Sunday, July 25, 2021

My July OMG

At the beginning of July I picked a wall hanging that needed quilting and binding to finish for my One Monthly Goal(OMG).  I am happy to report that I finished and therefore met my goal!

This wall hanging started out with a panel that I picked up in May at my local quilt shop, Pine Needles. It was so cute I couldn't resist! I mean just look at that gingham pumpkin with an aqua wheelbarrow😉  It is Happy Fall by Deb Strain for Moda.

After squaring up the panel I started adding borders to make it unique.  First a brown small border and then I mimicked the gingham pumpkin by piecing a gingham border in orange. 

Next came the decision of adding pinwheels to the right side in green, brown and a gold with a light background.  I dug in my scrap buckets for these.  

All of the quilting was planned out in my head before I pinned it on my frame...all except the wide green border sections.  I quilted everything else first. Hook swirls on the panel itself, continuous curve in the light parts of the pinwheel leaving the colored portions unquilted helps them pop out a bit.  Wishbones in the skinny green bottom border. On the gingham border section I quilted a fourth inch away from the seams. 

Then I walked away from it for a day to decide what to quilt in the wide green.  After looking at the panel to see what I could pull from there to inspire me, I saw pumpkins.  Why not quilt something that would resemble pumpkins a bit.  Thus the curves like I would quilt inside a pumpkin.

And there we have a finished wall hanging.  So many of you have said in the past that you were afraid of working with panels, don't be.  Just give it a whirl and you might be surprised!  Pull one out and if you need any help just message me and I'll see if I can help you. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop

Welcome one and all to my day on the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop.  Hosting the hop is Sarah from Confessions Of A fabric Addict. Sarah has headed up this fun blog hop for many years and I have participated in several of them.  She also has a Christmas quilt a long going on with this hop, be sure to hop over and check it out as it is really a cute one!

If you have followed me you know I am a big snowman lover, if you are new here I hope you'll grab a cup of coffee or a soda and browse my blog. Perhaps you'll even want to sign up to follow me.  You can do that on my right side bar using or bloglovin. 

Okay now onto what you have come here to see!  I decided to make a little snowman wall hanging or you can use him for a door hanging. 

I happen to have a steel door so I can use magnetic clips to hang him up easily.  So easy to piece. 

 And then a little fun quilting happens.

Some buttons for eyes and snowflakes and a felt nose completes him. 

Whether you hang him on your door or on a wall he is just so sweet!  I am hoping to write a pattern for him in the next couple of weeks. He is 12"x25".

I hope you are enjoying the hop.  Below are all the participants on this fun hop.
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Sunday, July 25th

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Friday, July 16, 2021

Dramatic, Sophisticated, Glitzy

The title of this post describes these three table runners that I have finished. My reversed S Swirl design works up nicely in any color scheme.  The trick is the placement so those checkerboards and their frame show up nicely.  You need five fabrics to make these. I think this one is the dramatic one.

Sometimes I pull it off with just the right fabric choices and sometimes it doesn't come out the same as I see in my head!  The one below is an example of that.  The outer wedges don't have quite enough contrast in my opinion. On the other hand maybe someone will like the blending better.  I mean we are all different and like different things.  This one has a sophisticated look with it's floral fabric.

And just to change things up a bit I made it into a round topper.  This one I think is the glitsy one.  Each one of these has gold metallic highlights in some of the fabrics.

Don't forget there is a fun blog hop happening.  It's the 12 days of Christmas in July blog hop hosted by Sarah at Confessions of A Fabric Addict.  My day is Tuesday, I hope you'll come take a peek at my project.  I have something frosty to share with you!!  Here is the full line up.

Wednesday, July 14th

Thursday, July 15th

Friday, July 16th
Jamie of L'Fair Quilts

Saturday, July 17th

Sunday, July 18th

Monday, July 19th
Shasta of High Road Quilter 

Tuesday, July 20th

Wednesday, July 21st

Thursday, July 22nd

Friday, July 23rd

Saturday, July 24th
Joanne of Everyone Deserves a Quilt (Part 2)

Sunday, July 25th

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Monday, July 12, 2021

Strips 'n Salsa

 These runners are called Strips 'n Salsa and are in the Stripology book by Gudrun at GE Designs. They are so fun to make. She does call for 1 1/2" strips but I resized to make with 2" strips as I like the finished size better this way.

Since they are pretty easy to make I chose three different themes of fabric. First I did the pumpkin one and then moved onto the blue snowmen one and last but not least a yummy cake pop one.  

They are all quilted with a freehand hook swirl design, no surprise there right!

Wouldn't this cake pop one make a great present for the baker in your life!  I just want to eat one right now!! Have you ever make a cake pop?  The closet I have come to it is making red devil cake balls.  I did buy the sticks, but never used them, yet;)

Wishing you all a great quilty week ahead! I need to bind two pineapple table runners and then I have more I need to quilt.  I did a lot of piecing last week. 

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Friday, July 9, 2021

Simplify a UFO

 Another UFO is finished!  This quilt was started March 2020 and remained a flimsy until last week.  After seeing how many quilts I need to quilt and bind I picked this one to work on next.  If I don't sneak one in here and there they won't get done!  This is how it looked in the finished flimsy stage.  

This is Simplify by Cluck Cluck Sew.  It's made with a jelly roll which made the cutting simple. The design looks complicated but built block by block makes it easy.  Here it is after quilting. 

And because I know you love close ups of the quilting.  This is a freehand allover lettuce leaf feather design that I learned from a Patsy Thompson DVD.  Clusters of three or four lettuce leaf feathers and then echo them.

The back is this yellow floral design and the binding is leftover jelly roll strips. 

I have been trying to learn more editing skills with Photo Shop Elements.  I don't have much for bare wall space for taking photos, in this photo I did some magic and made objects disappear and made to look like a bare wall.  I was able to it better after I had DH take a look at the program and then he showed me how the cloning stamp worked. 

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I'll leave you with a very yummy looking photo.  We have been busy picking raspberries in the evenings.  Yes we have red raspberries in our garden.  And the black raspberries grow wild on our property. 

And I want to share with you our visitors.  They have been hanging around our neighborhood a lot and spend a good share of the time in our yard and trees. Mama was gone for a long time yesterday when they were just resting and enjoying the soft grass, this is only about 50 feet from the front of our house! 

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope you have a great weekend everybody!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

One Monthly Goal wall hanging

Just sneaking in with a quick post to get my One Monthly Goal(OMG) recorded!  Pardon the terrible photo. I took it over a month ago and folded the project up and well it would have some wrinkles by now if I dug it out for another photo.  It really isn't as crooked as in the photo!

The panel was purchased at my local quilt shop, Pine Needles, in May and I went right to work on it.  But then stalled when it came time to quilt it. I needed to ponder how I wanted to quilt the pieced gingham border section. So now it is time to get it back out and get it quilted and bound this month.

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Pineapple Meets Snowman

 With a title like that you must be wondering what in the world I am talking about!!  I used the Creative Grids Pineapple ruler to make snowmen blocks.  I used the small ruler and 1.5" strips of scraps to make both the head and body.  The tails of the scarf are appliqued on after quilting. 

They are a little time consuming but fun at the same time.  As always, it feels great to use some scraps in a project no matter how big or small it is.

Since the gray reads as a solid I dressed up the outer border with some fancy quilting. The red striped skinny border is pretty as is so it didn't need any quilting;)  

More scraps were used in making a fun backing for it.  I finished it off with a matching gray binding.

Did you all see that Sarah of Confessions Of A Fabric Addict is hosting the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop again this month.  I believe she is still looking for participants.  I almost missed signing up as I didn't see the original post about it.  But when I saw her mention it again in Monday's post I messaged her and she said not many had signed up yet.  So I jumped in!!

A little housekeeping now, to let you know that if you had in the past signed up for receiving email notices of my blog posts, I have moved all email addresses over to  I hope you are receiving them now. I do not know what they look like but have heard there may be some advertising on them.  I have no control over this, sorry.  If you wish to leave me a comment you need to come directly to my blog to do that, do not hit reply to the as I will not receive it, it will only go into unknown territory!  And I do love reading your comments and try to respond to each one.  If you are new here and wish to follow me there is a sign up box at the top right side bar.  

Hope you are all having a great week!
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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Patriotic Wall Hanging

A while back a friend asked if I wanted some patriotic fabrics she no longer wanted. Oh yes indeed, and they were so pretty.  I had been wanting to make her something with some of it as a thank you. And I happen to know she loves patriotic and has purchased several runners from me. So I figured making a little wall hanging would compliment her decor.  

I used dies from my Accuquilt 8" cube to make the star.  And then added a rectangle of 8"x16" of the red with white star fabric and cut the angle at a 45 deg. to make the point. 

This was quilted on my Nolting 17" FunQuilter.  The straight lines were made using a ruler to guide the machine. I didn't get a good photo of the star quilting, but it was done with a curved ruler. I gave my friend the wall hanging on Friday when we went to lunch. She loved it and hung it right up when she got home and send me a photo of it. 

I think it turned out really cute and now I think I have to make one for my Etsy shop.  It also has sparked some seasonal designs that I think is going to be joining it. 

Wishing all of you a Happy 4th of July.  Yesterday we went for a 16 mile bike ride.  And today we got to meet our brand new Granddaughter!!  She was born on July 1st. and joins her two brothers.  For safety reasons I won't post a photo, but she is a sweetheart!! 

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Using a Panel-Take Two

 The first table runner using a panel turned out so good that I chose three more blocks from the panel and I now have a different look for the second one. If you missed the first one you can see it HERE.

After squaring up the blocks I added the dark gray sashing to bring it up to 8 1/2" square. Then I could use two flying geese units on each side of the blocks and white squares in the corners. The geese are 2"x4" finished, which meant I could use two Accuquilt dies from the 8" cube set to make these very quickly. What I hadn't realized was how it was going to look, when I put it all together you don't see the flying geese so much as the secondary pattern it formed. I like it a lot!  I didn't use EQ to design this, only my head and the design wall, so I was flying by the seat of my pants for the whole thing. 

 After the blocks were finished I needed something to make it longer.  So why not make flying geese gingham trees to put in between the blocks.  Like the runner in the previous post, I cross hatched the blocks.  Swirly wishbones are always a good choice for the trees, a quick meander in the white background and continuous curve(CC) in the red flying geese. And now I have another farmhouse look table runner!

                             And just to bring us back to the real season that is happening now...

So several years ago I had purchased a yellow calla lily, it bloomed once while we were on vacation and our daughter took it's photo for us.  And then it never bloomed again, I figured it was dead. I was just telling one of my followers about this and three days later I was watering them and HOLY COW, there it was blooming!!!!!!!  In our climate we do have to dig them and store them in the basement over the winter and then plant in the spring. No matter the color, yellow or white, I store them in a brown paper bag.  I don't have many so it works fine.

Accuquilt wants you to know about a fun launch party coming up on July 6th. They are introducing the die of the month.  If you are curious sign up for this party HERE, there are prizes involved, dies and fabric!!  But you have to be signed up to be eligible for them. 

All the talk about Feedburner going away and hearing so many bloggers switching over to Follow.It, I started working on it yesterday. I added the new Follow Me By Email at the top of my right side bar. I will work on getting people switched over or if you don't want to miss a thing or are new here feel free to sign up again. Hopefully it all works out.  I wish Feedburner would have stayed put, it was working fine wasn't it, you might say I don't like change!   

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Holiday table runner using panel blocks

 If you follow me you know that I love working with panels.  And I do have a number of them and I wanted to just play one day.  After looking through most (I thought) of them I picked out a piece that had several coordinating blocks, Holiday Homecoming for Henry Glass. What could be better than snowflakes and snowmen.  

After picking three of the blocks and squaring them up I added the gray thin border to bring them up to the size I could work with for the flying geese units.  For these large geese units I used the Fons and Porter flying geese ruler. It worked great for that. 

For the corners of the flying geese units I made a gingham four patch unit.  Put all three blocks together and you have yourself a table runner ready to quilt.

As for the quilting-a little fun custom for this beauty was in order. 

And did you see what I did for the and black check to match the snowman's coat!

You might want to check back in a couple days to see what I did with three more of the blocks from the same panel!  Can ya tell I was having a bit of fun??

As a GO! Getter for Accuquilt I am to let you know about an event for today, Tuesday June 29th.  Join AccuQuilt hosts Pam and Erica as they explore pairing different size GO! Qubes and Companions to expand your design possibilities in this Mix & Match Event. You do need to sign up in order to be eligible for prizes. If you don't have a GO but are interested in them, you might want to just watch to see what can be done with these. Sign up HERE.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Pumpkin Stars

 I had fun piecing and quilting this newest table runner. Pumpkin Stars is a block pattern from Primrose Cottages on Etsy.  I have done a few of their patterns and love them for the simplicity, and cuteness!

The pattern is just for the block, but I saw it as three blocks turned into a cute Halloween table runner.  Into the stash I went for my Halloween fabrics, I had the perfect two black ones with spiderwebs for the star points. A nice tone on tone orange for the pumpkins and did you notice the background fabric?  White with orange polka dots!!!  My love of polka dots continues and I don't think it will die anytime soon;)  

 After the blocks were made I interviewed several fabrics for the sashing/little border. I thought it needed more orange but in the end the perfect fabric was black and white tiny gingham, hmmm I am in love!!! 

Quilting the fun little pumpkins was so fun with their little curves.  An easy go to quilt design for star points is CC or Continous Curve.  I stitched in the ditch (SID) around the block itself and inside around the pumpkin block before meandering.  The quilting was done on my Nolting FunQuilter 17" midarm machine using Glide thread. The perfect ending was a black with little white plus signs for the binding. 

The backing wasn't quite wide enough so I added a black with gray print in the middle to make it the perfect size.  As soon as I finished binding it I got photos and listed in my Etsy shop and it sold 20 minutes later!!!!!  So I jumped right in making another and will be quilting it up soon.  I asked my customer what she loved about this one and she said it was Halloween without screaming it, and she loves polka dots and gingham. She has good taste too!

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Friday, June 18, 2021

One UFO scoots away

Last weekend I quilted two UFOs and yesterday got one of them bound. This is a free pattern called Scooter by Lindsey Weight.  I don't have a good excuse as to why this became a UFO for so long except I didn't take time to get it done.  It wasn't a priority back then and wasn't now except to help clean out that closet one UFO at a time, so I can put more in, ya know!!!  Well it made me feel a teensy better to make that little space. 

I certainly could have just did a quick all over quilting design but I thought it would be fun to do a little custom quilting on it.  

A piano key type quilting in the outer border, with straight lines in the white sashing. The squares received an orange peel while the rectangles got wishbones.  

A perfect backing was found in my stash;)  The yellow with grey dots had been hanging out in my stash about as long as this flimsy was!  Notice I didn't say how long that was.  The yellow wasn't quite wide enough so I added in a grey polka dot stripe.  

I'll share a couple of my pretty flowers...this lupine was purple in previous years and this year it turned pink!  The purple tiny petunia like flower in this pot I picked up at an Amish greenhouse, it is really growing nice.

And to the right of the lupine are my Calla Lilies, there are now three of them open. They always look so tropical I love them! 

And in the flower bed by the pond is this really dark purple iris, it is so regal looking.  

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