Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Weekly goals for To Do Tuesday and OMG for July

Another week, a little more progress.  For the last week I had three goals listed, the first one was certainly a fun one...

  • Make a rope bowl with a friend who wanted to learn how to make them. ✅ My friend made the tall one, she used a thicker rope and made it into a basket for mittens. I started the oval one and couldn't decide if I wanted it taller so I stopped for now. Because I wanted it to have a fall look to it, I wrapped it with fall color fabrics in one section. Next I started the yellow one, it is a poly rope and doesn't hold it's shape as well as cotton rope does. You'll see the finish below.

  • The second goal was to put borders on my OMG quilt. ✅  Yes!  I just squeezed it in two days before the linky party was closed!  You can see the result in THIS post.
  • The third goal was to see which table runners needed to be made. ✅  I needed to remake this sunflower one.  Look closely at my props to see the finished yellow rope bowl.  The yellow and gray poly rope needed a little more gray added for interest. So I wrapped a section in gray fabric.  To end the rope nicely I swirled it, added a button in the center of it and then hot glued it to the bowl to cover where I started wrapping the gray fabric. 

That was the end of my goal list for the week. However, I did work on a few other things. Got the binding on the small lap quilt(which I can't show you for a couple weeks).  The other thing I did was pull out my fall panel supply and found this one I started and got stalled on.  Some unsewing occurred and now I need figure out where to go with it next.  This is my July OMG project. 

Only two goals this week:  
  • Quilt and bind two lap quilts. 
Linking with our host of To Do Tuesday- thank you Linda for providing us a place to show our goals each week!  And linking with Patty for July OMG- thank you Patty for hosting a monthly goal challenge!


  1. I love the rope bowls! My guild has a workshop on making them this month so I will get some more practice.

  2. You are smart to think ahead to autumn runners already for your shop. I have a fall runner kit I bought last summer that has been tempting me. Maybe after I finish binding this next quilt.

  3. Great rope bowls, Vicki! I love the different colors. Do you wrap some sections and not others in the same bowl? They're so fun!

  4. Congrats on getting OMG done. The rope bowls look fabulous. Good luck with your week!

  5. Those bowls turned out great. I really like the gray fabric you added to the one...and the button, of course.

  6. I saw these rope bowls and they were stiff! They said half Elmer's glue and water in a tub, soak and dry...

  7. Your rope bowls are fabulous, Vicki. Well done. Love your sunflower table runner- so cheerful. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy quilting.

  8. Your rope bowls look fantastic. I have always wanted to try to make one myself. That sunflower table runner is also really pretty.


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