Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Save the Date-Christmas in July Blog Hop

So yes summer is here and it is getting toasty out there. And here I am thinking about Christmas, specifically, decorating for Christmas.  But I am not alone, there are 26 of us creative bloggers doing the same thing.

Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is the genius behind getting us all together for a Christmas in July blog hop, July 14-25th.  Each day there will be 2-3 bloggers showing you a project that you can use for decorations or a gift. Sarah is also doing a quilt along during our hop.

My day will by July 20th.  I am pretty sure all of us have a Christmas fabric stash. I know mine is pretty big, I love making Christmas quilty stuff.  This little guy might just make another appearance!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Helping out the economy!

Recently I attended the Minnesota quilt show held in St. Cloud, Minnesota this year. I really enjoyed seeing all the quilts, some really great inspiration!  I was hoping that there would be something new in the vendor booths to really grab my attention, but nothing jumped out at me and pulled me in.  I do have a lot of gadgets/rulers so I suppose it is no surprise;-)  However, I still managed to help out the economy, LOL.

                                            Look at this cool panel I found of barn quilts!!  
   A few patterns and a Christmas panel.

I did find Heather's new book Trendy Table on table runners which I wanted to get. Some fabric jumped into my bag too along with a couple patterns.  And then DH let me stop at a couple fabric shops on the way home.

We camped for a few nights up there and were able to get in a couple nice bike rides and a couple walks through a huge and gorgeous public garden along the Mississippi river. Here are a few pic's of that.  A big variety of Hosta's mixed in with Peonies, Lupine, Roses, Lilies. So peaceful.

I have never seen a white Peacock before, have you?

Monday, June 13, 2016

A new pattern using Island Batiks

I have a new pattern for sale in my Craftsy shop!  This Modern Circles table runner was designed using the gorgeous Island Batik fabrics from a variety of their lines.

It's no secret that I am loving being one of their 2016 Ambassadors;-)  June's theme is Modern, it could be any size we desired.  Modern Circles is 16 x 42 and uses both piecing and applique. It's very quick and easy to make. So fun to make with these great colors.  Did you notice I made a pieced binding? I varied the length of the strips so that when the ends met you wouldn't have to be exact on the length for it to look great.

I used Hobbs Batting 80/20 with a layer of 4 oz. poly on top of that. Threads consisted of Aurifil and Superior King Tut. By doing some dense and some looser quilting the result is a great texture.
The background quilting is my version of Nemeshing that was developed by Bethanne Nemesh of White Arbor quilting.  This was the first time I tried Nemeshing, I admit I was a bit scared to start it, but I sure love how it came out!  I did use my purple air erasable marker to draw in the main curly cues and feathers so I was able to get them exactly where I wanted them. This was quilted on my Nolting Funquilter 17".

                                                            Here are the fabrics I used.
                                                     And for the background-love the dots!

You can find the pattern in my Craftsy Shop here.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My back porch blooms

Lea Anne over at Podunk Pretties is having a quilt along with her free pattern of her Back Porch Blooms.  They are just adorable and I had to join in and get the information here

I began my search for fabrics in my stash of course. Thirties fabrics are what I wanted, but I just couldn't come up with the right combination. So off I went to Hobby Lobby to see if they had anything that might go with my 30's. But no, I couldn't find what I wanted.  But, in looking around, I found this brown print and cutie orange polka dot. Before long they jumped into my hands and said I know you have red and green at home to complete your project. Well yes indeed I did!

Came home and cut them right out, sewed them up and here is what I came up with. Gosh you guys these are fun, quick and easy to do!  I have another one planned(more fabric jumped into my arms at Hobby Lobby).

Here it is on our new patio table. Last year we were storing our daughters table and I used it for many of my quilt pictures. We loved having a table on the deck and ate out there a lot last year. So when she wanted it back this year, I told my DH we needed to get one and he agreed. So last weekend we finally found what we wanted-well close to it. I really wanted brownish tiles but this one only came in grey. We can switch out the tiles if we want to.  Friday June 3rd. was my birthday, DH brought home flowers and I thought it was appropriate to display them with the new runner on the new table!

I had fun of course with the quilting

Not sure if I like this V border design, just a variation from piano keys.

Top view of my flowers because they are so pretty!

Hop over to Lea Anne's and check out what others are doing. She is having a linky party today so we can show off our projects! Thanks Lea Anne:-)

I will also join in a few other linky parties on my left side bar. So much inspiration out there, isn't it just wonderful!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A finish, WIP and FO

Happy Wednesday to all, my this week is flying right on past me. I need to get some things accomplished!

I have a finish to share with you today. As many of you know making things for craft shows always makes me work 2-3 seasons ahead. Sometimes that is hard to do and sometimes not. I am in the fall thinking season today with my projects.

This table runner is my spin on a wall hanging pattern from Cherrywood Fabrics. I made the wall hanging for myself a number of years ago and thought why not make a table runner using the same technique. Sew strips together, cut them apart, flip one side upside down and sew the long seam. This time I appliqued a fabric stem on instead of stitching(quilting) it on. By using a bias tape strip I achieved a nice visible stem.  It is machine appliqued on with invisible thread and a small blind hem stitch. The stem and leaves were appliqued on after all the quilting was done. The leaves are satin stitched on using a Glide variegated thread. I spray starched the leaves heavily before cutting them out, therefore, I didn't need fusible web on them.  I have found that when using fusible web on the applique piece the quilting will show through if you have quilted the background first.

The quilting was inspired by a design from Christina Camelli's book.

 This is my work in progress. I cut it out yesterday and pieced it last night. The pattern calls for a strip of applique leaves between the pumpkins but I am not going to do that for this one. I feel the background fabric is a bit too busy for this. So it is now in the quilting pile :-)

Here is the FO, no that is not a misprint!  FO= found object!!  Getting ready to go camping last weekend meant restocking the camper. In the process I found these 2 candlemats stuffed in the back of one of the cabinets!  And I thought I had done a good job cleaning the camper last fall, LOL  But I could have probably sold them if they were out at the sales last fall. Oh well I'll just be that much ahead for this fall, hehe.  I remember working on them while camping last summer.  The funny thing is I remember also that I thought I should have had more done when the shows started! 
The weekend forecast was for rain all the days, but luckily this time the weather predictions were wrong. We got a little rain here and there but it didn't stop us from getting in 50 miles on our Terra Trikes and taking some good walks too. We enjoyed our weekend a lot.  But now it is back to work and yesterday I felt like I was dragging a bit so today I have to get in gear!  I will quilt at least one table runner, and start working on my modern challenge for my ambassador Island Batik project. I hope it turns out as good as it looks in my head, LOL  If it does I hope to have another pattern for my Craftsy shop(link on my top right side bar).

Edited to add this little guy... He was curled up between the garden fence and my Japanese Iris. DH came walking right by him and then came to get me to see him. I had the zoom on, so I didn't really get this close to him.  It is common that we see the wee little ones each spring. Last night twin fawns and mommy came strolling through the yard.

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Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Le Anne over at Podunk Pretties is having a Back Porch Blooms quilt along.  She made up this darling block and offering a free tutorial/pattern for it. I had to join in as it is just too darn cute! You can learn more about it here.

I was originally planning on using my 30's fabrics for it, but I just didn't have the right solid blue to go with my prints. So off to Hobby Lobby to check out their solids and nope they didn't have what I wanted either. Of course when you are in the midst of fabric you can't help but look around a bit, right?  I found this brown print and orange polka dot and I couldn't resist. I knew I had coordinates that would work at home.  I am loving it!!  My leaves got a little skinnier than they were supposed to be. That is what happens when you do not read carefully and think you know what you are doing! I used the wrong size background sqs. but didn't realize it until it was too late. Oh well he just has skinnier leaves-it still works;-)   Le Anne warns these are a bit addictive and I believe her, I wantta make more!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fishy fishy

OMG how cute is this quilt?  I absolutely loved quilting it for my customer, Marge. She does such a good job with her piecing and it is a joy to quilt for her. And just look at the border fabric!

So much fun seeing all the different items in the fishbowls!

We chose my freehand allover Dwirling design by the Pajama Quilter to make it look like swirling water

And look a little mermaid in the bottom right fishbowl.

 And the back

It's a small lap size with Glide thread top and bottom with Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

More green scraps-different block

Here is the second block I have been working on for RSC16.

And with their brothers and sisters.  You will notice I have cornerstones on the blue blocks and not the rest. After making the second color set I thought I might not want them. So I stopped adding them, for now at least. I will not be adding brown to these or the ones I posted last Saturday. I felt that brown just doesn't play well for the look I am going for.

A short post today folks, it's a glorious day outside and I am going to spend most of it outdoors!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Island Batik May challenge

May is the month fora paper piecing  project for us Island Batik Ambassadors. We could do either regular paper piecing or english paper piecing.  I decided to try my hand at EPP since I hadn't done that before.

I chose to use paper templates that I purchased at Jo Ann's. The Island Batik fabrics I chose this month are from several different collections. The background is actually 2 of their 10" stack pieces from the London Fog collection as well as the leaves and stem. The outer hexies and binding are from Lavish collection while the center hexie is Grapevine from the Green Acres Collection.

Ok close your eyes and just imagine you are petting this delicious Island Batik fabric-it's oh so sleek and wonderful feeling!  I wish you could also feel the dimension on this wall hanging. Using a layer of Hobbs wool over a layer of their 80/20 gives it such character. The flower and leaves just bump out from the background which I quilted using a design from Christina Cameli.  Did you notice I also had to add the 3 little prairie points on the top-they just add an extra little touch to it.

                                     Threads used are Superior So Fine, Aurifil and Glide.

                                                               It measures 9.5" x 18.5"
You can check out a few of the other Island Batik Ambassador projects that have posted so far.

Next month will be a Modern challenge, I already know what I am going to do for that-can't wait!!

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My green blocks for RSC16

Here are my first set of green blocks for this months RSC challenge.

 And added to previous month's blocks. These blocks just make me smile :-)

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Scrappy finishes

Last weekend I pieced another Wonky table runner, it is now quilted.  It is the one on the left.  The runner on the right is a Missouri Star tutorial, Window pane D9P.

 And a close up of the Dwirling freehand quilting I did on my Nolting Funquilter. Dwirling is on one of Pajama Quilters DVD's.

You might notice the prints are of the same fabric, I had a pack of 9 fat quarters that I was determined to use up.  So I chose several table runner patterns that I could do just that with.  I will have a couple more posted soon.  Now you could certainly do either of these runners with all scraps, and you could also use the same idea and make a whole quilt to use even more scraps. 

Joinig in a few linky parties for the end of this week...see links on the left side bar.  I have the Grandson's coming over to spend the night so I need to get busy!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Getting my wonky on!

Saturday was a sewing day with friends. We started a small quilt group and call ourselves Mod Squad as we were leaning toward the modern quilting. We meet once a month and have a little meeting/show and tell and then open sewing where we work on whatever project we want.

On Friday I cut out several table runners and took 3 along. As I was setting up my sewing machine I realized I had forgotten my bobbin at home. OK no biggee as a friend had one I could borrow. BUT then I realized I had also forgotten my bobbin cover!  I know exactly what happened, Friday night as I was packing up I decided I should oil by machine. I must have gotten interrupted and didn't put them back in the machine before packing it up.  So another gal had wide masking tape and we fashioned a cover out it. While it worked, it wasn't ideal, definitely slowed me down. However, I did manage to get one runner all pieced(no pic of that one) and most of this wonky one done. So this morning I got busy first thing and finished the piecing of it.

You might remember my first wonky runner here. And a shout out for my bloggy friend, Jayne who has a free tutorial here.  I made this one from a fat quarter pack cutting my own 2.5" sqs.  You will see more runners using different patterns with the same fabrics in the coming days.  I am determined to use up some FQ's this year. I need to clean up an over run cabinet!

I love doing the wonky style so much that last month at the Mod Squad meeting I made this 36" sq. neonatal quilt using 5" charms that another bloggy friend sent me. Sandra sent them to us ladies that particpated in the Craftsy blog hop that she and Julie hosted earlier this year . Thank you Sandra, I put them to good use :-)  Jayne also has a tutorial for this one here

And another touch of spring-our apple tree was loaded with blossoms! 

And this guy was cruising through our yard this past week. Not an uncommon thing.  There has been a group of about 11 hanging around from time to time.  But this one was all alone this time.

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