Tuesday, November 29, 2022

And Another Week Rolls By

I feel like it's been a short week in the sewing room, do you feel that way also?  I still accomplished what I needed even with taking off 2.5 days from sewing!

1. Finish up at least three of the seven runners I stenciled last week. ✅ 

Three of them were done.  Two of these Snow Dudes were identical in every way. They both sold already. I need to cut and stencil more.

And I finished one of the buffalo plaid snowman table runners.  I changed up the fabric on this ones hat. Usually the brim matches the outer border and the hat itself is the gray. 

2. Make 4 quick and easy placemats for Thanksgiving dinner-we are inviting friends over to share our turkey since the kids are busy with their in laws. ✅ 

Last Wednesday I took time to make 4 placemats and one small center mat. The fabric matches my valances in the kitchen/dining room. We had lots of fun with friends for turkey dinner on Thursday.  Isn't that a gorgeous floral arrangement, they brought that over for us! They said they don't fix Thanksgiving dinner so it was a treat for them to have a traditional turkey dinner.  Afterwards we played a few games of Farkle. 

3. Might start decorating for Christmas. ✅  
Yes the tree is up.  The grandkids were over for a few hours on Friday and then helped put the tree up and a few snowmen in various places. I might do more over the course of the week.

4. I need to work on the last 4 square red and white toppers for the local order. ✅✅✅✅-DONE.  
I am so happy to say I am officially done with the last four toppers for my local gals!  I'll be calling them soon. All in all I had 12 things to make for them, eight of them were these identical table toppers.
The first four went to one lady, she was using them for Christmas presents.  These were done by November 7th.

The second set are for the other two ladies.  This pattern is Christmas logs by Connie at Freemotion By the River.  Thanks Connie for a fun pattern!  But I have to say making 8 identical toppers with each one having 8 holly leaves makes for a while lot of drawing, fusing, cutting and appliqueing!!!!  That's 64 holly leaves:0

That's it for last weeks To Do Tuesday goals, now lets see  what I can accomplish this week.

1. Two Gnome wall hangings
2. A Gnome table runner
3. Snowman table runner
4. We'll see what might be needed in the shop

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  1. I love the snowmen with the buffalo plaid hats - that is my favorite of your pieces today. I too feel like I got little accomplished the past week what with Thanksgiving then gone for the weekend and yesterday more than half the day out of town for a doctor appointment - today maybe I can sit down and make some progress - will be a nice temp outside in they 60's but it looks windy and cloudy so not the kind of day to sit outside.

  2. Those snowmen quilts never grow old! All those holly leaves, on the other hand - haha! However, the eight quilts look great! You've done well getting them done so quickly!

  3. Your Thanksgiving sounds like fun, and I love your matching placemats and runner! How nice of your friends to bring you flowers, too. Great job getting lots done in the sewing room, too - especially that big order!

  4. It looks to me like you got a lot done. Fun to have friends and make placemats for your dinner! Good luck with your week!

  5. Hi Vicki! Nope - not a short week at all. With five whole days off work, I hardly knew what to do with myself. NOT! HAHA! I really love the placemat/runner fabric you used to update your table. What fun and oh so pretty. Of course, the red Buffalo plaid if a fabulous choice. YIPPEE for getting the commission order d.o.n.e. I'm a wee bit jelly about your tree being up - just a wee bit. Ours hasn't made it in from the garage yet - maybe this weekend? Maybe next weekend? Before December 24th for sure!! We've been too busy playing . . . {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Congratulations on getting the local order done. Your snowmen runners are cute as always. They seem to sell as fast as you can make them. My house is mostly decorated for Christmas, but we have no decorations other than lights on the tree. We are waiting for all the kids to be well so we can decorate together.

  7. I am a snowman freak so absolutely love both of your table runners. The table toppers are also quite clever. Your Thanksgiving table looked very festive. Good luck on this week's list.

  8. Great job, Vick! All that binding, is what I think!!! Each one is adorable!!!

  9. That snowman runner with the buffalo plaid and the black and white check is so cute! Can you see me giving you a standing ovation for all those toppers? Your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful - glad you had fun with friends. Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  10. Another busy busy week with lots of fun finishes! I have my snowman hexagon runner on the dining room table right now - inspired by your designs.

  11. All such cute projects as usual esp the snowmen! Sales seemed to have died over here; hope yours are still going strong!

  12. Lovely finishes, Vicki. I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish each week but I'm even more impressed that you are able to do it during this busy time of year.


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