Sunday, November 11, 2018

Scrappy trees

Whenever I can make something with my scrappy strings I am just delighted!  We all have those leftover strips from projects be it from a binding or a sashing.  And I have a ton of them.   

A couple of years ago Heather Mulder Peterson was having a quilt a long using these tree blocks from her book Angles With Ease 2.  We were making scrappy trees-I used my strings in various widths.  

Sew the strips together, cut triangles using her special triangular ruler, add side half triangles and the trunk.  And you end up with tree blocks to make up this runner.  In the book it is a quilt, but for the quilt along she gave us the runner pattern.  I love making these! 

In the first photo you can see I quilted the trees with a wishbone design, and loops in the background.  And a version of loopy ribbon candy in the border.  

Thanks for looking at my scrappy trees!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Pumpkin time!

Welcome to my stop on the Pick A Pumpkin blog hop hosted by Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks-she has a give away too!  When Carla put out a call to see who wanted to join in I kinda jumped in, didn't think twice.  I love anything with pumpkins to decorate with at this time of year.  The first of September at our house means getting my pumpkins out.

Here is what has been adorning our table 

I have had the pattern for a long time, it came from a quilt shop, but I am not sure which one anymore!  It was just one sheet of paper with the pattern printed on and no info as to who made it.  But I am sure glad I picked it up, I think they are so cute. 

I hope you are having fun visiting all the blogs and getting some new ideas to decorate with pumpkins for the fall. 

Tuesday, November 6th

And the full line up is HERE

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Haunted House-Island Batik October

Happy Halloween!!  My Island Batik project for October is this paper pieced haunted house.  I love decorating for Halloween, so I knew I had to make something to add to my display in the entry way.  This month our challenge was to make something paper pieced or using English paper piecing.   I much prefer paper piecing;)   The haunted house is from 'Made by Marney'.  The batiks were furnished by Island Batik.  These are from their Paisley Dot collection.  

Sorry about the washed out pic, I took it yesterday and now it is dark out as I am writing this, so I don't have great coloring in this closeup.  But trust me when I say these colors are so vibrant.  I used a Superior orange variegated thread that was in the first box I received from Island Batik three years ago!  The diagonal stitching makes it look like it is raining. 

It goes perfectly above my Halloween wall quilt.  I love it!  Another great challenge issued to us Island Batik Ambassadors.  There has been a lot of creativity again this month.

Here is the list of Ambassadors-go check out their projects, I am sure they would love some comment love too!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Snowman crazy time! Love it

What a week it has been.  Monday I inventoried a lot of items to take to the next craft show which starts this coming Thursday.  Tuesday I delivered them with promises of bring more to her on opening day. 

I hurry home and start in on the next batch of snowman table runners, piecing, quilting and binding 10 of them by noon on Saturday.  OK I am feeling really good about the supply so far.  Oh but wait 2 snowmen sold on Etsy so I took 2 from the pile and relisted them.  That's just fine by me-I love sales!  In the afternoon I decided to quilt a turkey runner I had in progress and get it listed-it sold Sunday:)  Love my customers!!  Plus I packaged up a Valentine quilt and another snowman too:)  

I know you have all seen my many repeat snowman runners, but I didn't want you to think I was sitting around idle, hehe.   These guys are known as tall hat and squatty hat runners in my book.

And then there are 2 Snow Dudes(I have 3 more ready to quilt).  Plus one of the pineapple snowman(made with a pineapple ruler).

Closeup of pineapple snowman.  I still have one more of these to quilt.

Last but not least 3 Tilting Trees snowman runners.   If you are interested I have patterns for these and the snow dudes in my Craftsy shop-see the link on the right side bar. 

Sunday morning I had play time making my Island Batik October project-it turned out so cute!  Come back on Wednesday for my Halloween showing:)

So that is my week, what has happened in your sewing rooms? 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Snowmen go for a ride

Remember back in September a friend came over to sew snowman bodies while I cut them out.  I said at a later date I would have them finished up.  Little by little I have stuffed, gathered, sewn coats and hats for them.  The past week or so I have finished up a bunch of them.
All in all I finished up 14 of the snowman heads on a wreath(front left guy).  Nine of Singing Sam(front middle one).  Eleven of Liberty Sam(front right) And 8 of the top ones holding the redwood sticks, he is called Light the way.  

Here is Light the way holding two different battery operated tea lights, one is glittery and one is grungy. 

Liberty Sam is either holding a glittery white tree or a snowflake, and carrying a jingle bell.  

All boxed up and ready to go for a ride to a craft show that starts Nov. 1st.  I need to deliver them today in order for the people to get everything all set up.  Believe it or not I still have about 25 more to finish up for a show in early December.   

But first I need to get more snowman runners made!  The show that is going on right now emailed after this first weekend saying my snowman runners all sold already!  The show goes for 3 more long weekends, so I might try to get more up to her.  I already know that the one I am delivering at today needs more because I don't have very many to give her to start with!  Whew-maybe I need a nap first;) 

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

A little of this and a little of that

The first project is no longer a UFO.  I started the pumpkin blocks while on our Paducah/Memphis trip back in April.  I think I pieced the top in May and then it sat in the closet waiting it's turn for quilting.  Now I am in the process of finishing all the runner/wall hanging tops so that I can to get them out to the craft shows.  This one got quilted on Wednesday.  I do have another identical one to try to get done yet.   It is a Cottage Rose pattern.

The first batch of machine knitted cotton dishcloths are packaged and ready for the next show.  I have been knitting each morning for the last couple weeks in order to get this many.  Aren't they pretty!  There are 48 sets stacked here.

They are packaged in sets of 3 and tied with raffia and a silk leaf.  I learned the packaging trick from another machine knitter years ago at a seminar.  

We were getting ready to go out to dinner Friday night and we look out the window to see these 3 bucks!  We get deer on almost a daily bases but not usually 3 bucks at once.  I ran for the camera and took a ton of pics to sort out the good ones.  They were about 60 feet from the house here by our apple and spruce trees.  Butting horns.

Then they came closer to the house, about 20 feet or less from our front porch.  Notice the green grass here yet.  This morning it had some white stuff mixed in, and I don't mean frost...we woke up to it snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!  My deck is all white, grrrr we are not ready nor wanting it yet.  I still have bulbs to dig and patio furniture to put away. 

Some of you were asking how the first craft show was going this past week.  It finished up last night. I worked a 3 hour shift yesterday afternoon so I could be there to find my stuff easier and pick it up and bring it home.  The show was down as an over all , several of us vendors were not so happy this year.  Of course we don't know why the people weren't coming like previous years.  But for once I am not letting it bother me too much as I have 2 shows going at the same time in the very near future.  Today I will divide what I had leftover and deliver to one of the shows on Tuesday.  This show runs for 4 long weekends of Thursday thru Sundays. 

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Pedal to Metal

I have been pushing the pedal to the metal a lot this week.  Those craft shows are closing in on me.  The first one opens tomorrow and I got it all delivered and set my runners up on their racks.  Tomorrow I will work a shift and hope to see some of my items sell!!  It's always fun meeting my customers and chatting with them a bit.

Anyway here are my latest finishes.  These little fleece knit sweaters have been in the works for a while-UFO's no longer!   I knit the sleeves and bands on my knitting machine and then use the sewing machine to attach them to the fleece.  These are size 2 and 4,  I made 2 of each size in case there are twins in need.  Or perhaps it was because they will get divided to go to two different shows that are on at the same time.

Next I got the binding on three more of the pumpkin runners.  The pumpkins were started back in April-so more UFO's finished.  Yes I know these look just like some I already showed you, but really these are more, not just the same picture!!  I used all the same fabrics, it makes it easier to produce multiples.   

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Purse and runner finishes

Today I deliver to the first craft show of the season.  This one opens this Friday and runs nine days straight.  I work a three hour shift the first day and another the last day.  After collecting my leftovers I will re inventory and drop off at another show 3 days later!  

So I have been scurrying about gathering up table runners, purses and sweaters that are done and finishing up a few things that have been in the progress for a while.  Last weekend these purses got their final touches.  These are ones I designed with 3 pockets outside and 8 inside.  My local ladies sure like the dark colors-well it is fall after all.   Sorry but no I haven't written a pattern for them.  But I do have some purses for sale in my Etsy shop (with all the details about them). 

 The weekend wasn't all about work though, DH and I had Sunday afternoon with the grandsons.  The oldest and I are hard at work making spider webs and spiders.  That extruder made fast work of the web strings!

Monday I finished up a couple more of my Falling For You runners

 Meeting up with a gal today that wanted one of these, she wasn't sure which one.   After dropping off at the craft show I will hurry home and finish a few more things to take with me Friday when I work.

Right now I have a nice pile of things to take to this show, but after this show I have to divide whats left as I have 2 shows that overlap!  I have had this schedule for several years and I just do what I can:)

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Starstruck tutorial

Several of you asked for the tutorial for my Island Batik Starstruck table runner.  This is a simple tutorial for those of you already knowing how to piece a runner, which I assume that everyone that follows my blog does.

This is for one 13" finished block:  Using your favorite method of making HST's(half sq. triangles) make eight that will measure 3.5" unfinished (3" finished in your block) of a background and a main color.   Also cut four 3.5" sq. of background color.

This one is a little trickier but you can do it!  Cut four 1.5" x 5.5" strips of background.  Cut four 3.5" squares of main color and cut in half on the diagonal.  And sew as in the photo below centering your triangles on the background strip.  These will be over sized so you can trim to a perfect 3.5" sq.

Here is how I trimmed the first two sides. Notice how I have one of the diagonal lines of the ruler laying down the center of the background strip.  Trim the top and right side. Turn the block and ruler and trim the last 2 sides to measure 3.5" square.

 Cut four 1.5" x 6.5" strips of background and one 1.5" sq of main color.  Lay out as below and sew together.

My runner is made with 3 blocks with spacers in between.  I cut the spacer strips from background 1.5" x 13.5".  I also added on outside borders which I cut at 1.5" x the width of the runner and also 1.5" x the length of the runner.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!  And I hope you enjoy making your own runner.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

I am Starstruck!

September is Starstruck month for us Island Batik Ambassadors.  The challenge is to create anything we want with stars on it.  I decided I wanted to make a table runner, I mean that is kinda my specialty, LOL.   I love stars so the next decision was to decide on which star to use.  I had been seeing a few of these Scandinavian type stars and I have never made one.  Sounds like the perfect one to do since it is always fun to try something new.

Here is what 3 of the star blocks set together with a little sashing in between the blocks looks like.  I am sure I will be using this block again, I love how it came out.  Two fabrics from the Island Batik Jungle Cruise collection were used to create my table runner.

After quilting and binding it measures 15" x 42.5".

The teal batiks had ferns on them so they were screaming for me to try out this new allover quilting design I just discovered from Leah Day.  She calls it sharp stippling, I call it ferns.
It is so fun and forgiving, I will definitely be using it a lot!

As always I love to thank Island Batik for providing this luscious fabric for me to create this project. And thanks to Hobbs batting for the Thermore batting used in this project.

If anyone would like a simple tutorial for this block I will put one together.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Roasted Coffee table runner

 I have made this table runner a couple of times before.  It is a tutorial by Connie at Freemotion By the River.  I loved it so I thought I would whip up another using Island Batiks.  Don't cha love those colors for fall. 

A little close up of the fern quilting in the outer border. It is so fun and forgiving to freehand.  And some ruler work in the blocks themselves.  The day was getting away from me so the lighting outside wasn't the best for getting all the true colors.  But it is supposed to be T storms tomorrow so I knew it was now or not at all!

I found this runner pattern for purchase on Craftsy.  It is from Duck Creek Mountain Quilting.  It's always fun to try out a new pattern.  

 I decided that allover quilting was good for this one and will let the snowflake fabric shine.  There are gold metallic snowflakes with a sprinkling of glitter. 

I had a whirlwind day on Friday.  A couple of good customer/friends invited me over to see how the one had decorated with my quilted items she has purchased from me over the years.  It was the first time I had been there, it was so cool!!!!!  Here is one of the wall hangings she bought before.  I was always going to make another and haven't. Maybe some day.  It was so fun to see it again:)

I didn't ask permission to post any of the pictures of her whole party shed set up so I can't show you.  But it was so pretty with lights and paper umbrellas hanging upside down and all the tables and chairs with runners and centerpieces.  She hosted a few family and neighborhood picnics there this summer/fall.

The other really neat thing was that the one gal insisted on picking me up since I didn't know the way, so sweet of her.  But she also asked if I would mind bringing along some of my newest runners.  Well yes indeed I can do that!  I thought it would be just show and tell since they already had several of my pieces.  But nooooo they each had to get more!  The are such sweet hearts, it was a fun outing for me.  I have been so busy getting ready for fall shows and Etsy that I haven't had a lot of social time lately, so it felt great to get out!  And with that said this morning I was back at piecing more of my Falling For You runners, four of them are ready for quilting this week.  But this afternoon the hubster and I had a beautiful bike ride, it was a winding trail and small ups and downs by a lake and a river, so peaceful in the warm fall sunshine.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Swirly star-Card Trick toppers

So glad to have three more toppers finished.  These are called Card Tricks and were made from this tutorial.  I have made one before, you can see that one HERE.

You sew strip sets together, cut triangles from them and sew together in this very fun design.  

Add some fast allover quilting design and you have yourself a topper. 

 The hardest part is the binding.  I don't enjoy doing those inside corners but they came out pretty good this time.  I snip a little piece of the topper right at the inside dip(corner) as I am coming to it.  Try to straighten out your fabric a bit and keep sewing the binding on. 

In the last post I mentioned my friend was coming over to sew snowman bodies while I cut them.  Whew what a day, we worked liked crazy, but we also chatted quite a bit.  In these three boxes are now 61 snowmen in the works! I have a month to get them all finished.  Next in the process is to gather around some of the bottoms and stuff them which is great evening/tv viewing time.  I am so thankful to have had help with the beginning stages-thanks Ginny!!

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