Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Happy To Do Tuesday

Yes I am happy on this Tuesday because I met my weekly goal of quilting and binding two quilts. Both of these quilts are lap size. 

Purple is one of my favorite colors, but you might not know it as I don't work with purple much. So this was a treat to make an all purple quilt. These were leftover fabrics from when I was an Island Batik Ambassador the line is Black Pearl.  In January, while in Arizona,  I started piecing it and made all the pieced blocks chain stitching strip sets.  Then sub cutting them and re-arranging them and chain stitching them back together. Oh what beauties, it was such a pleasure to work with purple!  And then it set until this spring when I cut the lavender blocks and finally finished it into a flimsy. The quilting and binding happened this week. 

The pattern is Jasmine by Villa Rosa Designs.  Using up the whole bundle that coordinated was a personal goal, mission accomplished!  I had a 2 yd. piece of the dark and leftover pieced blocks. I employed my hubby for the math portion to figure out how big to cut the lavender and purple to piece in between the blocks.  In the end it all came out perfectly.  This one will be listed in my Etsy shop as soon as I get some really good photos.  

The second quilt is this red and black one. It is a Missouri Star tutorial called Summer Stars.  This was made using a black/gray jelly roll that was purchased several years ago, I planned to use it for a quilted jacket.  Since then I got out of the mood to do the jacket and just wanted to work with it.  So this quilt was born.  The red stars I made using my 8" Accuquilt cube instead of making the stars as shown in the tutorial.  I am not sure but this could be my first red/black quilt.  It was started in early 2021 with the black/gray blocks being made then. February this year I made the stars and the borders went on last month and quilting/binding was finished last week.  

So happy to have it out of the closet, but rest assured there are several more flimsies in the waiting line. 

I had this black wide backing in the stash, so everything used in this quilt was from stash. Love when that happens, don't you.  Gray Glide thread was used on top and a gray Superior SoFine in the bobbin.  This one too will go into my Etsy shop after I get better photos. 

On a non-quilting front we have been enjoying some wild black raspberries, yum!! The first night we just ate the right off the bushes.  The second night we picked and froze this batch.

Last night we picked almost 2 cups of black ones plus a big cup of the domestic red ones. We ate some fresh and froze the rest. 

We are enjoying our Bee Balm red blooms too. 

This week's goal is to just have fun, no pressure. I hope you are able to do the same.  Won't you join us Tuesday To Doers over at Texas Quilt Gal, where we link up our goals each week. 


  1. Those are both beautiful quilts! I am partial to the purple one too. I don't get to work with that color too much. The pattern looks perfect for a scrappy quilt.

  2. I planted some bee balm this year but it has not grown too much and is kind of spindly right now - this is a bad year to start a new plant with as hot and dry this summer has turned out to be. I had only a little of my black raspberries to pick this year hopefully next year will be better. I guess if berry bushes aren't producing much by the third year it will not be worth bother I am putting into it

  3. The finished quilts both look really great, Vicki! And finishes from stash are a grand bonus. Raspberries are my favorite. Those look so delicious my mouth is watering for them!

  4. Love that purple quilt, and the red/white/black one too! Great finishes! The berries look so tasty. Picking raspberries was something I remember doing with my grandmother when I was a kid in MN. She always complained that I ate 2 for every one 1 put in the bucket. LOL My daughter in Sioux Falls has raspberries growing along their fence, and they are so yummy fresh from the bush.

  5. Beautiful quilts and yummy berries and flowers!

  6. Congrats on finishing 2 wonderful quilts! And using stash, too! I love berry season! Blackberries are one of my favorites...yum! :)

  7. Hi,
    Beautiful quilts...I really like the purple one ! The Raspberries look yummy, and your Bee Balm is gorgeous. Have a great day!

  8. That purple quilt is just gorgeous, Vicki! Someone's going to snap it right up. Congratulations on your finish! Those berries look really yummy. I haven't seen Bee Balm before - so pretty!

  9. Hi Vicki! What a wonderful post. Bee Balm! I have tried to grow that so many times and have no luck. You, on the other hand, obvious do have the touch because that is one healthy and happy plant!! And those berries!! YUMMMMM. You also share two beautiful quilt finishes. I'm not a fan of purple but I can see that you put your heart into that quilt. A quilt from stash - that is fab and I adore the red, white, and black combination. Here's to a stress-free week for all. {{{Hugs}}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Happy Tuesday, Vicki. Both quilts look fabulous. It sounds like you had a lot of fun working on the purple one especially since you do not use those colors that often. The raspberries look so yummy. Have a wonderful and productive week.

  11. Two wonderful finishes, Vicki! Great job! Oh those raspberries! And the beautiful Bee Balm!!! Love them!

  12. I love your quilts, especially the purple one. Purple is one of my favorite colors to quilt with, and I don't have a lot of it in my stash! Oh your berries are amazing and look wonderful! Today I'm pitting some fresh Washington cherries I found on sale yesterday and wishing I had berry bushes and trees.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


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