Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Cinderella pumpkins that is!  This wall hanging is made from a pattern by Karen Walker of Laugh Yourself into Stitches.  She was a guest speaker at our guild this past winter.  There was a  big snowstorm brewing out west so she came a day early to avoid having to cancel.  And then the storm hit here so she had to stay a day longer.  Thank you, Karen, we appreciated your coming!  And she had some lovelies to show us and patterns to sell, so I picked up this one.

I did change up the borders a bit from the pattern.  I had enough of the tiny half square triangles by then and I just wanted to get it done.   Would I do this pattern again-oh yes indeed as I love the outcome!!

 Now I draw your attention to the brown jagged top of the pumpkin-YIKES those are little 1" half square units(unfinished)!!  Talk about tiny-just hold your mouth right while sewing them little buggers!!!  But those little buggers lined up perfectly in almost every pumpkin.  I guess the stars were aligned just right that day, LOL

I had loads of fun quilting the pumpkins and their leaves complete with curly cues.  I used a Glide thread called Cleopatra for them.  The rest of the quilting I used Glide warm grey, it sets off the quilting nicely on the black fabric.   I did use a ruler for all of the straight line quilting and Quilters Rule nested ovals for the pumpkin.

A top view of my Hydrangea tree.  I love that it blooms white and then turns to a pretty dusky pink.

For your viewing pleasure.  So many people loved seeing my owl pictures in my Sunday Mini Vacation post, that I thought I would share this morning's pictures.  My DH was sitting down to breakfast at 6:30 AM today and what should he see but one of the owls again.  Sitting on the rock wall of our waterfall at the pond just a few feet from the house!  He wanted the frog in the pond.

And then he perched on top of the bird feeder again.  Monday night, just as it was getting dark, one perched on this same pole and in came another to sit right beside him.  So rare that we get to see them, it's just precious.   Once again at 8:30 AM today him was sitting on the rocks in front of the pond just for my viewing since I had missed the 6:30 showing.  Again he was wanting that frog-no luck, he soon flew off.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mini vacation

A couple people noticed the blog was kinda quiet earlier this week, that's because the hubster and I took a mini camping vacation to Sible State Park.  It came highly recommended by a friend.  It didn't disappoint;)  Here is our lovely view from the camper for several days.

We enjoyed our time kayaking a few of the many lakes in that area, along with a hike to Mt Tom where we found this cute tower to climb.  

Boy oh boy I so wished I had a quilt along that needed photographing. Wouldn't that have been a cool background for it!!

We also rode the Glacial State Trail around the New London and Spicer area. One of the days there were 3 ladies and several kids walking and stopped us to ask what kind of bikes we had. 
As we were biking away I had this strange sensation that I knew one of them and recognized one of the little boys. I made my DH stop while I was thinking about it and he says well go back and ask her.  You see I had this feeling it was Heather Mulder Peterson from Anka's Treasure!  No I can't go back since I wasn't 100% sure.  Now I wish I had because it was her!!  She had her sister and mom with her. When I got to a WIFI connection I emailed her and asked if she had by any chance been on the trail that day...YUP she says that was me!  

 We decided to try fishing , even though in past fishing experience we have had no luck.  Well luck was on my first Bass ever!!!  

I would liked to have seen my eyes as I am sure they were huge.  We had only been catching tiny Sunnies and tossing them back.  And then I had this huge tug on my line and when I pulled it up here is this nice size Bass!!  That was the only one but still it was fun.

In Willmar, MN there is a fabric shop called Fabric and Textile Warehouse. The hubster agreed to stop since we were going right through Willmar, plus he could just take a nap in the camper while I shopped, LOL  I could have stayed in the shop a bit longer but I thought I was spending enough money anyway.  The prices were better than in quilt shops. I have never bought a whole bolt of fabric before, but this white from Fabri-Quilt is called Prairie Cloth and is a bit heavier than most solid whites I have seen and at $5 a yard I thought I better just do it!!  Then as you see a few other quilting cottons jumped into my hands, a couple panels, a batik, a couple other pieces for upcoming projects. 

What we saw from our deck door just a few minutes ago!  DH saw him in flight from our deck railing going just into the treeline.  He is perched about 20 feet from the house.

 He saw 2 others that were sitting by our pond-10 feet from the house!  They flew into the trees also. One of them was this little baby owl!!  He landed in another tree just a couple feet from the above adult.  The third one went further into the trees where we couldn't see him anymore.  

That was my week, now I am geared up and ready to get back to sewing, in fact yesterday I had a hot date with my sewing machine. Finished piecing a wall hanging and started designing another usinh a fall panel.  Hope to do more today. 

Don't forget the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop is in full swing, I posted yesterday HERE
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

It's my day!! 12 Days of Christmas in July-pattern release

Welcome to my day on the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop  Are you having fun hopping to all the other participants blogs?  There is much to see and this is only the second day of the hop!!  And don't forget Sarah is posting steps for the QAL each day.  This is my second year of participating in the hop, I love doing it!

Meet The Snow Dudes!  I am releasing this brand new pattern in my Craftsy store which you can find HERE. Snowmen are a real love for me, having made many over the years.  They are so fun to decorate with for the Holidays since you can leave them up for a few months as they double as winter decor also!  

Wouldn't you love to have these cuties adorning your table during the Holidays.  It measures 19 1/2" by 41 1/2".  They are easy to make with quilting cottons and felt that you could whip up a few as gifts also.  

This is another one I made last year using a different snowflake.  I love using a medium grey as a background for my snowman projects as it sets off the white snowmen so well.   A wonderful blue or red would work too!

Remember yesterday I mentioned a give away also. You can read all the details on Sarah's blog. When you are commenting remember that if you are a no reply blogger to leave your email addy so you can be contacted if you win!  This is open to international bloggers also! 

                                                       The other blogs on today's hop are:


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Friday, July 14, 2017

The beginning of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Today starts the 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop. There are giveaways, Christmas gift making ideas and Sarah, our host, is having a Quilt Along!  Every day Sarah will have a new clue, check out todays HERE.  So many things, you don't want to miss anyone's page.

I mentioned giveaways- here is the deal on that...

The lovely folks over at Free Spirit Fabrics have donated not just one item for a giveaway, but THIRTEEN!  And it's pretty drool-worthy stuff, too - it's Tula Pink's new holiday line, Holiday Homies!!!

Sarah has six design rolls, six layer cakes, and one fat quarter bundle to give away. Visit each stop on the hop, including this blog, and leave a comment on each post for the day.  At the end of the hop, Sarah will do a giveaway for each day by putting everyone's name in the hat who commented that day (from all that day's hop-blogs), and drawing a winner for that day.  Then Sarah will put all the names from all the days in a hat and draw out a grand prize winner for the fat quarter bundle!  Only one prize per person, though - let's spread it around a bit!  So carve out a bit of time to visit all the blogs and comment.

My day is tomorrow with a snowman table runner, be sure to stop in!

Here is today's lineup:

Friday, July 14th


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pumpkin wall hanging

This is made from a pattern I picked up at the Minnesota Quilt show in Duluth in June.  The pattern is from Cottage Rose.   For the background, I chose a marbled black/grey . The pumpkins are from scraps of several different oranges.  This was so fun to make and lots of fun to quilt;)

I used an army green Glide thread on the black/gray, it does not show as green at all but adds just a little extra to the stitching.  I love the texture!  Also used Glide orange on pumpkins and orange border.

 After it was pieced I was wishing I had used a lighter/brighter green for the stem as it didn't show up well.  A friend of mine suggested using a brighter green and doing tendrils, that was just what it needed.  Thanks Rett!!

The perfect gray and black backing was just waiting in my stash;)

And because so many of you have been enjoying my flower pix, here is my Clematis.  

Hope you all have another great summer weekend planned!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Christmas table toppers

I, literally, bring you Christmas in July!  Those that follow me might have seen me do these table toppers before. But, I assure you these are indeed new ones, made this year.

Holly leaves all around.  On this one, after piecing the black center background, I machine stitched on the green bias stem.  After adding the borders, I quilted it and then machine appliqued on the green wool felt leaves.  Also machine stitched on were the buttons for the holly. 

These runners are from a tutorial found on Freemotion by the River blog HERE.  But instead of the hearts I used holly leaves, which I appliqued on with green felt after the quilting was done.

 These are from my Around and Around We Go pattern found in my Craftsy shop HERE.  I am going to list one of these in my Etsy shop soon, which you can find HERE

And Christmas in July continues next week as we begin the 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop hosted by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  There are 34 of us participating-that is a lot of Christmas inspiration to check out!  My day is Saturday July 15th, so be sure to plan on stopping by. There will be a list with links for all of our blogs published.  I will be releasing a new snowman pattern!

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Strips and Salsa

A few months ago we had Gudrun Erla from GE Designs speak at our guild meeting. Previously, I had purchased her Stripology book and had not used it yet. However, I got inspired and the very next week I pieced several runners.  The pattern is called Strips and Salsa.  I quilted them in May along with getting them bound, but forgot to get pictures of them.

This first one is Island Batik fabrics and I followed the pattern.

I found a new design to quilt on this one. I believe it was from Lori Kennedy's site. It sure was fun to have something really new to me!

I really liked how this one came out but...

I thought what would happen if I increased my strip width, so I figured out what I needed to do.  I like this size a lot.  This one is also Island Batik fabric.

Here you can see the difference it made in increasing the strip width.

Well then I got so excited I just couldn't stop making this pattern!!

Holly and loops made a fun quilting design.

We had a great weekend of dinner out with friends and then DH and I got our boat out and enjoyed some fun in the sun.  It had been a couple years since we used it and it felt so good to enjoy it again. There were at least 50 boats in one little cove on the lake we were in.  And a whole lot more up and down the lake.  A beautiful 81 degrees drew lots of people out to play.

This little guy was just sitting in the grass-well he wasn't exactly little, his wing span was 5-6". His wings were not looking too good.

Some pretties I picked just for you:)   Some lilies in our garden. We have to keep them fenced in or the deer think they are dessert we planted just for them.

Have a Happy and safe 4th of July for those who celebrate it!

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Friday, June 30, 2017

This week's Finishes and some fun

Monday's finish consisted of making the four white long sleeve shirts to finish up this outfit I started a couple weeks ago.   Then I proceeded to get a few more things listed in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday I decided it was time to quilt a couple of neutral background pieces to make into 2 pumpkin table runners.  These finish at 10" x 30". The pumpkin applique pattern can be found HERE, I just gave the link to her tutorials page as Andy has tons of fun stuff there.

Once again I quilted the background and then machine blanket stitched the pumpkins. I did make two identical ones but the other didn't get it's threads buried yet :)   When it came time to bind I dug around in my stash and found this cool plaid that just screamed USE ME!!  It just goes perfect with the batik orange/gold pumpkins.

When I was at the MN Quilt show in Duluth earlier this month I picked up this cute wall hanging pattern from Cottage Rose Quilt Shop.  She has two sizes of pumpkins and wall hangings in the pattern.  Yesterday afternoon I chose the larger pumpkin but only made 5 blocks instead of 10 to make it my own.  Yes it was quick to make I cut and pieced it during the afternoon.  My top (yes it is only a top as of yet) measures 27" x 32".  The only thing I wished were different was my choice of green for the stems.  They blend in a bit much for my liking.

It's been a busy week but a good one, however the time flew by faster than I wanted it to.  So much to get done!

The fun--- Earlier this month my oldest grandson(6 yrs) spent the day with me.  He wanted to help make the string blocks.  He picks the strings out and I sew them onto the phonebook pages. After I trimmed then he wanted to pin them onto the design wall.  We added 2 blue, 3 pink and the 2 yellow ones (which didn't get trimmed before he had to go home) to the already made ones.

Edited to say:  I just learned that blue is the color of the month for RSC17 over at SuperScrappy-look at that I am ahead of schedule, LOL

He is just fascinated with seeing them come together, but he is even more fascinated with the sewing machine!  So I decided in the afternoon I would let him pick 6 charms that I had precut from my scraps.  And he arranged them himself just how he wanted them;)  After reminding him of some important things about the machine that I had told him a few times earlier this year, I sat him in front of the sewing machine.  The speed was turned down to the lowest setting, which is painful for me-but perfect for him to learn to sew with.  Of course I sat right next to him and watched ready to hit the stop button if needed, and to help guide the fabric once in a while.  Yes we used the stop/start button instead of the foot pedal.  The finished project consisted of a quilt for his stuffed puppy.  Then he said 'he needs a pillow' so we proceeded to that. For six years old I think he did really good!!!  We'll work on color placement some other time;)  Our daughter said he made sure to tuck puppy under the quilt that night, he was pretty proud of his efforts. 

 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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