Friday, September 1, 2023

Halloween #3 and fireworks

These Halloween panels have been so fun to work on. It all starts by cutting out the small panel which is approximately 9" square. Well I make it square by spritzing with water, starch, pulling here and there to square it up while pressing it into submission. I didn't get any progress shots but you will get the idea of how this came together while seeing the quilting at the same time.  

The panel had the little teeny black and white checked sashing along with the orange around it, so that is where it all begins.

The row of mummies at the top and bottom were on the selvedge sides of the panel of six blocks. I utilized them by adding them too.  

From there a coping strip of black sets it off before I added the purple pieced checkerboard outer border. 

I found a couple of cute buttons to add more character to this 17"x23" wall hanging.

Onto the last leg of our summer vacay-the fireworks.  Back to Oshkosh, WI for the Pyrotechnic Guild International(PGI) week long fireworks event.  We enjoyed lots of fireworks, there were 2 nights where the public can attend in addition to the PGI members.  The above video gives you an idea of what we were treated to.  We are members so we could attend more nights where there was competition and these were awesome. Also Junior PGI members made them and showed us a wonderful display one night. Of course the hubster attended classes and seminars and he made a rocket and then got to fire it off, it was very neat to watch it go off.

When he had some free time we went out for a relaxing kayak ride on a lake. Just look how smooth it looked. We packed our picnic lunch at at on the water. 

We spotted this cool little lighthouse at a park, so we had to investigate, it didn't look like it was in service anymore.

In case you were wondering what I was doing while hubby was attending classes etc.  I spent some enjoyable time at the sewing machine in the fifth wheel.  I had the back patio opened up and all of a sudden a lady from across the way came walking up and we started talking quilting, yes she was a quilter spending the summer in WI from Florida.

On our last day we had nothing planned in the afternoon so I got to go to Primitive Gatherings quilt shop! OMG, OMG, what a treat. This store is huge and packed with fabric, patterns both quilt ones and wool related. Samples of everything all over the place.  It was warm outside so hubby came in, even he was impressed!  If you get the chance to visit in the area of Larsen, WI you should go to it!

All in all this summer was unusual for us. Out of 6 weeks we were only home for 4 days!  It was fun but we are also glad to be home and returned to a normal schedule. I can hardly believe it is September already!!  And guess what...I am returning to WI twice this month, LOL.  This Wednesday I leave for 3 days to go see a friend and we will then go to Madison to the quilt show. I haven't been to it since before Covid so I am anxious to immerse myself and hope for lots of inspiration.  And of course spending time with a friend is a benefit!

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  1. Another adorable panel quilt! Wow!! the Fireworks!! I may be going to Wisconsin next spring and need to see where Larsen is located in the state. It's always fun to go to a great quilt shop.

  2. I didn't realize Primitive Gatherings was so large I think I had it mixed up in my head with another quilt shop in a different town in Wisconsin that I had visited. One nice thing about Wisconsin is all the quilt shops they have.

  3. Great panel quilt finish and happy you were able to enjoy the water as smooth as glass! Enjoy the Madison show!!

  4. That is some spectacular fireworks display! Wow!! I do love the fun you have with panels. I have a couple of Halloween panels set aside to play with this fall.

  5. I love the blue and white checkerboard border on this one, Vicki, and those mummies are a hoot! What a fun trip to Wisconsin, too. I would enjoy the kayaking, all those fireworks, and the quilt shop also!

  6. I love the leaf blocks. You've been traveling as much as I have. Wisconsin is beautiful!

  7. Fun summer, Vicki!!! I enjoyed reading about your travels and quilt shop stop!!!

  8. You have had a busy but fun summer! Those fireworks - wowza! I'd love to see the Primitive Gatherings shop, and the quilt show in Madison. Have fun!

  9. Loved this post Vicki, so full of wonderful things. Fireworks, quilt show, rocket launching, etc. Sewing in your fifth wheel...neat, but getting to go to Primitive Gatherings...that is a wow for sure. So envious!


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