Monday, September 20, 2021

It's a process

 Yesterday I decided to start a new panel wall hanging. By now you know I love playing around with these and making them unique.  Out came the fall panels box to see what I have left.  For this one I am using leftover parts from three different panels! 

The words 'Harvest Gathering' were cut off a previously used panel where I didn't want to use words. 

The small pumpkin and leaf with the black background from a second previously used panel.

And the house, turkey and cornucopia came from a panel that was just all blocks that size. 

After squaring almost everything up I decided on this layout style.  The picture was taken before I squared up the words.  I pulled fabrics from the stash to coordinate but didn't get much further than that.  There might be some checkerboards, pinwheels, HST's in the future, we'll have to wait and see!

Before I started the panel project I finished up two of these guys.  One for the shop and one for a November local craft sale.

I took time to make a fun pieced backing.  I have lots of leftover pieces from when I trim table runners after quilting, so why not use some up. 

I hope you can take time this week to visit these fun linky parties for more inspiration.  I am hopping over to link up with...

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  1. you have boxes of panels and I don't have any. That is a great idea to combine some to use up

  2. Lucky that all the panel pieces go together so well. The colors are perfect together — well from viewing it on my cell phone. I love your backing for the snowmen. The back would definitely be used in my house. Have a productive week.

  3. What you are doing with the panel will be beautiful. I just love those images. Meanwhile very cute table topper!

  4. I like your plan for the panel pieces. The snowman round table topper will be a hit in the shop and at the craft sale.

  5. Amazing how those panel pieces all blend together in terms of color. That will be very cute!

  6. This one will be like putting a puzzle together! Of course it needs checkerboards and pinwheels, too. But that requires quilt math - do you have a "cheat sheet" that helps you figure out sizes for borders, etc? I really struggled with that when I was working on the stay at home round robin quilt. Had to fudge a lot, lol!

  7. You will come up with something fantastic for those panels, so I'll just wait to see what it is. The snowman quilt - love it! Bet they will sell quickly!

  8. Hi Vicki! Oh, so you are still going to participate in a craft fair this season. I guess there weren't any last year! I enjoy seeing all of your table toppers and what you do with panels. These pieces seem a bit of a challenge - right up your alley. Take care! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. That's a great use of the leftover pieces. I look forward to seeing this.


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