Friday, April 28, 2017


 Cheerful is the name of the pattern by A Bright corner. I just thought it was a fun quilt and I had to make it this past February. Completing it by quilting and binding this is my One Monthly Goal for April.  

This one just had to have custom quilting. I do admit I previously thought I would do something entirely different for the quilting. But the day before I put it on the frame, I got to thinking I would look to the fabric for inspiration and this blue block with flowers got me to thinking.  See the flowers on it, that is what got me thinking of choosing two flower designs and treat the block as one instead of individual designs in each section of the block.  Much easier to execute and less starts and stops. Do you ever let your fabric talk to you?

Here is the other flower design. 

The tools and thread used throughout this quilt.

Love when I have backing in my stash that just works perfectly!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

A wiggle for H2H

I finished another quilt for my donation for H2H, it is called Wiggle Time. The pattern is by Cynthia. If you have never tried her pattern, you should! I love the ease and quickness of this one. This is also another one knocked off my Q2 list for FAL 2017.  That makes 3 out of 11 done for me-feeling good I am!
So the fabric and the quilting are nothing special, but it is done and it will comfort someone in need.

                          I needed a bit wider backing and so I used up the leftover bits from the front.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


It's time to link up to Step 3 of the Freefall QAL that Sandra at MMMquilts is hosting. My Step 3 blocks are the ones with the black background.  Not sure if they are all placed in their final resting spot, but, you get the idea.

Looking forward to seeing all the finishes in a few weeks!  Stay tuned.

I leave you with a bit of spring from my yard...

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Wrap It Up!

When I first saw this quilt I knew it was one I wanted to make. I had a DrEAMI moment and stopped doing whatever else I had going and made it.  The inspiration for this is from Wrap It Up by Kate Mitchell. 

The coloring is very similar to the one on her pattern. I liked it as it went with my Living room and because I happened to have these 2 half jelly rolls that I bought last fall just begging to be used. It was a win win situation.

Back in September an ad came across facebook about JellyRollFabric and they had a special going on for this roll, $9.97 for each 20 strip roll.  I bought these two and a Deep Ocean blue set also. 

Hook swirl freehand allover on my Nolting Funquilter made for a fast finish. The addition of the black and white that just makes the quilt pop.

This is one of eleven projects on my FAL 2nd quarter list, so I will be linking with them at the end of the quarter.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Applique in April

Adventurous Applique in April
This little quilt was in Quilts and More, spring 2014, and has been on my 'to do' list for a while. It's just so cute and springy!   When I saw the April Island Batik challenge for us Ambassadors was applique, I knew it was time.  I had the perfect spring batiks from Island Batiks Dotalicious line.
The quilting was done before the applique. This just makes it so easy to do the background quilting without having to go around the applique pieces. Plus you don't have to add any stabilizer to applique process then.  Since batik's don't ravel like regular fabrics I didn't use a fusible, however, I used Elmer's glue on the edge and ironed them onto my background.
 Embellishments can add a bit of fun flare to the wall hanging.

The jagged stitching is an applique stitch on my Janome 7700. It makes a great edging on leaves.

My door was looking kinda bare so I made this into a door quilt. Little pockets were stitched onto the back to hold magnets as my door is steel.

Once again thank you Island Batik for making such gorgeous fabrics for us all to play with and Aurifil for my piecing thread and Superior Threads for my quilting thread.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Super Scrappy for H2H and FAL

When the April color was picked for RSC17, and I learned it was mixed colors, I knew this quilt would be a good one to get finished up and have it serve three purposes this month.  A friend had given me a bag with the print blue squares, with monkeys, polka dots, confetti, and jungle animals all cut. I added yellow to make them into nine patches, red polka dots for sashing and the multi color stripe fabric for a border to pull it all together.

 First purpose was for ScrapHappy Saturday for RSC17

Second purpose was for giving it to H2H  that Sarah has going on right now.  This is my second quilt finished for H2H this year.  You can find the first one HERE.  

Third purpose was to list it as one of my eleven projects to finish up this quarter for FAL 2017.  Yes I feel good about getting a finish so early in the quarter!  This little 45" square quilt needed it's quilting and binding.  An Easy allover water type design made it quick work. 

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HAPPY EASTER to each and everyone of you!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Purse finishes to share with you

These five purses actually got finished last weekend and I have been waiting for outside weather to clear up to get better pictures!

They are made from my own pattern (which hasn't been written yet).  I have made and sold many at craft shows over the last six years.  But two of these are now listed in my Etsy shop with hopes of adding a couple more soon. 

The outside as two side pockets and one front and center pocket.  The handles are each 21" long from end to end.  The two ties on the side of the purse are easily untied for expansion of the purse.  

A view of the backside.  These are made with cotton fabrics and both the outside and inside of the purse are quilted.

Inside you will find 8 more pockets-see how organized you can be with this purse!   The magnetic closure will help keep your contents secure. To make the purse more sturdy, I have added a covered foam core board in the bottom.  To wash the purse, remove the foam core board, and wash with cool water and air dry. 

A close up of another.  If you would like to see the others close up, please stop by my Etsy shop

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It's Furry Friday-Pet Adoption

Island Batik along with several other sponsors are asking for you help in getting precious animals adopted. They have asked us Ambassadors to post about pet adoption as a reminder there are many pets in need of a forever home.

The pets this week are...

Ceasar is around 10 years old and weighs about 50 pounds. Now don't let his age fool you, this boy has spunk! He gets along well with most other dogs and enjoys playing with toys of all kinds. He knows a few things too, sit, down, shake and high 5 and is eager and ready to learn more! Ceasar walks well on the leash and after and long a leisurely stroll, he is ready to cuddle up for some pets. Stop in and meet Ceasar today!
Meet him at the Humane Society of Summit County in Twinsburg, Ohio.


Chester is a nine year old male tuxedo, that is also the leader here at the Animal Refuge Center. This may sound strange to those that don't know, but here at the shelter we are a cage-less facility, meaning that the cats are free to socialize as they please. This can lead to the occasional fight or disagreement, but for the most part the cats get along. Chester plays a big role in this and because of his love of dogs, he also insists that the cats should be nice to them.

While Chester does fill a role at the shelter, he strongly desires a home and is very affectionate. Chester would prefer a home where he might be able to go outside occasionally. He will lay in your lap and when you pet him he drools a little, it's so cute! Chester also likes to help with laundry and usually shows up with a buddy or two. You've probably never met a cat quite like him and you won't soon forget him either.
Meet him at Animal Refuge Center, Inc., in Vine Grove, Kentucky

If you are not able to adopt one at this time but would like to help out consider making Kennel Quilts to donate to your local kennel. You can find out about the guidelines HERE.

In February Island Batik asked all of the Ambassadors to make kennel quilts, you can find my post here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Freefall QAL 2nd phase

Here are my first set of blocks pieced for Sandra's Spring Freefall QAL.  Since these were cut during the first week, the sewing went really fast.

There was some trimming up to be done and I relied on my Block Loc 2.5" ruler-love that little guy. Since these were trimmed to 2" I just had to slide it down to the 2" mark. For little blocks I like to use a small rotary mat instead of my turn table one. It's just easier to move this little guy around.

 And what's a project without a pile cute trimmings!

Monday, April 10, 2017

A good guy quilt

This is a good guy quilt, don't cha think?   March 1st I saw this pattern called All Stacked Up-a freebie Fat Quarter Fun quilt by Amber and Amanda. It looked quick and easy and I was in the mood for that. I looked in my fat quarter bins and had the perfect yellow/green, black and gray ones that I had left ferment long enough. They wanted to come out and play, so I let them.  Quickly they pulled a solid black, with a medium and light solid gray into their playing circle.  I had it pieced a couple days later. You could say it was one of those DrEAMi moments, stop and do it right now!!

I quilted it up a week later and the weather was not cooperating to get good picutes. I must have taken 50 of them and none were good enough really. But Sunday morning it was just right outside, I grabbed DH and the quilt and plopped them on the deck and finally good pictures!

Love the plaid effect it achieved.

Hook Swirl freehand all over was accomplished on my Nolting FunQuilter.

Used up another fat quarter to give the back character.  All fabrics were from my stash.  Hobbs 80/20 batting and Glide thread were also used.

A very fun, fast quilt with great results.  I could just see sending this off with a college student!  It is now listed in my Etsy shop.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

2nd quarter 2017 FAL

I am hoping to finish these projects during this 2ns quarter of 2017.  Most of them need quilting and binding.  It might seem like an ambitious list, but broken down, it's only 3 things per month. Doable, right???  But of course, there will be starting of some new projects too.  But still getting these all done will be super and my shelf will be looking closer to empty, LOL

1. Needs quilting and binding.

2. I have the blocks done, so it will be finish piecing, quilt and bind.

3. Quilt and bind

4. Finish piecing, quilt, and bind.

 5. Finish piecing, quilt and bind Freefall QAL quilt.

6.  Quilting and binding needed.

7. Quilting and binding needed.

8. Quilting and binding needed.

9. Quilting and binding
  10. Quilting and binding.

11. Quilting and binding.

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