Saturday, October 31, 2015

October finish

ALYOF has helped me get things done that might have otherwise just sat around waiting longer than they already have. Thank you Melissa!  But she isn't the only one to keep me on track, Adrainne has the FAL going on at One the Windy Side, thank you Adrainne. So I entered this wall hanging there also. So I am doubly glad to have it done, LOL

This little wall hanging is my October finish and my Q4 goal. The center cardinal is part of a 3 piece panel. I cut it apart to make 3 wall hangings. This first one received some extra border treatments starting with the skinny beige, then green, checkerboard and another green one. The quilting I kept fairly simple.  I added a little sleeve while binding it and it is ready for a craft show delivery next week. It measures in at 16 x 28.

ALYOF is open so linking up with them and later with FAL at the end of the quarter. Links above or on the left side bar.


  1. It does look so pretty with the simple quilting. Congrats on the double finish.

  2. Whoever buys this will have a beautiful wall hanging for Christmas!! So glad you linked up with ALYOF so I could enjoy the eye candy!


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