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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mr. Straw

You might have seen this guy before-well one just like him(his cousin!). A couple of year ago I made one and sold it right away and never got around to making another. I had purchased the scarecrow door panel for $1 at a garage sale, in fact I got a few :-)  He had a white background and I thought he needed something darker for fall, so I used tan rit dye to achieve the effect I wanted. The leaves I stencil painted on using Tsukineko ink's in several colors and then used a little of their sparkle to top it off. He needed borders to complete him so I strip pieced those.

A little close up of the quilting-which I did differently on this one.  I think I will have to call him Mr. Straw too, since the first was just Mr. Straw.  So fun to make and so glad I got around to it. I put him in the craft show that opens on Friday.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween's a coming

I love Halloween/fall decorating. Our foyer has a seasonal wall and when I won this cute Halloween panel from Jasmine last fall I knew it had to be for my wall-thanks Jasmine!  The panel had 2 of the small pictures on each side of the haunted house, and me being me, I love the challenge of thinking of a different arrangement. So I cut it up and as you can see added 2 of the pic's off to the side and under the house. Jasmine also sent a yard of the green candy corn fabric so I added a square of that and appliqued the 'BOO' to it.

Then came the fun quilting, my favorite hook swirl for the house block, some straight line ruler work in the orange sashing along with some U turns.  The spiderwebs are soooo fun to quilt-if you have a Halloween quilt to whip you try them out!

I SID close to the Boo and then echo quilted.

This week I will link up to FreeMotion by the River and Let's Bee Social-links at the side bar.

I just hopped to Connie's and to my surprise I see she featured by round Perfect 7 toppers today!! A great start to this Tuesday :-)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Picking just one for October goal

It's kinda hard to pick just one project when I have so many that need doing this month. But this is the one... It's one part of a 3 part panel and I added the borders from the Neutral one out. It's just a wall hanging that needs to be quilted and bound and ready for one of the craft shows.  Linking to ALYOF

Friday, October 2, 2015

Skinny Spinner

This 23" topper is another design that comes with the Perfect ruler from Cheryl Phillips. It's name is Skinny Spinner.  I used some Christmas tree Batik from Island Batik  for the spikes and just added some neutral background from my stash.  I was careful when I sewed my strip set to lay out the trees so that they would swirl with the spikes, however what I didn't see at the time was that my trees are going in the opposite direction, but hey they still swirl!

It's Christmas without screaming Christmas-I like that.  Or they could be for a Northwoods theme for a cabin in the woods.  I have been having so much fun with the pack of fabric that Island Batik sent me to whip up some cuties and blog about them, thanks Island Batik-love your fabrics!!

Linking up with Fabric Frenzy Friday-link at my side bar and Finish it up Friday.  I'm off to check out other inspiration now. Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last one for the quarter!

Finished up this wall hanging that was a goal for the 3rd quarter at On the Windy Side Finish A Long yesterday. So that means I met all 6 of my goals I entered back in July-whoot whoot!!  The center was a panel meant for pillows I think, I got a great deal on it and bought several of them, this is the second one I have made up into a wall hanging. I added the light, red and blue borders and finished the corner stones with a friendship star block.  Batting-Hobbs 80/20, Thread-Glide on top and SoFine in bobbin.  Freehand hook swirl in the center, U turn's in the blue border, and used a wavy ruler to do the waves in the outer 3 borders(treating them as one). A little continous curve in the blue stars.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Busy, busy, busy FAL

WooHoo finish #5 for the FAL this quarter!!  I was starting to sweat that I hadn't finished all my goals and I really wanted to for this quarter, so I kicked it into gear, LOL   Those of you who had followed me for a while might think this is the topper I finished last year. This indeed looks like it, maybe even the same fabrics, but I did sell that one quickly so I made another for this year!  It's pretty self explanatory so I will keep this post short. I more have finishes to get done!!  I will link to the FAL when it goes live.

Monday, September 28, 2015

New ruler fun time

Recently I discovered Cheryl Phillips had a new ruler out called the Perfect 7 and being the ruler junkie I am I had to order it. These are what I made with it. So fun!!!  Included with the ruler are 7 different round toppers you can make. These finish at 23"  You make strips sets first and then using the guide lines on the ruler you cut your wedges, using 14 wedges for each topper. Then you applique the little circle in the middle. That circle kinda puffed up a bit after I quilted the wedges and they remind me of the old metal buttons you cover.  I am addicted to making them!!  I did find a mistake in one of the diagrams on the instruction sheet-the second diagram for the Chubby Spinner(my snowman one below).  You have to lay the ruler for both strip colors the same way. I alerted Cheryl about it and she apologized and said they would pull those instructions asap and fix.

I'll be linking up with other inspiring bloggers at some of the neat linky parties!!  Have a great week everyone;-)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I just realized...

that I had not posted another Quarter 3 goal for FAL that I finished a couple weeks ago. Good thing I put on my thinking hat this morning and checked on what I had entered as my goals in this post. This makes #4 of 6 that I entered. A cute snowman table runner that I designed a few years back. I keep making a few each year for the craft sales. Felt snowmen heads,hats,snowfakes and noses all appliqued on with machine. The snowmen I stitch on before I quilt it, the noses, hats and flakes I stitch on after quilting. Then add the button eyes.

Linking up with NTTCreative Goodness and On the Windy Side for FAL when it becomes live.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Winter's a coming

And I hope it is a long ways off yet!!  But the craft shows are definitely coming soon and I am bound and determined to whip through as many things as I can to get ready.
I had such wonderful response's to my Panel Dissecting post last week, that I  thought I would post another one to get your creative juices flowing :-)  I also had several no reply bloggers leave wonderful comments and no way to contact them, and I try so hard to respond to the comments as they mean so much to me!! So thank you to all.

Here is the panel, isn't it a honey!!  It is wonderful flannel.  I see at least 4 wall hangings in
 this one. So I decided to work with the bottom right 'Let it Snow' section first. So I got to work and cut right on the white lines. Plus I knew I wanted some of the little pictures also. So I cut out 3 of them.

Arranged them on my design wall to get this design. I wish I had taken a pic or 2 between steps, but I got all excited to get on with the making of it, LOL

The next step was to figure out how big to cut my green borders all around the big panel and then to space the little guys.  I also knew I wanted to do HST's on the top and bottom. The funny thing is I did not buy the coordinating fabrics at the same time I bought the panel. But all at different times and not knowing they all went together!!  And they ended up in my stash and oh so lovely together. 

And as you have seen with other panels I have done I don't like doing things the same all around. therefore I needed to do something different to the sides of the hanging and so here comes the cute colorful circles to go with for the side borders. And I thought I would end it there but no it didn't have the finished feeling, so I left it sit overnite.  

The next morning I knew just what I wanted. A simple top and bottom border of the circles which I feel pulled it all together.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

ALYOF-September finish

I am a little ahead of the game this month for once!!  My September goal for ALYOF was this fall round wedge topper. I had to applique the center circle, quilt and bind it, so not so bad. But I also had lots of other personal goals that I had set for myself so having this goal to meet was good for me to get in gear!!  So I am keeping this post short so I can go get more things done!!  As soon as the end of the month linky party opens I will link up with it!  It's always fun to see how many others met their goal too.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Panel dissecting

I love to take a panel that has multiple parts and cut it up and rearrange it, add borders etc. I picked up this cute little one at the Boline's booth at Quilt Expo last week.

As you can see I have cut all the little designs out separately and positioned them at the opposite corners and I am in the process of making my own checkerboard sashings. I cut the panel to even inches + 1/2" so I could cut 1.5" strips and have 1" finished squares.

TaDa all pieced!! I decided to take the checkerboard sashing all the way out into the corners to add interest between the little blocks.  By adding the strips of red border after the blocks it eliminates all the math that would need doing if I did a big pieced border. Easy Peasy rearranged panel!

For the binding I am planning on using the green by the blocks and the red checkerboard print for the binding on the red. I really like how it came out and have thoughts in mind of how I will quilt it

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sew Sweet

A wonderful bloggy friend knew I was going through a rough time this summer and she thought I needed something to cheer me up, thanks Sandra!!  Turns out she and another of my bloggy friends are friends too so she got my address from her and I received this pretty basket in the mail as a surprise. I am calling it my Sew Sweet basket :-)  It looks perfect with my rainbow wall quilt.

 I had those bags of scraps for scrappy runner projects just sitting on my counter taking up space and not looking all that pretty. So I put them in Sandra's basket so I would hide see them better and maybe use some of them. It worked as I made up these runners from the scraps.

But as you can see I have more scraps in there- for another style of scrappy runners, which I would love to get ready for fall shows, that remains to be seen, LOL

I was at Quilt Expo in Madison, WI last week with a good friend and I found me some goodies that just had to come home with me...well this is some of them at least, LOL  That one on the very left was my very first Layer cake that I have ever bought!!  And the best part was that at Nancy's Notions booth it was only $19.99-oh yeh that one had to come home with me-gorgeous batik's. What am I going to make you ask-hahaha I have no clue!!  The little wool felt snowman kit will be for me-I love snowmen!  And the snowman wall hanging pattern next to it I will whip up some day for a craft show.  OK I better end this post and get to makin' something :-)

Oh and this morning I got an email saying I won a Hello Darling jelly roll from 44th Street Fabrics and Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs, what a great way to start a Tuesday! I have been eyeing me that fabric for a while and thought someday I will get me some-now I will have it!!

Wishing you a wonderful productive week.  I will be linking up with a few wonderful linky parties on my side bar.

Monday, September 7, 2015

A few fall finishes

With it being September, I am in full' finish things up' mode as my first craft show is only a month away-YIKES. I do have lots of quilting ready, but I always want more of course. I still want/have to make more purses, doll clothes. snowmen and knitted items.  Sleep-who needs sleep, LOL

I tend to really go in streaks with my process, I do lots of piecing and then do the quilting, then the bindings. I used to work in a factory years ago and assemble line is what I know so it carries over into my crafting world.

Freehand design from Christina Camelli.

This freehand design is from a DVD by Patsy Thompson.

A little felt candle mat I designed and all hand stitched by me. This is my relax time while watching TV.

Of course I will be joining some of the linky parties on my left sidebar this week. It's always fun to see what other bloggers are working on!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Decision made for September...

I finally made the decision of what my goal will be for September for ALYOF. A pretty simple one and I sure have lots of personal goals of finishing things up for the craft shows in addition to linking up to ALYOF. But I choose this wedge topper for my September project to link up at the end of the month. Appliquing it's center then quilting, trimming and binding.