Friday, August 30, 2019

Fall Finishes for Friday

I have had a pretty productive week of piecing, quilting, and binding.  I'll share three of those with you today.  And hopefully I will share another tomorrow for UFO day at Tish's blog.

A couple months ago I stumbled onto another Etsy site with fun digital patterns.  I purchased this one from Karen at KLee2Strings.  Its a fun and easy pattern to whip up.  I was able to use my Accuquilt Go for a lot of this pattern.  Although the pattern isn't written for using it.  Karen's colored photos make the pattern fun to read and it is well written.
I let the pattern speak to me for the quilting it allover freehand leaf design.  

 Karen has written the instructions for this 12 x 44" runner or a 20 x 20" square topper.

I love that I still had a little of this fun fall leaf print for the perfect backing for this runner.  You will find this table runner listed in my Etsy shop in case you need a quick fall decoration and don't have time to make it yourself.

Do you like the freehand quilting leaf design?  If so here is how I did it.  First I started with a loop and then add the leaf.  Don't worry about making them all the same size, it is much better to be organic with them and fit in whatever size leaf fits your space.

After the leaf add a loop or two or three, whatever it takes for you to travel where you want the next leaf.  Be sure to angle your leaves in different directions also. 

As promised here is number two and three.  This is an older pattern from Briarwood Cottage which I have done before. I love making these pumpkins, they are all made the same but then you trim them up to get the different shapes.  I tried looking for their website but I couldn't find anything, but they do have their patterns for sale on a few different sites.  This is called October Pocket and I replaced their pieced border with a piece of print.  

I kept the background quilting simple with a stipple.  Before I got to the stem area I used a disappearing marker to mark the leaf and then stitched it as I stippled.   Some curved templates were used for the pumpkin lines.

The borders each received a different design.  Piano keys for this one.

And 3 straight lines for each border using ruler templates on my long arm for this table runner.

I would love to hear what you all have been working on this week.  Did you feel fall in the air in your area.  We sure are feeling it here in Minnesota!  I love fall but I am so not ready for it yet.  Seems we hardly had any summer this year.  School starts here next week.  

On Tuesday I will be writing a post for Benita's Meet and Greet...  I hope you'll stop by and perhaps learn something about me you didn't know!  She is having prizes:)

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  1. It's hard to believe we are heading into fall already. Your table runners are adorable, as usual. I love the pumpkins. Thanks for the link to the Etsy site. Hopefully these will sell quickly for you. :)

  2. I am able to comment again, yay! Great runners Vicki! I love that pumpkin one and your quilting leaves too. I too will be doing the Meet and Greet. I just hope I posted it all correctly on my blog, since I won't know until it goes live.

  3. No fall here! But I am ready!!! Your freehand leaf design is very nice. And your table runners are always beautiful.

  4. You are the runner queen! All three have the fall vibe and you always quilt them in such fun ways. Fall can hold off for a while longer in my opinion...but there's no stopping mother nature!

  5. Love the runners, Vicki! You are so creative with your runners. I like that quilting design (I might actually be able to do that one, with some practice). Those pumpkins are really fun!

  6. Both of those runners are just great! I love the pumpkins especially - their shapes are so fun!

  7. What Great fall finishes!! LOVE the pumpkins!!!

  8. Those little pumpkins are adorable! Come on Fall!!

  9. I love your clever leaf stitching, both with the loops and as the actual pumpkin leaves! Thanks for the mini tutorial :)

  10. Oh, yes, fall is in the air. Our summer was short but brutally hot, which I do not deal with well at all, so I’m glad for the cool weather, even if it is temporary. You are sure on the ball with your fall projects. I really like how you quilted the pumpkins with the ghost leaves. The free hand leaf design looks like fun, too.

  11. Two pretty runners. Enjoy your new season. Living in the Land Downunder we are heading into Spring.....yeah for some warm and sunny weather.

  12. Hi Vicki! I sure do like those pumpkins on the second two runners. That's pretty much how some of them look in the fields around these parts. Not all perfect! Of course, I really love the first runner as well. Thanks for sharing the quilting details! I'm going to be quilting a pumpkin quilt soon and I think this allover leaf pattern would work well. I'll have to give it a go, and of course, PIN it so I remember who to give credit to. ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Love the leaf quilting motif! Those pumpkins are fun!


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