Saturday, August 31, 2019

A UFO becomes a finished object

There seems to be an abundance of panels in my stash, wonder how that happened!!  OK if you have followed me for a while you know I love working with panels.  I really like it when they have multiple sizes within the panel so I can take them apart and do fun things with them.

Here is the panel I chose to work with for this project earlier this year.  See how I cut out one of the larger pumpkin sections.  I also cut two of the smaller ones out also.

After squaring these up, which didn't require much as they are small,  I added the orange skinny border to the top and bottom of the large pumpkin panel. A skinny brown border was added to each small pumpkin panel to bring it up to size for the green checkerboard that was sewn around each of  them.   

Next was to make green pinwheels to fit the bottom of the large panel. Once that was done another section of the skinny orange border went around all of that.  I still wasn't satisfied with the look or size so one round of larger checkerboard was sewn together and added.  I finished it off wit a skinny green and a larger orange border.  See not so hard:)  I did not have a grand plan made when I started this wall hanging, instead I just designed it as I went.  

Here is the finished wall hanging 

Oh wait I didn't show you how I quilted it;)

This was one of my five Q3 FAL goals, it needed to be quilted and bound which I accomplished.  I figured I better get in gear and get some done!!  I'll be linking up with them at the end of September. 

I am linking with Tish for UFO busting today, and Sarah for FAL


  1. Where do you find all your panels? Did a great job with this one.

  2. Your panel turned out really nice. I have a plethora of panels ranging from children, to fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I must get those things done! I have over 20 of each. What was I thinking? They were cute!

  3. Your pinwheels and checkerboard borders add so much to the panel components! How do you figure out what size those pieces should be to fit the the length of the border you want to add?

  4. would you believe I have never bought a panel! I have heard bad things about them - being off grain and uneven at times or not having a good border around them to square up - I guess I haven't seen the right ones - do you have special places you get them from?

  5. So is this one going in your shop, or is it a keeper for your lovely home? It looks great hanging on your wall!

  6. Another cute one! Your swirls are so even and nice. I hope mine are that good someday! :)

  7. You do such a great job with panels. The one time I tried one, it was so wonky, I couldn't cut it straight. I'll have to keep looking for a good one to play with!

  8. Hi again! Another great finish and the quilting really makes this piece shine. I love the sentiments - Bountiful Blessings. Just perfect for Thanksgiving and Fall. My favorite parts are those cute green and white checkerboard pieces surrounded with the orange border to tie the two section together. I'll bet this was a fun one to work on! And now it's finished and out of the closet - win/win. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Hi Vicki, that's a great quilt! If you want, come and link up to Free Motion Mavericks. Your quilting is really great.


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