by Hobbs, and pieced with Aurifil thread supplied by Aurifil

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  1. Aren't you the clever one! It's a great idea to cover a pesky window. And now you even know about that wonderful walking foot as well.

  2. This is much better than a piece of denim tacked over the window :) It's like your box knew this mini project was right around the corner because these fabrics are perfect for this project. Maybe all this camper talk means spring is right around the corner!

  3. That is cute! Maybe you can write a review on your Janome machine sometime? I would love to know more about that machine.

  4. You KNOW all the reasons why I love this mini! Clever solution for the window issue.

  5. good idea! we were lucky and our camper came with a black out shade for the door - but a very light one can be pulled over the sklylight! I have found nothing to fix that one!

  6. That's a great project - cute and useful!

  7. That is so cute, Vicki, and such a great use for a mini! My new Pfaff has the Integrated Dual Feed, but you do have to engage the little lever at the back of the presser foot. So far I am loving it!

  8. There you are, taking cuteness wherever you go! The little mini looks great! I'm still so excited you bought a Skyline S7. Now you can teach me things! Haha!

  9. Hi Vicki! What a perfect door window covering. I am wondering how you get it to stay on? Magnets maybe? I am a jump right in without reading the directions kind of person, too. No need to hang your head! At least you did read the instructions now for the next time. Spring will certainly be welcome, won't it, after all the snow we've been receiving. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. What a perfect way to use your mini Vicki! Keep enjoying that warm weather!

  11. This is so cute Vicki, and a perfect better-than-a-curtain cover for the window!

  12. What a super cute and practical piece! You clearly have camping on your mind in this cold, snowy winter :)

  13. It's wishful thinking with all this winter weather. Hopefully camping weather will be headed our way soon. Nice mini!

  14. What a beautiful piece for a practical purpose!!! SO much better than a stray piece of denim. Lovely, and I like that you improvised on drawing the camper. Fun!

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  16. How lovely, perfect for the job and such a fun little mini.

  17. Great idea to cover the window with a quilt. Such a darling quilt, too.


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