Monday, December 5, 2016

Adding to the stash and today's project

I am crushing on new fabric I added to the stash!  Connecting threads had a great Back Friday sale and I picked up some Good Neighbors fat quarters. I might have also had a couple other bundles in the cart too, I'll show you those another day:-)  No I don't have a plan in place for these fabrics yet.

Here is a sneak peek at my project I am working on today. The print triangles were all cut and leftover from another project. Stay tuned to see the finished top, hopefully later this week.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Scrappy Stars

Two years ago I bribed a friend into coming over and pressing strings and scraps from the scrap bin(s) in return for some quilting. While she pressed away I cut away into 5" squares,  5" strips etc. with certain patterns in mind to use them in the future. I did use 'some' of the strips but those 5" sqs were still waiting their turn. This past Thursday I got them out and also found 2.5" squares already cut. Yeah I was all set to just sew those babies up.  Pedal to the Metal!!

Alright 2 blocks done and up on the design wall. Stood back admired them...well shoot, I didn't have the perfect star block, do you see my mistake?  Those 2.5" squares were not big enough to make the star points correct. But, hmmm, I want to use what's cut and get on with it. So I did, I left it the way it was.  And in the end it worked out OK, not perfect but OK.  This will be a donation quilt, it will still keep someone warm and wrapped in a quilty hug.

Four blocks were done on Thursday. Friday I had an adventure with three friends. We went to check out a craft sale an hour north of me to see if  I might want to vend at it next year.  I took a few samples with me, table runners, snowmen and children's sweaters. The gals in charge loved them and wished I could have been there this year. Yeah me too. It was in her home, she clears out a lot of furniture and sets up several crafter's wares in all the rooms on the main floor. Very nicely arranged. She has some table runners there, but mine were different enough, she had no fabric snowmen and no children's sweaters. She wants me to bring stuff next year, so I left really stoked!!

 And we three friends had lunch out and went to another craft sale before heading home. A great day was had.  So after all that I managed to sew a bunch more blocks and finished up more today and was able to get them sewn together. I am glad I decided to stagger them and cut a couple blocks in half to fill in the top and bottom of each column.  So far it is all from the scrap bins!!  Next I will plan a border, which most of it will be from scraps.

I wrote the draft for this post last night before going to bed. And this is what we woke up to this morning-last we knew we were only to get an inch or less. There is 3 inches for sure and man the trees are thick this morning, it is still snowing. But in MN this is normal so no bigee. This is the first measurable for the season.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Friday Flimsies and socks

I'm trying to finish up a few UFO's.  Can I really call it a UFO if it is only leftover tumblers from another project, it wasn't started yet!!  At any rate I need to clean up some bits and pieces that have been hanging around way too long.  I only had to cut 4 more tumblers in order to get it this size. All pieced in one day. And before you think I am really nutty that is striped fabric in the border, not pieced:-)  As I was shopping my stash for something for the borders I came across the striped fabric and thought how perfect since it has all the colors as the tumblers. But I didn't want to overpower it, so by cutting 1.5" strips of the stripe and 2" of the orange I think it came together nicely. 

A second flimsy finish. Once again all the triangles were leftovers from another project from a few years ago. I did not want to cut anymore of these so I put in white sashings in between each triangle and found the perfect stripe to space the rows out a bit.  Now it is the perfect size for a neonatal donation. Therefore, it won't get borders.  

Finally I remembered to get pic's of my first pair of hand knit socks!  I have had them done for a couple months and with the weather getting chillier I will be wearing them more often. They are so comfortable. I used Kroy sock yarn.  I am working on the second sock of the second pair now. Work is slow on them as I only do a few rows each evening while watching TV.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Whats on my Design Wall today

Here is my design wall this morning. Last January when I went to retreat I started working on this quilt. I sewed the strip sets and cut the 60 degree triangles and then I stopped as I needed my design wall to lay out the colors where I wanted them. So all year they have been sitting in a pile on my sewing counter.

 Last Tuesday I dug them out and declared I would get this sewn into a flimsy in the next week or so.Hmm note to self...take better notes before putting something on hold that long!! First my pattern wasn't with the triangles and I wasn't even sure at first what pattern I was making;-(  So it took a couple hours to get everything straightened out.

If you look closely at the picture you will find a boo boo. See the red star with the piece of fabric pinned to it. That triangle got turned, I spotted it last night when I sat down to admire how this flimsy was coming along. It wasn't the first one to get turned either, but at least I caught those before they got sewn into rows.  I didn't get a lot of sewing time this weekend as the Christmas decorating took place, almost done with that.

This pattern is Oh My Stars found in  Anka's Treasures book called Sizzlin 60's. The fabric is a Hello Darling jelly roll and I am so loving this fabric!  My plan' today is to get more assembled into rows.

Edited to ask...What would you do for borders?  I don't want to purchase anything and since I used a jelly roll there are no leftovers. I think I have enough solids to do the 2" and 4.24" finished borders, Trying to figure out what color would look best, I guess some auditoning is in order.

What's on your design wall this week?
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

2nd RSC16 flimsy finish

Last weekend I finished up the first RSC16 flimsy and now I have the second flimsy finished. Ahhhh it feels so good to be nearing the finish of these. I love them but also am tired of looking at them, LOL
So plain and simple here it is...
You will notice I added the top and bottom borders just like the one from last weekend. I needed to make it rectangular instead of square(for my own purposes!).  So out came the scrap bin again, better to use more up so I can get the lid on it;-)  Did you notice how I color coordinated the border with the block right below or above it?  So glad I did that rather than a hodge podge of colors along the width of the border.

I hope everyone is getting their RSC16 flimsies together!!  Next month we quilt and bind them. 
Now onto Christmas decorating inside and out for the next week. But I will still find time to sew in between. After all I have to try out my new Koala Sew Comfort Chair-it's my Christmas present. I wanted to get it early to get a special for Black Friday at my local sewing center.  I am not sure that it wouldn't have been that price all along but it sounded good, LOL  

What I love most about this chair is that it can raise up to a ridiculous height.  My sewing counter is higher than what a sewing cabinet would be and I have not been able to find a comfortable chair to raise that high until now. The fact that it has 5 legs(a definite plus), instead of my old office chair with 4 and it swivels so nicely. Too many times I have almost tipped that thing over.  Now I won't ever want to leave my sewing room, oh wait it was like that before, hahaha.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

One RSC16 flimsy

I had pedal to the medal yesterday and moved one of my RSC16 projects into the flimsy category! Square quilts are not my thing unless they are on my wall, and this one was square so what should I do. Of course add a top and bottom border and in the process use more scraps-a win win! The pattern for the blocks is on Moda Bake Shop-Tropical Punch.

I am really liking how it came out, so this is what I am crushing on this week. Since it is a donation quilt I will keep the quilting simple for next months finish!  It measures about 44x55.  At this point I am thinking scrappy binding, but we'll see when it is time.
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Scrappy progress

Last weekend's post on Scrappy Goodness I showed you 2 new projects and told you I started a third one. Here is the third one all pieced, it's Wiggle Time by Cynthia Brunz.  I think it is my go to pattern for a quick quilt to use up some fabric. My dark blue flowered background was in my stash, as well as enough scraps of the red, yellow and green to whip this one up. I have made several of this pattern now and I am still not tired of it;-)  I apologize for the horrible picture, our weather did not cooperate to take it outside.

I made progress on my Missouri Star Pinwheel in a churn dash blocks. I had the blue ones done last weekend and now I added these 6 green ones. Four more need to be done this week.

I now have this one into a flimsy, so I think I had a good week of sewing. 

This week in between a Dr. appt, babysitting, Turkey day and Black Friday I need to work on my RSC16 blocks to get them into flimsies.  Scrap on my fellow bloggers!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My trunk full of quilts

I would love to show you my trunk full of quilts!  Soma at Whims and Fancies is hosting the 2016 Trunk Full of Quilts so be sure to stop over there for links to lots of bloggers showing off their most special quilts.

It is very hard picking out just a few as I love so many of the quilts I make but here goes...

This is a Quick Curve ruler quilt from Sew Kind of Wonderful. I absolutely love the blue and grey combo, it was so fun making and quilting it.

This quilt was made from some scraps a friend gave me, it now resides in the Master bedroom. I love the color combo in these prints.

Tubix was a pattern I tested for Sue. It was an absolute joy to make this quilt. Sue has the pattern for sale on her site.

One of my fall wall hangings. Our guild had a challenge going in 2011, we bought a grab bag of 3 fat quarters, sight unseen and then we were to make anything we wanted. We could also add a small amount of another color. I added the green to mine.

Purses are something else I love making. I do quilt them too.  I came up with the idea of 3 outside pockets along with it's 8 inside pockets to keep us ladies all organized!

One year ago I started writing patterns and opened my Craftsy store. These 5 runners are my patterns I have for sale.  

Around and Around We Go
Through The Window
                                                                                                                     Gobble It Up!

                                  Modern Circles


                                                                            Tilting Trees

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Squedge 30 toppers

A friend asked me if I could make her 2 identical toppers just like a fall one she bought from me a couple years ago. She had some purple fabrics she purchased while on vacation, oh and were they gorgeous. Here they are with the fall topper.  The fabrics are a rich purple with metalic in 2 of them. The golden metallic were used for the light colored diamond sections.  When Kathy brought the fabrics over we discovered we needed 2 more fabrics she we hopped in her car and went shopping. We had such a good time visiting that day and it happened I just needed a little diversion from 'life' that day so it was perfect timing.

She wanted the exact same quilting on these two. Which was not a problem for me as I loved how the first one came out;-)

 These toppers are made using Diana Phillips Squedge 30 ruler and the free pattern that comes with it.

 She will be using these on her tables for a Tea at her church. I believe she said the theme was The Three Wise Men.   The pictures don't show the richness of the fabrics but believe me they are there. Kathy was very happy with how they turned out and I was glad I could help her out. Thanks Kathy!!

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Have a great productive week everyone!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

scrappy goodness

I started 2 new scrappy donation quilts today, yes 2 in one day. Crazy right?  Today was a meeting of sewing friends. We call ourselves The Mod Squad because we all liked modern quilting. But it has evolved more into sewing whatever we want when we meet, doesn't have to modern. So I needed something easy to sew while chatting away.  So strip sewing it was, then of course cutting and re-sewing. I got the interior of this quilt together. I'll show you the whole thing of course when I get the borders on and everything is pressed.  Sorta teasing you aren't I, sorry;-)  I love the pink print!

The second one I worked on today was another Wiggle quilt. I only got the strips sewed and started cutting when it was time to go home. Since strip sets are not all that exciting I will show you that another day too.

And this one I started a few months back when we had blue as our RSC16 color of the month. I made 2 blocks and didn't continue. So now that the end of the year is coming I need to get my rear in gear!!
I have 2 more blue blocks cut and ready to sew.  Then I will do 10 green and put into a quilt about lap size. This a tutorial from Missouri Star called Disappearing churn dash pinwheel. Easy and fun to make. I love so many of their tutorials and hope to do more soon.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Blue Christmas

I chose to use these beautiful blue strips provided by Island Batik for my November Ambassador winter wonderland challenge for Island Batik.

I trimmed them all up to 2 1/4" strips, they were in the right length of 20".  I sewed them all together on the long sides and cut an 8" slice off and flipped it end for end and sewed back together.

 Time for the quilting which needed to look like wind blowing the snowflakes around. Therefore, hook swirl to the rescue! I also appliqued 3 white felt snowflakes after I quilted the top.  I appliqued them on using my Nolting Funquilter.  I really was planning on doing a tutorial and I totally forgot to take pictures!!

The more I work with these gorgeous fabrics the more I fall in love with them. They have such a wonderful feel and the prints are so awesome, thanks Island Batik!

Don't cha just love that the Winter Wonderland logo matches my table runner!  The runner measures 36" x 18.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wonky Sleigh Ride

If you have visited my blog before you know I like using fabric panels and making them my own. By that I mean adding my own style of pieced borders.

Last month I dug through my stash to see which panel I wanted to work with and this one came out to play.  But YIKES was it ever wonky, I know panels can be skewed but this was the worst I have seen. Take a look for yourself...
It is Sleigh Ride by Wilmington prints. The brown border would have to come off for sure, and some of the bottom, and some of the top, and the sides-you get the idea!!  After a lot of trimming and planning I turned to EQ7 to help me plan out how I wanted the borders to look.  So solid green and checkerboard borders were added first then the pinwheels and solid red to make this a unique piece.

My Nolting Funquilter helped me get this quilted in short order with a hook swirl freehand in the center. Terry twist continous curve in the checkerboard and in the pinwheel border.  A cable template by the Gadget Girls helped me stitch cables in the big red border.  The cables were going to be to open and it was too plain so I added freehand holly leaves inside each one as I went.

 By looking at it now you would never know how wonky it started out would you?  It just goes to show you not to be afraid of panels and their wonkiness.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

November OMG

I have not taken the time to write a post for OMG for a few months. But today I will as I do really have a goal that must be met. The OMG is being hosted by Elm Street Quilts for the rest of this year.

A friend of mine/customer that purchased a table topper from me last year came to me and asked if I could make 2 more of them in her fabrics. She was on vacation and found them in Montana. She has a special purpose for them at her tables for a church luncheon coming up in Dec.

So the purples and beige will become a topper like the fall colored one in the background. Now off to work I go!!  Wishing everyone good luck with finishing their Novermber goals!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Another batch of snowmen

Here is the second batch of snowmen for this season of craft shows.

I kept this batch smaller as I have a few other things to finish before I deliver to the show on Thursday morning right when they open. As I was making this guy I thought he was really ugly, but then as I set the first one all together I really thought he was cute!  Sometimes that just happens, just like a quilt, each thing you do it changes how it looks and in the end it comes together!  The pattern is from Meadow Fork Primitives.