Monday, June 27, 2022

Water bottle holder and concert

 Two weeks ago my hubby won us two tickets for a bus ride to and from Cadott Wisconsin and entrance into Country Fest for a day.  Whooo Hooo, we have been there twice before.  The first time I had won the same package.  The second time we went for all four days and we had our camper set up 20 miles away at a State Park. We love the concert but not the bus ride as we didn't get home until 3:40 in the morning!!  Way too late for us. Sunday was a bust, slept most of the day! 

So in getting things ready to take along on Friday I decided to let one of the multiple squirrels into my sewing room and make a DrEAMi project. I would love to finally make myself a water bottle holder so I don't have to hang onto the bottle itself.  

I knew it wouldn't take to long. The tutorial I used is this ONE with a modification to the bottom of the bag. Doing a bag bottom would be quicker and easier than cutting and sewing a circle to the bottom.  Of course that would mean cutting the fabric longer, I cut 2" longer.  

And for the handle I used fabric with batting folded inside to make a softer feel to it.  It worked out perfectly!!

After sandwiching the front, batting and lining I used my walking foot on my Janome Skyline 7 to quilt diagonal lines in one direction. The tutorial has you do a French seam which I hadn't done since Home Ec I think. No worries, she tells you exactly how to do it and it is easy and hides any raw edge making it neat and clean on the inside. I love this holder and wish I had done it several years ago when I first saw the tutorial.  I will use this a lot I think. 

If you are wondering what country music artist we saw, there were several playing on various stages at different times.  Thankfully they have Jumbotrons so everyone can see.  And there were no problems of it not being loud enough, LOL. But the headliners were 

                                                                    Rodney Atkins. 

                                                                       Gabby Barret 

                                                                    and Jason Aldean!  

We got two downpours in the afternoon, but we didn't get wet as we saw it coming and headed under one of the covers before everyone else noticed! The rain only lasted about 20 minutes and then everyone filed back out to the music. We had a good time:)  Turns out we knew our bus driver and his wife,  She was my DH office mate years and years ago. Hadn't seen them for many years so was nice to catch up. 

Today I need to work on my OMG for June, haven't touched it and it's link up time!  And I have a Zoom meeting this afternoon with the Accuquilt gal in charge of us Go! Getters.   Hope you all have a great Monday.


  1. That sounds like fun, Vicki! (Maybe not the bus ride...) Love your water bottle holder - great idea!

  2. What a fun concert - and your quilted water bottle holder is perfect for taking along to a warm, outdoor event.

  3. Sounds like a great time...except for the bus ride and late return home. Love the fabrics you used for the water bottle holder. Pretty and useful!

  4. sounds like you had fun - love the water bottle carrier - I could have used that this morning!

  5. Glad you had a good time and avoided the rain shower! That water bottle holder is really nice - pretty fabric!

  6. Well, well, well. Aren't you clever?!! What a fun concert and what a fabulous water bottle carrier. Of course, it might carry something else someday! The end project turned out so cute - I love those fabrics. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. What a great and timely squirrel project!!! So fun to win free tickets, too, Vicki!!!

  8. How fun to win the ride and tickets to this concert! I am glad it inspired the water bottle carrier….a really great project. I like that you did the box end too, thats a pretty small/bulky circle to set in. Funny that you won similar tickets a few years ago. I, too, would have slept much of the next day, getting in at that hour in the morning!

  9. Concerts are fun; even better to win the tickets! Love the water bottle, and you made a great modification to the bottom! Clever!


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