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Monday, May 2, 2016

Am I crazy...

On Saturday morning I went to a fabric sale, wheweee what a sale it was!  I do have to say though it was bittersweet as some family lost a love one that resulted in this sale. I did not know the lady or her family but it was sad anyway.  But the family can know that her things are going on to be used in loads of other homes now.  They had to use a Uhaul truck to bring stuff over from the house to the American Legion where they held the sale. It was only from 10am-3pm. I don't think there was any way they could have sold it all as my friend was there around 1pm and she said there was lots left. Maybe they will decide to do another sale!

So the deal was $1 a yd. for flat folds and $5 for a bolt no matter how many yds. were on it. There must have been 100 bolts, and table after table of flatfolds.  YIKES I have/had no willpower!!  How do you not want to just pick up everything in site. Think tons of backing fabrics for one thing.  I found several pieces for backgrounds. Most are not modern, although, some of the bright colors would work. I did find a modern bright good for my donation quilts and a piece of light grey tone on tone. There was Christmas, floral, tone on tone. They did a good job of sorting them by color or theme. I wish I would have ran to the batik table(if I had known which one it was) as they were only $2 a yd.  You had to take the whole piece, no cutting was happening at all. Some pieces I got were 5 yds some a little more.  You also had to measure your own piece and use the honor system and tell the cashier how many yds you had.  Oh and then they had finished quilts on 3 tables and antique quilts, all hand stitched, on another table.

Just look at all my goodies... I am a very happy quilter.  Wantta know how much fabric there is on my ironing board????  Take a guess now.  I am lucky I have a supportive DH as he just saw stacks of nicely folded fabric, but then when I told him how many yards I bought his eyes almost popped out, LOL.  Now the thing is I have to find a place to store it all!!  I plan to use some today, I have runners that need quilting so I'll use some for backings, that will help bring the pile down a bit, haha.

So I came home, petted, fondled, refolded and wound everything around my 6" ruler to make them all nice and tidy. So what would you have done, buy lots and lots  or not??????  Ok I'll tell ya, there is about 120 yds.  I didn't unwind and measure the bolts as we didn't have to do that at the sale since they were just flat out $5 a bolt.  I could have easily bought twice that as I am kinda nutty that way!

Just a reminder that the Island Batik Ambassadors have wrapped up their April projects but one of the ladies was kind enough to post links too all of them. So if you are wondering what other projects were made for the month you can check them out below.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

A Queen for Friday-OMG

I had a very good week-I finished this queen size quilt for us!  At the beginning of the month I entered this as my OMG challenge over at Red Letter Quilts. Here is what it looked like on April 1st.

  The pattern was from April 2010 American Patchwork & Quilting magazine called Color Cues. A year ago I was fortunate to have won this bundle of wonderful colors of fat quarter solids from The Fat Quarter shop!!  I was so very happy and almost immediately I knew that I would use them to make this quilt.  I pulled out the brightest colors to use for this quilt.  
I cut it out in January of this year and pieced most of the blocks while at retreat the end of January. Then, since I wasn't in a big hurry, I set it aside and moved onto other things-you know how that goes right?  But, it is almost at the season I want to be using it, I figured setting it as my April goal would assure me that I get it done.

And here is what it looks like now at the end of the month!  It was a very easy pattern to make and I love how it came out.  Normally I would like to quilt it to bits, but since it will be on a bed I wanted it softer and more cuddly. Therefore, quilting an allover more open design made sense. So freehand one of my fun designs was a good choice.  I used Quilters Dream Wool for the batting, Glide turquoise thread on top and So fine grey in the bobbin made for easy quilting and great tension. It has some really great texture because of the wool batting.  If the sun would just shine I could get some better pictures, it has been gloomy and rainy all week here.

I leave you today with a pic of our wild plum blossoms-oh man they smell soooo good, wish I could send you all a wonderful scent too!

I hope everyone has met their monthly goal!  I am pretty darn happy with myself as I have 3 queens that I finished up this year!!  This one was totally start to finish, the other 2 were UFO's.  Ahhhhh ;-)

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Using scraps

Yesterday, since it was a drippy dreary day here, I decided I better catch up on my RSC16 blocks. This month's color is orange. I love using brights for kid donation quilts, and orange fits in perfectly for these blocks.

Scrappy Strippy Kisses from Vol. 11 Quiltmaker's 100 blocks 

And here the orange has joined it's partners of blue and purples. I am really loving this block and how it plays together so nicely with the different color blocks. I can hardly wait to see what color is next. 

I have chosen to work on 2 different blocks each month. This is Tropical Punch from Moda Bake shop.

And with it's partners from January and March. I just couldn't bring myself to do brown blocks with either of these patterns. I love browns but just not with the brights.  You see the blue blocks have cornerstones, at this point I  can't decide if I should continue with them so I'll wait and see.

Hope you all have wonderful sewing days this week ;-)

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Disappearing window pane

Missouri Star has so many great tutorials and this was one of them.  Disappearing four patch window pane using a charm pack. But you certainly could do all scrappy and cut your own 5 inch squares. I used 27 squares and did 3 blocks for this table runner. Fun and easy project in no time at all.  Prints Charming was my charm pack plus some Kona brown, I love the colors in this!

 I thought this flower quilting design was perfect for this runner. Hobbs 80/20 batting, Glide thread in a plum color, and brown binding.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Showers for April

April brings showers and flowers for the Island Batik Ambassadors.  Ever since my shipment from Island Batik arrived, I have been eyeing this gorgeous stack of 10" squares of London Fog. I was dreaming of what I should make with it.  Just look at the cute way they packaged it up!

When we were told for the April challenge to make something to do with spring, I knew London Fog was perfect for it.  To me the purple squares are flowers, the green are their leaves and the blue represents the April showers-all things Spring!  Plus I quilted freehand flowers all over it-Ahhhh Flowers All Around, With Rain Drops Too is what I am calling this quilt.

Island Batik was kind enough to send me 2 of their beautiful Basics to coordinate with London Fog for this project.   I feel so very lucky to be able to create with their gorgeous fabric and show you what I am making with it. This fabric is just delicious feeling. If you would like to find a store near you that carries Island Batiks here is a link to a Store Locator page.  If you wish your store carried Island Batiks tell the shop owner to contact them here.

Oh wait you say you want to see my quilt?  Okay here ya go, sorry I was teasing again wasn't I. But, of course, you knew I would show you!

 The pattern I used is called The Cut Up by Pieced Tree. I did make a modification to it by not adding the sashing between the blocks and the rows. Mine measures 49x67. Did you notice I bound it with half in purple and half in green?

 The trees were making some interesting shadows. But here you get a glimpse of the aqua back that I happened to have in my stash!

I used Superior So Fine thread for the piecing, Fil-Tec's Glide for the quilting on top and Aurifil for the bobbin.Spreading my thread love around ;-)  Hobb's 80/20 batting.

Want another close up of the quilting and fabric?

Can you tell I am having tons of fun being an 

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Friday, April 8, 2016

A wonky mini charm

Jayne, a fellow blogging friend who blogs at Twiggy and Opal, had this  wonky mini charm tutorial up this week on Wednesday. It was so darn cute, and I happened to have a mini patriotic charm sitting around here for like 2 years. Wow, I grabbed it that morning and got busy sewing and finished it a couple hours later.  You guys have to try it, so darn quick and easy.

Jayne had made her's a mini quilt, I made mine a table runner. The mini charms I used were Primitive Gatherings Old Glory for Moda.  I didn't have yardage of it, so I dug in my stash and found the perfect blue print to go with it for the border. Gotta love having a big stash once again!  I don't mind in the least mixing fabric lines, all that matters to me is that they look good together.

Thursday I quilted it up first thing that morning. Since the patriotic squares are like little flags waving the wind I quilted organic wavy lines.  I even had to pull out Uncle Sam from the storage bin for a pic with the runner.  I can see this as a little scrap buster in so many color ways.  Thank you Jayne for a great tutorial!  Jayne also did a tutorial using regular 5" charms here.

Here's the start of my Island Batik April project.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My April OMG goal

My One Monthly Goal for April is to turn this stack of blocks and turquoise fabric into a queen size finished quilt.  Heidi at Red  Letter Quilts is hosting this wonderful link up, to give us incentive she has some sponsors offering prizes. If you finish what you say you will, you have a chance at winning! Plus it gives us the little push, we sometimes need, to finish a project. Now that's a win right there! Won't you come join me this month? Just pic a project, blog it, and link up at Hiedi's right now!  I am headed over there to link up.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Taffy Twist finish

This is one of those projects that just had to age I guess. The aqua fabrics were purchased over 5 yrs ago I am sure. I saw them on sale and knew I wanted a quilt with those colors to match our walls in the master bedroom. I had no idea at the time of what pattern I would use(nothing new for me there). Then I found a Modern Quilt Relish (Taffy Twist) pattern I really liked and found the brown on sale too! I pieced it over a year ago, probably closer to two.  Then I stalled because I just couldn't decide how I wanted to quilt it, modern of course, but how.   It's been one of those projects that are like a monkey on your back. You want it done, you feel guilty it's just sitting in the closet waiting etc.  

My friend, Robin, commented a couple months ago about how we leave projects sit cuz we just aren't sure of what to do and why it should get done and used.  That prompted me to just make up my mind for something more simple to quilt.  I also didn't want it to get too stiff or we wouldn't use it daily on the bed.  So Quilters Dream wool-first time I used it and loved it. Seems to have a bit more fluff and substance than Hobbs Wool(which I have used before). Glide thread . 

Ok now the design, hook swirl all over on the big brown sections, easy peasy. I knew I wanted to do wishbones in the aqua braids. Then as I went, I decided to do the pebbles of all sizes in the brown behind the braids. I love those circles with the pebbles inside(DH did too).  I wanted to ghost in a braid and DH says make 2 then the top of the bed has all braids on it. Sure why not, how hard can that be, I have ghosted stuff before.  Apparently I haven't ghosted a lot with angles that have to match up!! Ghosting was the hardest part of this whole quilt!  Those darn angles through me off and I didn't notice till is was too far gone in the quilting. Yes, I could have ripped for a few hours, but I thought no, I want this done and used, it's not for show and who is gonna see it but us. There is one pretty bad, it's on my side of the bed and it's my humility block, LOL No I didn't include it in the pic's!!  The back is aqua with brown polka dots. I have enough left to make pillowcases and trim some valances.

The gist of it is, it's done and getting used and we love it!! I told DH last night, it wasn't a monkey on my back, but more like an ape or gorilla!!  So onto the pic's...

This is the true color of the brown. The light coming in the window didn't want to play nice with the camera and it was raining and muddy outside.

Not a good picture but I wanted you to see more of the ghosted braids :-)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Purple is for March

RSC16's color for March is purple. As I was thumbing through the Summer 2015 Quiltmaker's 100 Block magazine last week I saw this block. I have been wanting to start a quilt like this and just put it off. But since joining in RSC this year I thought it was the perfect quilt to make and add blocks each month. So I am going with 4 blocks each month, I'll have to back up and get the blues done, I'll skip the brown-it just doesn't appeal to me.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Current projects

I have two current projects I am working on. Did you catch that, I said current!!  I have many more in various stages of progress;-)

This is my April Island Batik ambassador project using Island Batik fabrics. It's their gorgeous London Fog collection.  I got started on it this afternoon-oooh la la!  So stay tuned for the final reveal in a week or two.

And this is my second project-I'm loving it so far.  I'll tell you more when I have a finish;-)

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trees, Trees and more Trees

Heather Mulder Peterson from Anka's Treasures recently had a quilt along for either the Let It Snow quilt from her book Angles with Ease 2 or this runner.  The runner she wrote up and gave those of us who wanted to make it instead of the quilt.  Since I love making runners I chose the runner.

This is my finished runner. My trees are all from green scraps from my green bin. We started by making the trees so I didn't bother to pick out my border fabric. After all I have 2 tubs of Christmas fabric-surely I will have something to go with those green trees. Yep I sure did:-)   I love the pinecone fabric with it, just perfect IMHO!  The pattern goes together very easily. You do need Heather's Angles with Ease ruler to do the designs in the book(and this runner). But since I tend to be a ruler junkie, that wasn't a problem as I already had it ;-)

For the quilting I choose wishbones for the trees, loops for the background. One inch piano keys for the border finishes it up.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Fabulous day with Friday Finishes!

I worked really hard yesterday and finished up binding five, yes 5 table toppers!!  That wasn't all, after that I went on to finish piecing 2 table runners that were WIP's staring at me for the last 2 months!   I love days like these when I feel so accomplished at the end.  All of my bindings were applied with the sewing machine, that is what allows me to get so many done! These were all pieced and quilted since the beginning of this year.

 A freehand flower design quilted all over.

An allover freehand design from Christina Camelli's book.

My favorite hook swirl allover.
A little custom quilting.

Straight lines and some wonderful designs from Jodi Robinson's Modern Simplicity book.

Did you notice I didn't show you the WIP's that I finished piecing?  I'll get to those after they are quilted-one of them going on the frame today so stay tuned!

Remember you can click on any picture and get a larger view!

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Have a great Easter!!