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Monday, October 20, 2014

Fleece sweaters

As I was going through my craft show inventory this weekend, dividing it up for the 2 shows that will be on at the same time, I realized I had not shown you all my fleece sweaters I made up during the summer.

I knit all the bands and sleeves on my Brother knitting machine and then sew them to the fleece front and back on the sewing machine.
And a bunch of candy canes ready to go too!  I am now done with inventorying for the second show which starts on Thursday and runs through Nov 16th-I deliver for it tomorrow.  Today I will finish up a runner and hopefully get a snowman wall hanging quilted-these I will put into the third show which starts on Oct 30th thru Nov. 16th-I deliver for that one on Wednesday. My living room looks like a cyclone hit it with all my inventory out there!!  
I had a few people ask me how the last show was-I am happy to report I did really well there with my quilting and purses. 
As always I love getting your comments, I appreciate each and everyone!
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ready for Snow?

Nope I am not personally ready for snow but these little guys look like they are!!!  This past week my friend came to help me, she sewed the bodies as fast as I cut them out. Then I spent the rest of the week stuffing them and adding their faces and accessories.  They are all ready for the next 2 craft shows which starts soon!
The patterns are from Country Friends and then I tweak them a bit by adding different things to them.                                                                                                                                                            
Singing Sam
Prim Snowhead

Mr. Coalman

Sledding snowman on the left and Glowing Star snowman on the right.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Mojo

I feel like I am hopping from one project to the next-oh wait I am, LOL.  The fall craft show season is underway, Saturday I had to work a 6 hour shift for the first show. It was really fun though as I got to meet some of the people that purchased my products. I do 3-4 shows each fall and they are all set up Boutique style where everyone's product is mixed and set up like a store all fun and decorative. I forgot my camera to take a couple pictures, but I may go back down tomorrow and hopefully take some pic's then.
Here are a few  table runners I have at the show..

Isn't this a cute little halloween wall hanging! The pumpkins are all hand embroidered, I love doing this while watching TV with my hubby.  I was going to crosshatch the center and then I saw the spiderwebs in the black inner border and thought it would be perfect to do a spiderweb over the pumpkins.  OK back to work for me, hope you are all having a great productive week!
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ruler Rack

I am so in LOVE with this new ruler rack my hubby made for me!!  This rack has been on my 'want' list for a long time and I wasn't sure we could even put it up on this wall as there is a pocket door behind there. But this is right beside my cutting table so it is the perfect space for it.  So I finally asked the hubbs if we could
and he said yes it would work and yes he would make it-YEAH!!  I thought 31 slots was bigger than I needed but we had the space and the wood so why not plan for future rulers, hahaha, all the slots are taken up but two.  I never thought I was a ruler junkie but I guess this says I am!

Here are some more runners that I just finished binding the last couple of days.

You may recognize this one from my post of What's on my frame.  I hope everyone is having a great quilty week!  

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Can you say binding

binding and more binding! Yesterday I was totally productive by putting on 8 bindings on runners, it felt 'sew' good to have that many done. Today not as good with only 4 but I did have errands to run also. And the ones I did had lots of strange angles so it took longer.  Ok I sew all my bindings on with the sewing machine, here are few quick pic's to show you how I do it. My binding is 2.25" wide. After sewing it to the front of my runner, I press it out away from the runner.

Then flip it to the back, next I stitch in the ditch on the front of the runner using a ditch foot while catching the back of the binding.

I pin the binding in place at the corner, then pull out the pin as I am sewing up to it.

And here is the binding all on...

The front and...                                                                      once again, along with 2 others I did                                                                                                           yesterday.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's on my frame today...

This is what is on my frame this morning, almost done quilting it. It will then live in my 'binding pile' for a while. I am in a quilting mood right now so I will take advantage of that in hopes of quilting up about 10 more this week. Then I will make myself get their bindings all on, LOL

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Purses mostly done!

 I have been talking about my purse making for the last 3 weeks. I am finally nearing the end. Fifteen purses are a lot to make, but I now have 13 of them done! It feels wonderful to have them ready for the fall craft shows. I thought I would share 11 of them with you. Number 12 and 13 sold before I could take pictures of them!!!

There are 3 pockets outside and 8 inside, no excuse for not being organized :-) They all get magnetic closures and ties for expansion on the sides, a covered foam core board on the bottom adds some stability to the purse. You can take out that board and wash your purse! If you would like to have a purse please feel to contact me, my email addy is on my About page. They sell for $43 plus shipping unless you want to come pick it up. Oct 1st is when they will hit the local craft show.

On another note, yesterday I put binding on these 2 neonatal quilts and handed in 4 last night at guild. This brings my total to 10 for the year, I made a personal goal of making 12 this year, so only 2 more to go and that should not be a problem.

So I have a dirty little secret to share...this is my pile of neutrals and backing fabrics...I am almost to embarrassed to show it but...

I want to show you the wonderful shelves my sweet hubby build me on Saturday to put under my sewing/knitting counter tops and how I am organizing my fabric so I can actually see what I have-in hopes of using up instead of purchasing more!  Since I took the pic I have folded and organized my stash of red fabrics and added to the shelves. 

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bea over at has an EQ& tute every other tuesday. I have really been enjoying her posts as it is helping me learn my way around EQ a bit better.  This week we are to create nine patches any way we want and link up with her. So I took this Contrary Wife block...

 Recolored it, put it into a 4 x 5 block setting and rotated it every other block across the row to get this.

And yet another setting with the same block and yet another coloring. I think I would really like to make this quilt up someday in the real world!!  I just wish there were more hours in my day so I could play more, but I must get back to actual quilting now.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Finishes

In between some fun biking, kayaking and taking our daughter and grandsons to the zoo I managed to get a few pieces quilted. First up are 2 simple to piece neonatal size 36x38 quilts. I saw the idea on pintrest and made it my own size. I did easy all over quilting of loops on the red one and hook swirl on the pink one. Next week I will hand these in at guild for the local neonatal. At the beginning I set myself a goal of completing 12 for this purpose, these 2 will make 8 that I have handed in.

These runners got their bindings done. The pattern is Divided by Three by Mountain Peek Creations. It was fun to use the same pattern and add a bit of a twist of by choosing to rearrange the prints within the runner.

I am still working on the purses from last weeks post, four are totally done and 4 more are a lot farther along. Today I will do a bit more quilting on their linings so I can assemble more this week. I hope all of you have a very productive week! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Piecing and quilting away

Last week we had new windows installed in part of the house so while the guys were working away I had a great excuse to stay in my craft room after they installed that one. So I went through my tub of fabrics I have just for making purses and pulled out a bunch to cut out. I ended up cutting parts for 15 purses! I am getting ready for fall craft shows so it will be wonderful to have those ready to go. But it will take me quit a bit of time. Here you see I am in the quilting stage for the front and back of some. Then I will quilt the linings too before beginning the final assembly.  So today more quilting :-)

Then I had to satisfy my craving for piecing by cutting and seing up this simple little 36x38 baby quilt. I saw this idea here while perusing pintrest last week. While I was at Jo Ann Fabrics on Sunday I found these fat quarter prints in their clearance section for a real bargain.

Last week I also had the piecing craving so I whipped up this little quilt. It measures about the same as the one above. 

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Hexie's and flying geese...

After seeing a couple ideas online I combined them and came up with this in EQ7. A fun winter table runner-who can resist snowmen!!  It measures in at 18 x 44.  I would love to put some star and snowflake buttons on it but just not sure if people would want buttons on it if they plan to set stuff on it.

Keeping this post short as I am getting ready for a friend to come sew today :-)   Hope you are all having a great quilty day too!

Pulling up this post for Val's Tuesday Archives on flying geese.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

More Squedge table toppers

I loved making the first squedge topper so much that I had to make 3 more! Actually the one I showed on Tuesday on this post was my second one.

Here is my first one I made and what I learned. I had purchased this Christmas FQ bundle on Craftsy last week and wow is their service fast!  Anyway I was so anxious to get going on this topper, I quickly picked out which FQ's I would use and cut and sewed and when I put the topper together I couldn't see enough contrast between the strips and I was pretty disappointed. So I set it aside and made that fall one, I learned using more contrast is a good thing!

So here is the third one I made from the same FQ bundle but picking with more contrast in mind.  I like it much better. 

And then I thought I would experiment with using a whole piece of fabric instead of piecing strips for that squedge, I like it too!  Would do you think? It looks really different doesn't it! Which is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by today-I appreciate all your visits and comments. 
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What I worked on yesterday

And it was truly start to finish in one day, from picking out the fabrics to finishing the binding. Of courseIi had a little fun with the quilting. I was at Sue Dario's blog yesterday and she inspired me to put the oval feather wreath in the diamonds. I used an  amazing arc from Renae Haddidin to stitch around for the oval, using my longarm. This type of feather I call lettuce leaf feather, a very easy, fun and forgiving feather as there is no backtracking.

You use Cheryl Phillips Squedge 30 ruler to cut squedges from strip sets. Then cut a few from a solid piece of background fabric for the 4 diamonds. This is really an easy topper to do even though it might look complicated. The pattern comes with the ruler.

I just had to throw in this pic of my Gerbera Daisies. I have never had this many blooms on at one time-8 of them.  And one more opened since I took this pic this weekend.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm sew excited!!! I ribboned!

I finally took time to enter my quilting and machine knitting into our county fair this year at the encouragement of a friend. Sew glad I did-I entered 13 things and recieved 10 blues, 2 red, 1 white, Grand Champion, 2 Reserve champions and an honorable mention!!  It's been many years since I entered into the fair so I am really happy and wanted to share my good news with all of you. I really didn't know if I would get any ribbons because I apply all my bindings with the machine, the comment was good job on it but that I should sew those little miter corner shut on my bindings :-)
We were on vacation all last week so I didn't get to go to the fair until last night for picking up stuff. I thought I might get to see some of the other work but they had it tore down by the time I got there.

Here are the items with their ribbons...

I pattern tested this tubix quilt for Sue and I got a blue and Reserve champion on it.

This is my Best of Show item, a machine knit sweater-ribbons and a plaque, my first Best of Show ever!!!

The pink sweater is all knit on my knitting machine. The mint is fleece for the body of the sweater and knit sleeves and bands on the machine and then sewn onto the fleece.

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