Friday, July 22, 2022

The great outdoors and quilting

 Hello my quilty peeps!  I hope you have had a wonderful week, I sure did.  We have been out camping, ATVing, visiting our son and daughter in law, meeting up with our daughter, son in law, and grandkids to go boating and fishing.  What fun we had and memories made. 

The ATV trail is an old railroad bed.  We even managed to get a flat tire, the first in 5400 miles that we have put on our ATV.  Hubby had a repair kit and pump so he got the tire plugged and we headed back to camp that day.  We weren't sure if we could trust the plug and didn't want to be stranded out in the forest a long ways from camp. 

Lots of mud puddles, some you could go around, but most you had to go through.  And the bugs were horrible, lots of spray and then still wear jeans and long sleeves.

We also picked Juneberries, YUM!  Just enough to fill our tummies;)

Even though it was warm out, we had a nice time sitting around the campfire and catching up.


And then there was boating/fishing.  

Remember I mentioned we needed to go refrigerator shopping a few weeks ago.  Well we found one we liked, it was a little bigger so hubby had to move out the cabinet board that ran to the floor by an inch.  They could have delivered it sooner but we were on vacay so it arrived yesterday afternoon. 

Before we left for vacay I pieced/quilted and bound this fun sunflower wall hanging. I stitched down the sleeve this morning.  The sunflower was a part of a panel that I trimmed and started adding borders with the black around the sunflower and then green/gold checkerboards. After adding a black sashing spacer of black four pinwheels were added and more black to frame it followed by a pretty green border. I'll be getting that listed in my Etsy shop soon.  

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  1. Boating and riding the trails on ATVs - loads of fun!! I'm headed to MN in a little over a week for a class reunion, but there won't be any boating unfortunately. There would be, but we're skipping the 2nd day events to make a quick visit to some of my family before heading back home to get ready for my Monday morning surgery.

  2. Looks like a great time with your kids and grands, Vicki! Some scenic spots, too. That's the best! Hooray for coming home to a new fridge - there's a treat! I love your sunflower wall-hanging. Those colors are so perfect to go with the flowers. Someone's going to snap that one up!

  3. What a great bonfire!!! And that Pebbles ponytail is the cutest!!! Wow, that "puddle" looks like a challenge!?!

  4. looks like you had fun and lucky to have the repair kit with you. The one thing about camping in MN & WI that I always hate is the bugs - there can just be so many of them you feel like covering yourself with a mesh bag from head to toe at times

  5. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time. One question though — do you carry whicker chairs with you? Nice refrigerator — have you filled it up yet?

  6. Fun to see the photos of your vacation - looks like fun was had by all! Your little panel mini is cute!

  7. Hi Vicki! So glad to hear you had a great vacay! All that time with the family is priceless, especially with those little ones. They grow so quickly! I love the new sunflower wall hanging. I am certain it will sell in no time. Sunflowers just scream summer to me. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. What a great vacation! It sure looks like you had a lot of fun. The sunflowers are just perfect and that new refrigerator looks awesome. Welcome back.

  9. This is what summer is for, outdoor fun with the whole family. Great job on the sunflower wall hanging.

  10. Oh that looks like fun! So glad you had that time with your familyl. What do Juneberries taste like?
    Congrats on the new fridge, and I love your sunflower wall hanging - I bet it goes fast!


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