Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Cobblestone finish-OMG

This is my second Cobblestone Path quilt I have made.  I love the fun modern look of it and I loved the red aqua fabrics, so together they made for an awesome quilt!  You can see the first one here.

Edited to say: When I post this today I forgot to say it is also my OMG this month!!!!!!  So I'll be linking up at Elm Street Quilts when it goes live.

All custom quilted on my Nolting Funquilter 17".  Two different feather sprays go the length of the print fabric columns.  Wishbones are quilted in the white sashings between the feather columns, and the white border all the way around the quilt.

The backing is pieced with some of the leftover prints.  I love print backings and I love pieced backings-a win win;)  They just add so much character to a quilt.

Hobbs 80/20 batting with Glide Thread.  This quilt is now in my Etsy shop.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Treble and Bass

Last week I finished up this quilt called Treble and Bass in the book All About Strips by Susan Guzman.  A fun quilt to use a variety of prints in. I am really stuck on this color combination of blue, aqua and lime green. Using white as the background really makes it pop.

This quilt is listed in my Etsy shop now.

 I longarm quilted it on my Nolting Funquilter with a freehand allover pattern I call fan blades. Glide thread in a light aqua and Hobbs 80/20 were used.

Here you can see the 'in progress' work while it is on the frame.

We must not forget a look at the pieced backing. I so love print backings and I love pieced ones that add more interest to our quilt.

I hope everyone has a great week planned and are very productive!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Red scrappiness

Yesterday I had a small amount of time for sewing, so, I decided to start some churn dash blocks.  I have been wanting to make some for quite a while and why not in red for this months color for RSC17. I have no idea what these will become, but that is beside the point-right?  I am using stash fabric and getting something done, that is good enough for me this week!  These little guys will be 6" finished and oh so cute this size.

This week has been a busy week of cleaning in preparation for the local longarm meeting which I am hosting today. It's a great motivator for getting some deeper cleaning done!  Very appropriate that our meeting falls on Worldwide Quilting Day!  I have also been working on my projects for the Henry Glass Desire to Inspire Challenge which I need done by the end of the month. Hope all of you have had a good week.

And on behalf of my fellow Island Batik Ambassadors I wish you a 

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Friday, March 17, 2017

H2H donation quilt ready

This is my first quilt ready for donation for the H2H project going on over at Sarah's.  Sarah has done this for several years, but, this will be my first year to participate.

I had pieced this a couple years ago with the intent of practicing some Christina Cameli designs from her second book.  The practicing got done on other more important projects instead.  But, when Sarah announced the H2H last Sunday, I knew it would be good to get this out of the closet and into the hands of someone who could use it.

It was definitely fun playing with some new designs.

I found a fleece in my stash that was the perfect size for the backing.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Creative Space

If you are like me you are curious where others do their creative sewing.  I would like to share with you my sewing/knitting studio.  When we built our house 23 years ago, I really wanted a studio on the main floor.  Therefore, I could sew in between cooking, laundry etc.  Since we don't do a lot of entertaining we didn't need a formal dining room, so we turned it into my studio. It is only 13' x 13' but I have packed everything in(well not all of it-ahem, might be some stored elsewhere in the house!)   We installed a U shaped counter top on 3 sides of the room, that is where my sewing machines and 2 of my knitting machines reside.  After all these years and collecting more stuff I do wish it was twice this size, but I still really love it.

I am standing in my kitchen doorway looking into the room. To the immediate left is a closet, then my Brother knitting machine with it's motor attachment, another closet(no you are not getting to see in them, LOL-can't let all the secrets out now can I, hehe).  Next is my portable design wall(love that it's portable). And you are probably wondering what is all that in between the design wall and window. Well that is cone yarn that is used on the knitting machines. They come in one pound cones. Then starts the U shape counter top where you see one sewing machine, that is the one I take to class, retreat, or let a friend use when they come to sew.
Also when you come into the room on the right is my new cutting counter-boy am I ever loving that!

Here is another view from inside the room. See the 2 closets(with their doors shut, hehe). Here you get another glimpse of the cutting table from the other side.  The two french doors lead into the formal living room. 

Ok, back to the counter top with the class sewing machine, and 2 storage units that house some precuts and some yardage, knitting patterns and supplies for the knitting machines.  I keep saying 'machines', yes indeed I have multiple(maybe like 5).  Two of which are spares for parts should I ever need them since Brother no longer produces knitting machines.  You also are getting a glimpse of my big board ironing board-couldn't live without that!

If you look closely on top of the first storage unit is a picture of my mom watching over me. She's been gone for several years, but, she was my first teacher of all things crafty so she deserves a place of honor in my room. I miss her dearly.

And you might be asking just what is a knitting machine-am I right???  Well here is a picture of another, this one has no motor, meaning I sit there and push the carriage back and forth to make it knit (I see the carriage sitting upside down on the counter top behind and to the left of the machine). This machine is used with sport weight yarn to make sweaters, hats and mittens.

Here is the third knitting machine, with it's carriage in place and ready to knit. This machine uses bulky yarn, like Red Heart 4 ply that I make hats with. This is where I keep my boom box too.  You might notice a green skirt all around the countertop-more hiding places, hehe.

And now to the main sewing area. The white cupboards above hold my thread, buttons, felt, and a few other crafting supplies. The pegboard holds all sorts of sewing supplies, scissors, rotary cutters, needles, elastic, bias tape makers (you get the idea!)  On the counter to the left is my Janome 5000 embroidery machine.  My main sewing machine the Janome 7700, along with my Koala chair sits right next to the cutting counter.  On the wall is my handy dandy ruler holder my sweet hubby made me a few years ago. I thought 30 slots would be plenty-NOT, there are more rulers hiding!  On the cutting counter, if you look closely, you will see a white goose neck light. Got it from Ikea for $10-it's wonderful!!  I don't usually have to use it since I have a south facing double window along with an east one, however, you still get cloudy days where more light is needed, or if I sew at night.  And there on the right is the doorway into the kitchen so we have come full circle.

And a view of the whole cutting counter:) Three cubes from the local home improvement store screwed together with a laminate 2' x 4' shelf on top.  Storage galore all the way around.  See there are more rulers hiding beside it-they are too big to fit in the holder.

 Hope you enjoyed the tour of my room and didn't fall asleep!!!  My longarm resides in another room, my son's old bedroom, along with my stamping supplies.
I would like to encourage all of you to post pic's of your creative space.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Laundry Day Blog Hop

YEAH it's laundry day!  Never thought I'd say that so happily! Jen and Jan are holding a Laundry Day blog hop. When they put out a call for participants I jumped right in. They came up with this cute little free pattern that we all used and personalized it however we wanted.

It was the perfect size for me to use as a magnetic quilt for my steel front door. My house is a tan two story with a red door, so of course I had to make the house in the quilt to match:)   The mini mini quilt hanging on the line drying was to be a 4" block we made to look like a quilt. However, I had a light bulb moment and I made my mini mini into a real little 4" quilt. Now I could detach and make seasonal quilts to hang on the line!

Look at those stinking cute little clothespins I just happened to have in my crafting stash-they really work!!

 A lady bug and a basket button was added after quilting (think that mini mini will fit in the basket?).

Did you notice I made my binding to match the colors in the quilt-that was a first for me!  I confess it took way longer than a traditional binding but this one just screamed do it, LOL  A flower button was added. Oh another light bulb moment- I attached these buttons with safety pins in the back so I could change them out if I wanted to.

I was having loads of fun with the quilting, lines on the house to represent siding, jagged lines for grass. U turns for the sidewalk and road. Upside down clam shells to represent shingles on the roof. The doorknob is a bead. To make the quilt magnetic I put little pockets on the back of the quilt to slip a strong magnet into.

Feather clusters for the sky, maybe they are clouds, with a butterfly flitting about.

I used an assortment Island Batiks for this mini.

Thanks Jen and Jan for such a fun pattern and Blog Hop! There are several of us participating today and tomorrow in this Blog Hop. It will be so fun to see how everyone has personalized their own little Laundry Day.  Here is a list.

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I've been told there are prizes if you leave a comment at both Jen's A Dream and a Stitch  and Jan's Color, Creating and Quilting blogs.  I hope you all enjoy hopping around seeing everyone's project!

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March Mini paper piecing

Using an assortment of  Island Batik's I paper pieced this 19" x 19" mini for our March challenge.

The pattern is Triple Goosed by Jelli Quilts on Craftsy. I did further her pattern by adding two skinny white borders with Island Batik rectangles in between. It is now adorning my green wall in my sewing room.

Just so you all know how crazy I am, look at the size of those green geese!!  I seriously had my doubts after piecing the first of 4 of these and almost didn't make it.  But all said and done I am glad I did.  I do have to say that using Island Batik's made the paper piecing some of the easiest I have done. It just creases so well and of course there is no wrong side!  When paper piecing I like to take an index card and fold on all the lines on the paper before sewing.  I always use my Add a Quarter ruler for cutting the 1/4" seam allowance.

The geese got a little bigger as I went;)

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

March OMG

Yesterda, as I was working on another squirrel, I decided upon my goal for March. Custom quilt and bind this quilt that has been languishing in the closet for just over a year(not too bad!).  I even had time last night to piece the backing so I am hoping to get it on the frame this week.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

I'm 'sew' excited!!!

Henry Glass Fabrics has a Desire to Inspire challenge, and for March they picked me!!!!  The fabric arrived yesterday(Friday).  It was like Christmas seeing what all was in the box.

Look at this fun fabric.  I am just tickled pink to have new fabric to play with.  I mean just look at the adorable little sheep!!
Hmmm what will I make with will have to check back later this month and find out. I know one thing for sure I will make, but of course, I will have more than that. This is a lot of wonderful fun prints to work with.  And since I am also a knitter it makes it even more fun!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I am just squeaking by with meeting my OMG hosted by Elm Street Quilts. At first I couldn't figure out how I wanted to quilt this. It really begged for something a bit custom I thought. Last week I finally figured out what to do, and I thought I'll just get the backing ready. Next thing I know, it was loaded on my frame, and I was in the mood to quilt. As a longarmer, we appreciate finding a path to travel that eliminates as many starts and stops as possible. If I started in the right spot I could make 4 passes across the interior of the quilt without breaking and burying the thread.  

In the colored pinwheel sections I did a continuous curve (CC).  Then I snuck over into the white and used my straight ruler to outline 1/4" away and made a small stipple traveling back to continue with the CC in the colored area.  The narrow lime green border got SID each time I advanced the quilt forward on the frame.

The eggplant border was the last thing I did. It's a modified piano key border.  See how the arc, at the top of the piano key, mimics the arc in the pinwheel pulling it all together.

This 1" line stencil from Pam Clarke and miracle chalk (or baby powder) and a foam brush came in handy to mark lines every 2" to use as a guide for the modified piano keys.

 I used a Glide light silver thread on top and a darker taupe on the back to blend but still gives it texture.
For the binding I used all the leftovers from the pinwheel sections. I had just enough!   Now I had a little error on the binding.  I wanted to use Suzy's magic binding technique but she has it being a 2.75" binding and I always prefer 2.25". Therefore I chose to cut mine less-now mind you I have done this before. But somehow, I cut it different this time and in the end the print one was too large to SID to the front so I ended up stitching it all down by hand like any normal person would do, LOL  It looks fine, it just wasn't the look I was going for.  I am glad it is done, out of my closet, and now I can move on to something else!   And I do have something exciting to share with you later this week!!!!

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

My squirrel

Ok so I admit I never had heard of these squirrel moments until I stumbled upon Sandra's blog a few years back. She kept talking about having those Squirrel's and once I learned what she was talking about, I realized I have them all the time, LOL. I just never knew they had a name!

So here is my squirrel or DrEAMI! moment for February.  Cheerful is a pattern by A Bright Corner that I had been admiring for quite some time.  One day earlier this month I was wandering around my sewing room, maybe doing a bit more cleaning up, and my eyes landed upon the fat quarter set I bought from Connecting Threads last November. I decided right then and there to go get the pattern and start in on it. Two days later I had the top sewn up!!  BTW the fabric is Amanda Jean's Good Neighbors line.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

I started another

Another RSC17 that is.  I knew I wanted another back in January and I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was going to be. And then two weeks ago I decided. Promptly gettint to work and making the purple for January, to catch up, and also the aqua/mint ones for February.  Then I got sick and wasn't up to taking the pic or blogging about it.  Feeling much better now;)

These are Pat Sloan's Solstice Day into Night block.  I just liked this particular block from the first time I saw a bunch of them floating around cyber space. 

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Working my way through two projects

You might have noticed a new button on the top left side bar. Jan and Jen are having a quilt along from a pattern Jen designed called Laundry Day. I am participating and my day to blog my finished mini will be March 10th. So be sure to come back. There are several of us in the blog hop and I know you will want to check out all the inspiration!

My second project is my OMG for February. I was beginning to think I wouldn't make it. But yesterday I felt good enough to get the backing squared up and loaded on the frame.  Then I thought oh I might as well do just a little quilting...I actually got 3 hours worth done!  Today I will be able to finish the interior of the quilt and get the borders started perhaps;)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Quilts for our furry friends

During February we Island Batik Ambassadors, had a second challenge. That was to create some
Kennel Quilts for furry friends somewhere, either local, or to send to Louisiana as they are in need after the storms that have rolled through there.  That is where my two will go.

 In 2016, Island Batik joined forces with an existing group of industry partners and supporters of the Petfinder Foundation to create the Piece for Shelter Pets (PFSP) initiative.  The initative supports the Petfinder Foundation, a "Public Charity" that works to end the euthanasia of adoptable pets by assisting animal shelters and rescue groups across North America through financial contributions made possible by the sale of fabric, thread, and other quilting related products.  PFSP sponsors include "The Quilt Magazine, Island Batik, Aurfifil Threads, QuiltyBox, Benartex, and Hancocks' of Paducah."

The TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team is a volunteer organization sponsored by "The Quilt Pattern Magazine (TQPM) that springs into action(or should we say "Stitches" into action?) when disasters strike, sewing small kennel quilts for animals in need while they are separated from their humans and possibly injured.  Creating kennel quilts is a way for quilters to help our animal friends in times of need by doing what we love.  TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team supplies kennel quilts to shelters across the United States. 

There are guidelines to follow HERE if you would care to make some also.  I picked out 3 strips from my Island Batik stash builder packs and got busy making a couple of Kennel quilts that measure 12"x18".

 They both have the same backing with cute little kitties romping all over.
I hope these two little quilts will bring a couple pets some comfort while they are going through a tough time. It sure made me remember good times with our Cocker Spaniel.  I also hope this post makes sense, you see I have been sick with some awful crud since last Thursday. My DH had it first, it literally was the worse we remember as we felt so horrible for 3-4 days straight. All you could do was stay in bed.  I am still not over it, the sinus's are still under attack which affected my ear and so I am a little light headed yet.

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