Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Weekly Goals and Finishes

That was a very fast and furious week wasn't it!!  I had quite a list of goals to meet this last week, I didn't do to bad.

Here was the list:

  • Sunflower table runner ✅  Yes indeed I finished one of these.  
  • Green gingham table runner πŸ‘Ž Nope not even cut out.
  • Strawberry table runner✅  One of these done and blogged about HERE.
  • Pineapple table runner ✅ One of these also done and blogged about in the same post as the strawberry runner.
  • Continue on embroidery project ✅ Finished the embroidery and will wait until inspiration and time hits to make into a wall hanging. Hmmm that is a really bad photo! 

  • Continue on Accuquilt tutorial-✅ made great progress, but I can't show you anything until June 4th or after. 
  • Make project for Foodie Blog hop- My day is May 23rd -✅  In case you missed that I presented it yesterday in THIS post
  • Attend long arm meeting on Saturday-✅  Indeed I did attend, it was wonderful to see these people again, it was sometime last year when I last attended. We are planning to have Julia Quiltoff come to our little group this fall to teach, so excited!!   Another member brought a couple of garbage bags full of scraps from a quilter that passed away from Covid last year.  She let us all go through it and pick out whatever we wanted. Yes a few pieces came home with me. 
All in all I was happy with my accomplishments for last week.  I kept busy for sure!  

Here are a few goals for this week:
  • Finish Accuquilt tutorial-due on Friday.
  • Make two runners with some new fabric I bought last week
  • Quilt and bind a patriotic runner
  • Bind two donation quilts. 
  • Make whatever else I want;)
Have a great week everyone!!  And be sure to hop over to To Do Tuesday and check out everyone's accomplishments and cheer them on for next week.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Foodie Blog Hop-hot pad tutorial

If you have ever been involved in or taken a hop on any of Carla's blog hops you know how fun and inspirational they are.  I love to join in whenever possible.  For this blog hop we are asked to make something to do with food.  Today I have a tutorial for a hot pad using hexagons. 

You will need a hexagon template or make one using an online tutorial-there are several that show you how to make your hexagon.  Each side of mine is 5".   Cut hexagons as follows...

Three from focal fabric, four from coordinating fabric, one from insulbrite, and one from backing(I used the silver ironing board fabric). 


Important to layer as follows... one of the coordinating fabric hexagons wrong side up, insulbrite, and backing fabric right side up.  Press each focal fabric and three of the coordinating fabric hexagons in half with wrong sides together.  Now begin adding these half hexies on top of the backing fabric going clockwise. You will be overlapping the hexagons. Do this with four of them. 

After you lay the fifth half hexie down you will need to flip up the first half hexie and slide this one under it.  For the sixth half hexie you will need to flip up two previous ones and slip this one under. 

Your piece will look like this once you have all six half hexies laid down.

Stitch 3/8" from the edge all the way around. 

Now comes the magic;)  You will see a little opening right in the middle of the hexie layers.  poke your fingers in there and grab the backing and turn inside out. 

Topstitch about 1/4" from the edge all the way around.  And you have a fun potholder for yourself or a gift. I have seen these around with squares so why not hexies, I am not claiming this as an original design, just sharing the idea.
If you are visiting for the first time, Welcome!!  Please leave your email in your comment so I can respond as I get a lot of no reply blogger comments during the hops and I would love to respond to you!
I hope you enjoyed this little project.  Now won't you check out my fellow bloggers who have created some fun projects for your inspiration.  Here is a list of the others for today. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Fruity Finishes

 I have two fruity finishes to show you this Friday.  If you are a regular follower you have seen very similar finishes here often. Both of these table runners have been popular spring and summer ones in my Etsy shop. Their counterparts sold last weekend so I remade them this week.  

I realize now that I should be showing you the backs each time especially when I use different backings, that way you would know I made a new runner!! 

The strawberry blocks are so fun to make because I get to dig into the red scrap bin and cut 2.5" squares with my AccuQuilt Go!  This runner was inspired by a block from SkyberriesHandmade. 

To complete the fruit basket for this Friday is another pineapple runner.  Another great way to use scraps for the pineapple block itself.  I would buy this one just for the backing itself, such cute paisley in gold and greens. I added a bright green to get the length I needed for this runner. 

And to complete the photo I added my gingham plate and black cup for props!  Props make for such a cute photo, it's been fun running around the house seeing what I can use.  Sometimes I pop into the dollar store or Hobby Lobby to pick up something.

There are my two Friday Fruity Finishes my quilting peeps:)  Linking with TGIFF, Beauty Pageant and Finished or Not Friday.

On Monday I will be kicking off the Foodie Blog Hop hosted by Creatin' in the Sticks.  so I hope you will pop back in and see what I have come up with for that. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Weekly goals and finishes

 Where or where did this past week go...zip zoom it's gone!!  Let's check and see what did I cross off this list this week.  Here are the goals I set.

  • quilt the hand embroidered wall hanging ✅
  • quilt a Valentine table runner πŸ‘Ž
  • work on a watermelon table runner 
  • start working on a tutorial for Accuquilt 
  • that's enough, I want time built in to maybe play a bit with whatever I want 

The hand embroidered quilt did indeed get quilted, bound, listed and sold!!  

The Valentine runner did not progress at all.  It will get done at a later date. No hurry for it, although I do sell things out of season so someday it will get listed. 

On Friday I shared the finished watermelon table runner, if you missed it you can see it HERE.  I showed my customer and she loved it and bought it a minute later.  So I made another on Saturday. It's almost the same, however I used a with w/black polka dot for the background on this one along with a red binding.

The tutorial I am doing for Accuquilt got started, I can't show you anything yet except for the fabrics I am using for it. 

I also set aside time to work on anything else I wanted.  I needed another of these patriotic table runners.  If you look closely you will see I used two different fabrics in this one, the blue and the white, last weeks can be see HERE.

Since the embroidered wall hanging sold, it encouraged me to start another embroidered block.

This week I have way more things that need making than I have time for I think.  But here is the list of what I would like to accomplish.
  • Sunflower table runner
  • Green gingham table runner
  • Strawberry table runner
  • Pineapple table runner
  • Continue on embroidery project
  • Continue on Accuquilt tutorial
  • Make project for Foodie Blog hop- My day is May 23rd  
  • Attend long arm meeting on Saturday

I will get started on that list right away!!  

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Friday, May 13, 2022

Yummy Watermelon

 With the weather turning so hot it was time to make a cool refreshing watermelon table runner.  I have made a few different watermelon runners in the past and I had a customer asking for one.  This time I wanted to try a different block for it.  Last year I purchased Heather Peterson's newest table runner book, Trendy Table 3.  She has so many cute runners in there and one happened to be a watermelon.  

The vision I had was to make her watermelon into three blocks instead of one at each end of the runner.  To do this I needed to resize the strip sets before cutting out the wedges.  Not sure what size my melon would turn out but I dug right in and got it just right on the first try!  Pretty pleased with myself about that, LOL.  I chose two different red fabrics for the wedges and I had purchased the perfect green with watermelon rinds in mind at the time. 

A white tone on tone was used for the background for the melons and then for interest a black and white polka dot for the sashings and topping it off with red gingham. Now doesn't that just scream picnic!! 
Heather's pattern calls for her Triangular ruler but you don't have to have that as she has drawn out a template you can use if you don't have her ruler.  I just happened to have it and it works like a charm. 

I contacted my customer last night and it was gone out of the shop in a minute!!  Guess what, now I can make another, perfect timing as we are having more heat for a couple more days. 

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Accuquilt would like you to know about it's launch party this coming Tuesday May 17th.  They are introducing four new items.  Be sure to register so you are entered into the drawing for prizes!  Click HERE to register.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Weekly Goals

 Goals for the week of May 3-10 were:

  • Pick 2 UFO's to move forward✅
  • From start to finish- 2 table runners 
  • Continue to work on counted cross stitch Summer House 
  • Anything else I want to
Yes I succeeded in moving 2 UFO's forward, in fact one of them is done.  Here is how I left it several years ago, I was not inspired to finish it and stuck it in the back of the closet and furthest down on the UFO pile.   

When I pulled it out at the beginning of last week I felt the same way about it.  Finally I decided it was the red plaid homespun that I didn't like.  So I ripped it off and studied the colors in it before going to my stash and found the perfect coral fabric for it. I  love how it came together now.  What a difference wouldn't you say?  I still need to add some buttons for the flower centers.

Onto the next goal-another UFO.  Well technically this might be a WIP since I did just finish up the hand embroidered center block recently.  But I won't argue the point of UFO vs. WIP, it moved forward and that is what is counting! It started as just the embroidered flower pot block to which I added a dark border before adding the HST's, and pinwheels and framed it all with a couple of borders.  All of the fabrics were scraps from other projects. It needs quilting yet of course. 

I finished the cross stitch on the 'Summer' house. 

Start to finish on two table runners, well I didn't exactly start either of these this week, they were WIP's from the winter, but hey they are all done now!

This one I did start and finish this week.  These are all hand dyed fabric I bought a few years ago at a quilt show, they were just strips x WOF all different sizes.  I cut all of them to the smallest strip size and cut squares and added in a white batik.  There is a little story with this one.  Recently I made a strawberry table runner and I spritzed it with to much water to remove some purple registration marks for quilting. The red border fabric bled!!  Never had that happen before, so off to the internet to look up Vicki Welsh's magic trick she uses when fabric bleeds.  Here is the link  Save My Bleeding Quilt.  I was amazed, it worked like a charm!!!  So then I got to thinking about this hand dyed fabric and I decided to soak the runner top (before quilting it) and wow it worked fabulously!  Read her tutorial, it uses hot water, Dawn dish soap and time. So worth it!!  The hand dyed's really bled but not a thing bled onto the white batik accent fabric! AMAZING!

  I guess this one could fit into the anything else category. Another green gingham one for spring, I sold the other one last year. This one is almost identical, I think one of the three fabrics was new in this one. 

So a good week over all.  And now what do I want to do this week, hmmmm let me think.  
  • quilt the hand embroidered wall hanging
  • quilt a Valentine table runner
  • work on a watermelon table runner
  • start working on a tutorial for Accuquilt
  • that's enough, I want time built in to maybe play a bit with whatever I wantπŸ˜„
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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Hexie Butterflies

 Years ago I did a little bit of EPP of these hexie butterflies I finally used them in something!

It's so cute don't you think?  It was fun to make them, I only did four of them and then didn't know what I was going to do with them.  Last year I worked up a table runner design in EQ8 and then never progressed after that.  So in keeping with my goals for this week on working on a UFO, and since the butterflies are definitely in the UFO category, I made this a finish.  I love how it turned out and used a few of my many 30's print scraps.  I used current white polka dots for the background. 

This was quilted on my Nolting Funquilter 17" longarm.  While still on the longarm I laid the butterflies on the background and stitched around the outside of the butterflies to attach them. Then I switched to black thread to stitch a () shape on the body and I got the brilliant idea to stitch the antenna's with the black.  I followed a longarm curved ruler to guide me and I stitched over the line four times to make it a bit thicker.  

It looks so springy doesn't it!  For the backing I used two different prints as I had to lengthen it as the runner is approximately 46" long. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you fine Mothers!
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Friday, May 6, 2022

Hands2Help-One Monthly Goal

Just a short post today to announce my One Monthly Goal.  I need to finish this two quilts for the Hands2Help challenge hosted this year by the Academic Quilter.  It's such a worthy cause that I can't help by join in each year.  If you are joining in this year how are you doing on your quilts?  I just need to get the backings ready and quilt them up.  I'll be donating mine locally. 

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Welcome the Sunflowers Pattern Release

Welcome the Sunflowers is part of my wall hanging series.  This digital downloadable pattern can be found in my Etsy pattern shop.  You can have this sewn up in no time, so quick and easy to make.  There is a little piecing and a little applique in this 12"x 26" wall hanging or how about on a door, or perhaps in your office.  It would also make a great gift to lift a friends spirit. They would make great wedding or housewarming gifts too.  

Sunflowers just make you smile don't they!

Thanks so much to my friend Wendy, of Pieceful Thoughts blog, who has tested and approved this pattern:)  Wendy will be sharing her version at a later date, I can tell you it's cute!!

Until May 10th, 2022 you will find this new sunflower wall hanging on sale in my Etsy pattern shop  PatternsbyVicki, for 25% off.  So if you are interested in a quick make for either yourself or as a gift head on over there soon! 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Weekly Goals

It's been a good week over here. I am pleased to say I met all the goals, but I will admit it might have been a struggle to make myself do it.  

Here is what was on the list to do this past week:

  • Make a Cherry table runner✅ 

  • Make a cupcake table runner✅ This was the first time to use this background fabric and likely the last, I only bought enough to do one of these.  At the time I purchased it in Arizona I didn't know it glowed in the dark!  I had it laying out in the camper and one night I was up during the night and saw it glowing!!!

  • Knit more on the sock✅ Yes indeed I did a lot more!  You can see where it was a week ago HERE  and now all I have left is to kitchner the toe. 

  • Work on a UFO cross stitch project✅  I don't think I ever posted about this project, but I started it about 2 years ago. So it's time it moved forward, this week I stitched the frame around it and have a start on SUMMER. I changed the pattern suggestion of red to a coral for the word.  I also made an aqua house instead of a lighter blue.  This is a Waxing Moon Designs pattern.

  • Use a mini charm pack in a table runner✅ You can see the finished product in this POST.
  • Work on my One Monthly Goal-time is running out for the month and I have done nothing on it.✅  The goal was to get this to flimsy stage, you can see the result HERE

News Alert:  I have a new pattern that I am going to release tomorrow, so I hope you will come back to check it out!  Here is a teaser for you...

Goals for this week of May 3-10:
  • Pick 2 UFO's to move forward
  • From start to finish- 2 table runners
  • Continue to work on counted cross stitch Summer House
  • Anything else I want toπŸ˜„
That's all folks!  Now lets go cheer on all our fellow goal setters over at Texas Quilt Gals To Do Tuesday.