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Sunday, February 7, 2016

FAL goal #3

This was just a flimsy(quilt top) at the beginning of Quarter 1-it was one of my seven  goals to get finished. I managed to get it quilted and bound and will be entered into the FAL when it goes live at the end of the quarter.  Linking up with Oh Scrap and Freemotion by the River.

This quilt was all made with scraps except for the solid tan. It feels great to get a quilt made for almost free!! I made up the design as I went according to the size of scrap strings I had in the bin. I was aiming for a nice lap size quilt and that is what I ended up with ;-)  The quilting is all freehand free motion. The binding is made with leftover greens also. This one will be another donation quilt.

I will leave you this little guy to gaze at, it's a daily occurrence of several coming through our yard.

Stay tuned for this QBL(quilting blog land) hop. Link at the top of left side bar! It starts Feb 9th.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

My OMG goal for February

Here she is, my goal for OMG(One Monthyly Goal) at Red Letter Quilts for Februrary. She is all string pieced on phone book pages.  Finished the piecing in Jan 2015 and it's time she got quilted. The piecing idea came from Cynthia at Quilting is more fun than housework.

Linking at OMG.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Runners to the finish

Two runners to the finish that is :-)  I can't believe I pieced and quilted these within a couple weeks! For those who are first time visitors to my blog, I tend to go in a piecing mode for a while whipping up quite a few things. And then I go into a quilting and binding mode so it might be quite a while before I show a totally finished product. But, these batik runners kinda got my attention as they were 'brand new to me' patterns I found at Annie's e-patterncentral. they are fast and easy to whip up but impressive when done. Not affliated, just sharing 2 patterns I like :-)

This is Diamond Head

This is Cobblestones

I quick threw them on the little snowbank in front of the house before it becomes a bigger snowbank today. They forecasted over a foot of snow and blizzard conditions for today and tonight. We'll see if we get what they say. We're Minnesotan's we can handle it, LOL

Thanks for stopping in to my blog today!  I hope everyone knows how much I appreciate all your comments. I try to reply to everyone but if you don't hear from me it's most likely you are a no reply blogger.
Linking with some of the fun linky parties on my left side bar. There is always some great inspiration and many blogs to check out.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Green Strings meets it's goal

Another First Quarter goal met for FAL. Wow it feels great to check another off the list.  Nothing special about it except it used all stash strings. I started piecing it a year ago at retreat and finished the piecing sometime in the early part of last year.  Think I will name it String Bean!

I see a pattern happening and I know why. January through April I have time to play around and make whatever I want to and I piece like crazy. Then in May I work at little toward my craft show season. Once summer hits, the Hubbs and I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors doing fun activities so the sewing slows down a bit. September puts me into a sewing/quilting/finishing frenzy until November and the craft shows are done. So now I am playing catch up on finishing things that I played with in those first few months of last year.

The pattern for this can be found in Cynthia's Scrap-A-Palooza quilt gallery.

I have a panto very similar to this design, but, since I don't enjoy doing panto's I learned how to do it all freehand. A fun design to stitch out. I used a variegated Signature thread on top and a solid on the bottom with a flannel back. Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Linking up with Cynthia's 'Oh Scrap' and FAL

Friday, January 29, 2016

D4P all quilted...

and ready to donate.  The piecing was started a year ago at retreat and then set aside for a month while I was trying to figure out the pressing directions. It's easy to see which way to press the individual blocks, however, they don't want to nestle when sewing the blocks and rows together. Since I really like things to nestle I had to sometimes twist the seam in the back to make that happen. I really don't like twisting them but in the end it all worked out fine, you don't notice it since I did large meander all over.

I just used a navy fleece for the backing and no batting in this one. It is soft and cuddly. You have to make sure not to use to thin of a fleece though.

Linking with Can I get a Whoop Whoop, Fabric Frenzy Friday, and Oh Scrap(on Sunday).

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Back from retreat

I just returned from four days at a quilt retreat. While it was fun, I came home really exhausted as I didn't sleep very well any of the nights :-(  Boy did I ever sleep good last night in my own bed!

So of course you all want to know what I worked on while there, right?  I took 4 projects that I had precut at home so I could put pedal to the metal, I got them all to the point where I had set my goal. Three of them that needed a design wall now, and I wanted to do it at home so I could take my time arranging and sewing them. The fourth one made it to a complete flimsy.  I haven't unpacked them all yet so you only will get to see one of them today.

I left a little earlier than planned yesterday, so when I got home I dug this one out. I put it up on my design wall and started sewing the rows together. Some of the prints are Tula pink and some from various other sources. The pattern is from Anka's Treasure called Opposite Attracks. It's kinda busy, hope it grows on my more!!  I might get another row or  sewn together today. But first, I have to make a valentine wall hanging for an order. My customer saw my personal one and she loved it and ordered one like it. Thankfully I had another panel(actually 2) like it.

Linking with Freemotion by the river and Let's Bee social-check them out using the links on the left side bar and be prepared to get inspired!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Blues

The color blue with a splash of purple is what we are working on this month for  RSC16. I have never joined in on all this fun so I thought I would this year. I picked my own blocks to make a quilt with.  The pattern I chose is called Tropical Punch from Moda Bake Shop.

I will link up to RSC16 at Scrap Happy and Linky Tuesday at Freemotion by the River.

Now I need to go cut out another quilt to work on at retreat this weekend!  Did you catch that I said 'another' quilt. Yep I am taking 4 projects to work on!!  Three lap quilts and one queen size. They will all be cut out ahead of time, I am sure I will come home with all 4 started and none of them done!! Hey I don't want to get bored with just working on one thing the whole 4 days, LOL

Have a great and productive week!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Spiderweb finish

The spiderweb quilt is finished and crossed of my list for Q1 finish at She Can Quilt. I will be linking up at the end of the quarter.  We have had  a lot of cloudy days so not a very good picture.  Instead of batting I just used a fleece to serve as the batting and backing. It becomes a soft cuddly quilt that way. It is destined for a donation quilt.

And since it is a very scrappy quilt I will link up with Cynthia for Oh Scrap on Sunday.

I hope you are all staying warm and quilting up a storm this week. It is very cold here today at 1 degree, and tomorrow the high is to be -9F.  A great day to stay in and sew!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ebb Tide

My recent finish is called Ebb Tide, the pattern is by Villa Rosa Designs. I won the print fabrics from Shabby Fabric's last year and recently found the perfect Kona solid to go with it-Blue Jay. The prints are Paradiso in Lagoon Blue by Kate Spain.  This is a simple pattern, would be great for a new quilter, or someone just wanting a quick finish!  It measures in at 46x60.

Hobbs 80/20 batting, Glide thread in a blue on top and So fine in bobbin. I love how the wishbone quilting on the solid blue beams out at you. The diagonal quilting lines in the prints don't show real well but I had fun deciding which direction they should go.   I found the perfect wide backing for it at JoAnn's.

I have listed this quilt in my Etsy shop which I just started up again. I hope to get a few more things listed later this week.

Editing yet again-I don't know where my head is as I forgot to say this is my OMG for January finish also!  So I will be linking there when it becomes live at the end of the month.

I had a really hard time capturing the true color of the blue. I think the top two pictures are the best.

 Linking with FreeMotion by the River, Let's Bee Social and Fabric Tuesday.
Edited to say...And since I broke my camera and can't post anything else until I get my new one I will join in on Thursday Needle and Thread too.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

One for Oh Scrap!

Here's one for Oh Scrap that Cynthia host's every Sunday.  I am always inspired by her posts and how she uses her scraps, it encourages me to use mine.  So little by little I am using them but man those things multiply way faster than I have time to use them, LOL.  I have heard many of you say the same thing-how does this happen!!  Oh wait I know, I just brought home a few handfuls of them yesterday from a friend who wanted to get rid of them.  I just can't turn them down or let her throw them out, that just wouldn't be nice of me now would it, hehe.  She knows I will eventually use them. As I was unpacking them and looking through them once again last night, I already saw a use for the blue ones!!

So what is my scrappy one for today... I was inspired by one I saw in a Schnibbles book in our local guild library. I used my own dimension's for it.  What I did was just cut my strings into 6" lengths, I used any width that they were, then sewed them all together in long columns. I made 4 patches and set them on point with tan triangles making columns of these to put between the strippy columns.  So the only purchased fabric was the tan, the rest is all from the scrap bins-yes I said bins, just being honest, haha.  It's all quilted and bound and ready for donation.  I kept the quilting simple with just a larger meander as the quilt is busy enough by itself. This was pieced early in 2015.

Linking to Oh Scrap today!  I am hoping for a very quilty week. With the cold temps that have set in now, this week is a good week to stay home and work like crazy!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

First Quarter goals

Once again I have many goals for the year, but these are what I am hoping to get done in the first quarter of 2016.

Leftover X block needs quilting and binding.

 Strippy needs quilting and binding.

 Spiderweb needs quilting and binding.

 String quilt needs quilting and binding.

16 patch needs quilting and binding.

 Green strings need quilting and binding.

Off set Squares need quilting and binding.

Can you imagine how empty my shelf would be if I got these all done!!  Well that can only happen if I don't make anything new and we all know that won't work for me!!  

The link up for the Q1 FAL goals is now open at She Can Quilt.  Won't you join me in finishing up some UFO's.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The first finish of 2016!

This is a 6 yr. old UFO called Fudge Ripple.  The pattern and fabric came from a Walmart quilt of the month back in 2009. I started it at my first quilt retreat I attended in Jan of 2010. I got maybe 1/2 of the blocks done and then it sat till I did a few more and then it sat for years. It has been one of those 'monkey on my back' type of projects for various reasons. 
1. I started it for our queen bed, then decided I no longer wanted those colors, so then what was I gonna do with it. 2. I should never have bought it as the fabric was thin, but, I didn't realize that when I bought it.  
3. I didn't really like it much anymore. 
4. I just didn't wantta work on it!  

Last year I decided it would go great in the guest room and that bed needed a new quilt. The paint in there is a light pinkish brown-perfect to go with this quilt.   Last week I got it out and said that's it, I am gonna get this monkey off my back and so it is. And it's now on the guest bed.  And guess what, I really do kinda like the thing now!!

As you know I don't do panto's very often, but I decided this quilt needed a panto called Halycon. And another good part is the back, I used up almost every square inch of the fabric on it, plus I had to grab another brown from my stash to make it big enough.
Hobbs 80/20
Signature thread on top
SoFine in the bobbin

Before quilting                                                                                   On the frame
Close up

The backing

Quilted and on the bed

If you aren't familiar with longarm quilting and don't know what a panto is, here is a pic of it.  It is a long piece of paper with the design drawn on. You follow it using a stylus or laser light that is attached to the longarm.  As you travel across the quilt the design is then stitched on your quilt.

Linking with Freemotion by the River and SewFresh Quilts this week, links are on the side bar. 
I Hope you all are getting some quilty time and are on your way to a great finishing year!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

OMG-One Monthly Goal challenge-I'm in!!

Heidi at Red Letter Quilts just left me a comment on my last post and mentioned she was hosting the OMG One Montly Goal. So I checked it out and I'm in!!  I always have goals going every month, but this makes sure I stay on task of that one goal I committed to the first week of the month. This month I am committing to finishing(quilting and binding) my Ebb Tide quilt-pattern by Villa Rosa Designs. It needs quilting and binding.

Linking to One Monthly Challenge.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

All 2015 ALYOF projects

These are all my 2015 ALYOF projects that I completed. There is a finale link up happening at Sew Bitter Sweet.  I have loved entering into it each month as it helped me get things done that might have otherwise got pushed to the back of the closet!  I am so sad to see this coming to an end as this was my first year of participating in it. But so glad to have found it!

I was able to complete 11 projects thru this linky party. Of course I completed many many more on my own ;-).  In fact I did a very quick tally yesterday and here is what I accounted for(although I think there may have been more)..

table runners-38
donation quilts-31
wall hangings-12
lap quilts-6
baby quilts-2
flimsy's(tops not quilted)-6

Now that is a whole lot of quilting going on and a whole lot of fabric used!!  We won't even think about how much I bought this year though, even though I think it was less than in the past 2 years. And there was fabric given to me that I used for some of the donation quilts.

I am also pretty proud of myself since I finally figured out how to make a picture collage all by myself, LOL. I used Photoshop elements to do this after finding a tutorial in their help section. It may not be perfect but I am still happy with it. More practicing in the future! And many more finishes coming in 2016.

Linking up at SewBitterSweet.