Monday, September 19, 2022

Some of This and Some of That and some more goals

It's been a busy week. I have done some of this and some of that and some finishes along the way.  Some goals met and some pushed aside for another time. 

The goals for the week were:

1. Sunflower table runner- 👎 This is one that got pushed aside.  

2. Fall S swirl runner- 👍 Yes this one made it from start to finish!  

Most of these fabrics were used in a previous version of this.  The one different fabric this time is the gold in the checkerboard, the last one I used orange. 

3. Fall panel wall hanging- 👎 From this point I went off the rails and did goal #4.

4. Whatever else comes along- 👍 Oh yes I met this goal with a few projects!!  I paper pieced a bunch of leaves for a few of these leaf runners and was able to get one all finished.  Notice the white pumpkin...I painted it this week. It's a paper mache' one. 

Also in the whatever comes along category is this Halloween table runner.  I made a few of these last year so I thought I better get another one in the mix for this season. Gotta love a gingham pumpkin!

The block pumpkin star block is a block pattern from Primrose Cottage on Etsy. 

On Sunday I was looking for a diversion from the sewing room so I made a pumpkin bundt cake. I used a recipe I found online that looked delicious.  I think it could have used a bit more spice but it was still good with a brown sugar frosting.  Whenever September rolls around I just get so in the mood for pumpkin desserts, does that happen to you?

Goals for this week:

1. Finish up a few Pumpkin Harvest wall hangings. 

2. I have two friends coming over on Tuesday to see if they need to purchase more of my table runners:)  These two were customers first several years ago and are now dear sweet friends. Last night one of them texted to see if she could bring someone else with too. Well yes the more the merrier!

3. Write up at least one post on some more projects.  I thought they deserved their own posts. 

4. Another turkey table runner needs quilting, sold one over the weekend. 

5. Whatever else needs doing- I love this goal best, LOL

Since there was some of this and some of that I am linking up with Joy for This and That Monday.  And for To Do Tuesday at Texas Quilt Gal.  Thank you ladies for hosting!


  1. I really like the colors in the leaf runner, beautiful fall shades. That cake looks and sounds so good. I'm all about the pumpkin this time of the year.

  2. I am hosting the pinochle group next week and was thinking about desserts. After seeing your cake, I may have to make something like that for the group. I like pumpkin things as long as it isn't too sweet. I just bought pumpkin ice cream at the store and my husband loves it. That leaf runner is a gorgeous one. You chose such perfect colors. It's quite elegant.

  3. These are all so beautiful but I'm a sucker for plaids--LOVE those!

  4. Your leaf runner is GORGEOUS!! I love most things pumpkin and look forward to this time of year.

  5. Enjoy your day with friends! Always fun to see what you are stitching up over there! I get in the mood for desserts, but rarely pumpkin. Ha!

  6. The gold is a nice change in the table runner. I am sure you will enjoy your visit with your friends, new and old. That pumpkin desert looks yum! I get in the mood for pumpkin, but don't make deserts because I would eat too much of them. My favorite is a white bean turkey chili with pumpkin!

  7. Absolutely! Who doesn't love a gingham pumpkin? Actually, who doesn't love gingham anything?? Boy, your pumpkin bundt cake got my mouth all watery!! I must go search out a recipe. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Some of this and some of that sounds like a fun week to me! Love the paper-pieced leaves and the pumpkin runner, too. Anything baked with pumpkin is yummy - I'm ready for something like that, too!

  9. Those sound like the best kind of friends! I love your checkerboard runner and so happy to see all the fall colors. Your pumpkin cake looks as good as those Nothing Bundt Cakes! Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  10. I can always count on some inspiring table runners on your blog, Vicki!!! And yes, love those gingham pumpkins!!!

  11. Hi Vicki! I was poking around on Etsy and I saw that adorable gingham pumpkin runner in your listings. SO CUTE!!! OMG - that cannot stick around. Stars, gingham and pumpkins - could there BE a better combination?!! Good luck with today's visit/shoppers. How fabulous that they are good friends now. {{Hugs}} a bunch! ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Your seasonal projects are so inspiring. And yes, those gingham pumpkins are super cute!

  13. Vicki, these are all great! I still NEED to make me one of those S table runners! Did you tell me you did that with the 10 degree ruler?

  14. I just love that swirl table runner! It is soooo cool! Thanks for linking up with Monday This and That! xx

  15. The leaf runner is beautiful and gingham pumpkins rock!


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